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Description : Catchy synth works with Avengers sample movie clip I used for intro. Eminem sample vocals. Just having fun. Enjoy

Tags : | Blues | 5.81 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : A few of us CBG builders did a swap recently. I recieved The Gunslinger 3 string fretless. This is the music I was asked to record for the video showing off the swaps. Rythym and intro is The Gunslinger, lead is The Lone Rider both fretless 3 stringers played with a brass Mojobone slide.

Description : Singer/rapper needed to supply beats to. perfect for an intro to a project. if you want it, message me thru my profile and include your email

Description : Listen and download all tracks of this album individually and in High Quality on my SoundCloud page!

00:00 - 01:44 Intro
01:44 - 03:41 Chapter 1
03:41 - 05:39 Alt
05:39 - 08:41 Chapter 2
08:41 - 10:51 Chapter 3
10:51 - 13:19 Chapter 4
13:19 - 15:39 Acoustic
15:39 - 17:56 Outro

Description : Metal, Dark Synth, Mid Tempo, Expermental type.
how im thinking of the song is the metal part of the intro is some CP Character going through Cyberpsychosis the metal rep. the madness going on in the real world slowly going mad and the arp lead and pad that start showing up is showing the interworkings ong the Characters mind as they are going through Cyberpsychosis as the build up it starts to go into full drive (aka after the drop)

Description : This is a playboi carti + pierre bourne type beat. This beat is the intro for my new beat tape hope yall enjoy!

Description : skrillex type kind of drop and another artist type of synth for the intro

Tags : | Pop | 7.20 MB | Bitwig Studio

Description : Based on excellent track by BradoSanz (nothing compares instrumental). I've added an intro, many sliced up vocals, audio effects, and some electric guitar. Includes loops: Holly's Within your soul, and 40A's Unstoppable.

Description : 99 BPM

Fight fire but not with fire.

R.I.P to George Floyd and many, many more. #BLM

If anyone feels like rapping on this beat, contact me.

This is how I structured the song:
8 Bars: Intro (the legend)
16 Bars: Verse
8 Bars: Chorus
8 Bars: Bridge
8 Bars: Verse
8 Bars: Chorus
16 Bars: Bridge
8 Bars: Chorus
8 Bars: Musical Outro
2 Bars: Silence
8 Bars: Outro (Spoken word? Prayers?)

ps. Be nice, don't use the track without permission or tagging me.

Description : A take on a noir like jazz surf and stroll.
The sax meets you there as the chill piano follows and dips out into night.


benparsonage - Nightrider Piano Only - Chill Jazz

LoopEmUp - renaissance-man

thechockehold -
Neoswing Electroswing Boogie Real Upright Bass

Xen0s - Swung Acoustic Drums

Description : intro for new album HINT! W3lc0m3 70 7h3 4l13n 5h0w. Figure it out. Tell me in the comments

Tags : | Cinematic | 14.21 MB | Featured

Description : Track for the movie, (intro) walk in the rain to the elevator and go up to the office, and start writing a bestseller.

Description : Bravado rap, display of lyricism without depth of thinking. 100% written.
Then like I say in the actual track intro. No clue what track I wrote this for, it could be this one. Matter of fact, still not sure :]. It adds the flavor to the track for me.
No plans on doing anything else with this one, on to the next.

Lyrics by: K-Rich aka k1clean.
Beat by: Revolving Effex, Ty.

Description : Catchy female vox/vocals. Some spoken word intro lol Enjoy


This one is for free. You can use it for your remix! Have fun! :D Lyrics has swearing btw

Description : Billie Eilish sample vocals. Mixing it up for intro before Billie. Hope its appealing. Enjoy

Tags : | Trance | 16.00 MB | Reaper

Description : Original acapella:
acapellas/detail/13274/every-single-night-complete-song by EmKay

Drum loop: drum-intro-thingy-by-thasloppyjoe

Tags : | Rock | 6.62 MB | Pro Tools

Description : The world is quiet.
So many voices will no longer be heard.
How long will it take to get used to The loud Silence.

EDIT: Slight intro and arrangement change

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1,003.22 KB | Cubasis

Description : This is an extract of an instrumental intro i composed 10 years ago. If you want to use it for comercial purpose, contact me before via Looperman. Use it all you want if is for personal use.

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.57 MB | Reaper

Description : Wave ride Dubstep mix! one beat used from here in the intro only because i liked it thats why!

Tags : | Dubstep | 751.29 KB | FL Studio

Description : An intro made with minimal samples and a ton of LABS VSTs. It's free and it's high quality, so you should check it out. And this intro is free for you so make something out of this :D No need to credit me, if you want, comment what you've made below and I'll make a review! :)

Tags : | RnB | 5.03 MB | Featured

Description : Just a quick Techno R&B hybrid highlighting one of Joe's Loops.

Didn't use a DAW. Just used Audacity to work out ideas.

No comments, as this is just my interpretation of how Joe's beat inspired me. All loops are by members of this site. Used RASPUTIN's loop for the Bossa Nova guitar intro.

I will list more contributors shortly.

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.51 MB | Reaper

Description : Dub - Step Mix Only one sound used from hereit's the bell intro thank you for such a piece it made sense well at least to me in this experiment enjoy guy's !

Description : made an intro to 'het teckels-ondergang' song. make sure you search it if you want the full instrumental!

also down to do ad-libs for any type of music, or rap on any music. most likely for free too so just hmu!

Description : This is what I like to call battery Drum & Bass. The bassline sounds like some kind of power source. So I just keep the drums, pads, and melodies rolling with this awesome bassline. And used the little birdies as an intro.

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