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Tags : | Ambient | 4.37 MB
Description : I haven't posted in a while, so I decided that I'd catch up a little bit. This is an stripped instrumental version of a song that will be on an album called "My Heart Is An Island" in the relatively near future. This one is meant to be a spacey intro to the piece.
Description : RemedyYLG, bringing balance back to Dallas Hip Hop...
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.92 MB | Featured
Description : Intro song
Tags : | House | 7.50 MB
Description : Progressive House like Intro for Showdance-Groups with 128bpm, short drops, Intro & Out. Supported by DJ Wise. Enjoy!
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.36 MB
Description : I wanted to make another chill trap. I also wanted to make an ambient trap. Ah, who says you cant have both? [This is a WIP. Minor flaws will be fixed in the final version. Title may also vary.] Producers: Zivon DAWs used: FL Studio 12 Other things: I used the spoken word "Always on my mind" by Eshar. (Thank you Eshar!) [Update] Took sever suggestions. Added reverb to the intro bells, Changed attack times on the piano chord progressions, added sever downlifters and Rev cymbal FXs. Ditched the "Chill trap sound" I was going for. Now i'm pursuing "Chill" with this little number. Made the ending a little easier to handle. More suggestions appreciated! :) [Final update] Mar/25/2017 Smoothed things out. Made the riff in the middle just a little more immersive and spread out the twinkley melody in various parts.Put some more voxes at the end. More tracks coming very soon! Please stay tuned!
Tags : | Dance | 354.78 KB | Has Lyrics
Description : This is another short intro someone can use for a gaming channel on youtube etc. It's just an idea. I simply arranged loops on this one.
Tags : | Rap | 1.96 MB | Colab Request
Description : This is my first song from my album [ Fire Wings ] hope you like it, I know it's short, but I am working on something much bigger to come + my files got corrupted, so yeah. Anyways, I've got an awesome intro from Free Template Maker, here's my youtube video with the song, so you can see ^^
Tags : | Dubstep | 2.20 MB
Description : thank you without my armour and franko 75 for the awesome loop and acapella. right now this is a work in progress though i think it could turn out to be something great. please let me know if you have any drop ideas because im stumped. P.S. i will give you credit for your help :)
Tags : | Ambient | 11.52 MB
Description : My very first original composition of this year. I arranged the tablas using several tablas one shot samples I forgot I had. Went to my main vst instrument Uhe Zebra for creative sounds (intro sequencer, bassline), and to my Sonivox Orchestra vst for strings. Choir vocals are from Camel Audio Alchemy Player. Drums are also programmed. Also check out Lord of Springs vst instrument, very cool for chromaphone like sound. Feel free to listen and comment. Pleasant journey. Pete
Tags : | Cinematic | 2.20 MB
Description : (TQoS) The Quest of Shadowmoor by Stohgs Chapter I: (TQoS) The Quest of Shadowmoor Intro (IV)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.57 MB
Description : A hip-hop instrumental that you can sing as your intro track for your album. For contact : :
Tags : | Dance | 2.67 MB | Colab Request
Description : Another creation by me, this track need a voice any collaboration will be great enough, if you want to put your voice on it put the ft. Danriiv without that you can't use it, a lot of work there, slow trap , intro, build up, drop on hard sax , bass trap effects etc , so my name have to be in there, any comments I'll be appreciated, collaboration totally yes.
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 8.06 MB
Description : i made this sometime ago was made only for soundcloud but now i bring it to the loop. this is an uplifting dnb track that goes from nice to dark this has a very good intro and is yours to download why because i love my looperfam so play out loud
Tags : | Rock | 8.69 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : UPDATE: Intro now starts with piano instead of drums. There's a whole new section at the end. Please leave a comment letting me know your thought. Thanks x
Tags : | Cinematic | 3.31 MB
Description : I love doing score tracks. Here's a NEW one!
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.43 MB
Description : Just a big long intro guitar tune to keep my space open around the loop. Kind of a slow rock but I put it under Chillout.
Tags : | Trance | 9.57 MB
Description : My first ever song that I made when I bought Logic Pro. Intro cut version. Uplifing trance. Lol mate.
Description : Built from a sparkling Arp loop by Silence Kills, my own loops, and the intro of It's My Life by Talk Talk (sample clearance currently being sought). I dreamed the mix between both songs this morning and decided to record the experiment. It worked!
Tags : | Cinematic | 4.89 MB
Description : I created this for a piece of art called New Earth. I made 2 versions 1 had an all string intro and this one. I just went ahead and had fun with this one. If you like it please vote for the song and painting. I pictured the formation of a heavenly body start to finish.
Tags : | RnB | 9.09 MB | Featured
Description : Available for a Freestyle or Written song as well as Soundtracks & Intro Music. Sounds & Samples via Big Fish Audio & Looperman Users sosalarock, djdarzee, drymaster, av3 & buffalonugaluss
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.63 MB
Description : Ideal for a Freestyle or Written Lyrics as well as Soundtracks or Intro Music Sounds & Samples via Cakewalk Music Creator 6, Big Fish Audio & Looperman Users arr8w & rasputin1963
Tags : | Trip Hop | 2.86 MB
Description : NOTE: I uploaded a loop from this track! Go grab it if you want! Anyway, this is a short track, but kinda proud of it though. Experimenting A LOT with new bass techniques as well as volume/compression. Vocal sample courtesy a user on Looperman who I've forgotten the name of. :( If you recognize them, please message them!! :) OH YEAH! ALSO, I ran this through a tape deck! There's a bit of "warble" in the track as well. Probably most noticeable in the intro.
Tags : | Rock | 1.08 MB
Description : Anyone can use please send me your finished products if you use it.
Tags : | Rap | 5.99 MB | Adult Content
Description : Intro on How to get a check
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.68 MB
Description : Track For Brado's vocal contest. Uses Ed's (tunbleweed) awesome pad loops in the intro. Simple piano based song with a catchy chilled beat.
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