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Description : Another track I made a couple months ago and forgot about. Don't know what genre this is but that future-ish synth with the phased out bassline and vocal chops is dope.

The very beginning is kind of loud so be careful, my bad

"Danny Brown - Die Like A Rockstar"

Synthesized in Harmor

Even if this isn't the type of music you listen to please give feedback

Credits: I lost the project file for this so if you recognize your loop call me out and I'll add you here

Tags : | Electronic | 4.73 MB | Featured

Description : Synth-Wave.

Description : Pop? EDM? 80s synth? Not sure what I would call this. Suggestions?

Updated to Draft M.

Written using Renoise.

Uses Plogues Alter Ego singing synthesizer VSTi.

Additional lyrics by Simon Deporter

Description : 126 bpm
Thanks to Nightingale (Igor Pose: lyrics, voice, guitar) Rasputin1963 (drums) Gurt69 (pad)
Miazyo (guitar) Buffalonugaluss (synth)

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.34 MB

Description : Cyber/Industrial/Metal Instrumental..Guitar rig 5 . 3rd bass vst. Drum track provided by Arnaud Krakowka. various synth vst's ..

Description : A Soundtrack feeling track I made a while ago.

I retain all rights but feel free to contact me if you'd like to use it for anything.

Description : Chilled out melodic song with beautiful vocals by BabyGee with strong sweeping synth leads and pads.

Description : Recently a friend died called Bill. Everytime I went to do something to this tune I kept thinking of him and talking to him in my head so here for Bill. There's Bill 2 as well. In the 70s he was a lover of all things synth and all things wah wah. At the end is a little distorted piece of Emerson Lake and Palmers Lucky Man. He loved it all those years ago. Goodnight Bill.

Description : Solo para Melodiy Songbird...

Originally there was vocals, 2 verses before the solo which starts at the 3:20 marker, a key change at 4:47 and then the 3rd verse which started at 6:05. But with lack of vocals, it might sound like it's dragging a bit in the first 3 min.

Minor2Go: Guitars
Sushibawa: Keyboards, Piano & Synth
HustleUnion: FX
SlapJohnson: Horns
YungCB: Percussion

Produced & Recorded at Pahlavi Sound Studios in Los Angeles, CA, USA 10/2018

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.94 MB

Description : This is very bare with just a piano vocals and occasional synth - hope you like it

Tags : | Trap | 5.16 MB

Description : Wanted to get one last use out of this hip hop/rnb/trap instrument setup I have at the moment; so, I just found a bunch of samples to throw together. I've never heard the original song, but I liked the way it remixed.


Description : Made using FL Studio 12. Big thanks to the following Looperman peeps:
Buffalonugaluss - Empty Space Scape
Bunnierabbit - I'll Be Waiting Harmony
Chueyforum - Funk Drums 120bpm
Livinginsilence - The Dream Man
Krolbeats - Synth Drum Ambient 2

Tags : | Trance | 1.18 MB

Description : Bpm: 130

A loop that i've made on Ableton Live.

Feel free to use and post ;=)

Tags : | Electronic | 2.74 MB

Description : Synth-wave.

Description : Royalty free. Must credit AmptileMusic

Description : my last instrumental composed with fl studio and kontakt alicia keys piano and nexus for the pads and synth lead violon and addictive drums and fx sound avec pack vengeance

Description : No Bass or synth yet..There is a dry acapella and split beat loop too upped.

Tags : | Trap | 6.93 MB

Description : Thanks a lot to Kamwar1 for that crazy synth!

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.45 MB

Description : Chilled out, Melodic and Deep sounding Remix of
Michael Mayo - Just Fine
Made using Maschine mk2 and Cubase 9.5 Pro making use of the sampler track and with the Nexus 2 synth.

Tags : | Rock | 9.18 MB

Description : Synth Rock. I was slightly inspired by Canadians "The Birthday Massacre". Many thanks to BabyGee!

Description : "Every Little Error" Copy Right 2018 Kelly Moe Productions / K.E.M. Records. Lyrics and melody by Kelly Moe, all rights reserved. A very special thanks to my family. Verse/Bridge: Beats - THUNDERGODKLAUZ & Krolbeats. Synth - silenceskills, BlackMansta10, Lank Frampard & MINOR2GO, KCOTK1. Chorus: Drums - slowdeathx. Synth - Polybius & dvd123454. Vocal sample - Enzotic

Description : Instrumental. Rock. 120BPM. Save the planet
people. Lets get desperate. Used the following loops -
"JF - Loony Goon DnB Bass Pack - BASS1 -176GbMaj"
by JoesephFunk (0630386-0068675)
"Alpha Omega Bass Synth" by Fanto8BC
(1319133-0110011) Thanx guys ! ~Ron

Tags : | Electronic | 4.17 MB

Description : Synth-Wave.

(Drum loops: slowdeathtx, xyllent, fanto8bc.)

Tags : | Electronic | 4.32 MB

Description : Synth-Wave.

Description : been a min since i posted but here is something I am almost done with other than levels and panning. I'm loading it because i feel like something is missing but i'll leave it to your ears and let me know. Enjoy!

Shout out to sushilbawa for the loops:



I'll also be loading more of my projects broken down!

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