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Description : An instrumental rock anthem that goes out to all the brave souls that are heading to Ukraine to help in their own way. I've seen nurses, vehicle repairmen, the military experienced and everyday citizens going there to help and I find it inspirational and am proud that such people exist. Bonus points to those who recognize the intro piano riff. It's a jam basically with 2 electric gits, bass, drums, piano and a small vocal part.

Description : First song I ever started on electric guitar, always has been the acoustic guitar. The intro 2 guitar tracks instigated the freestyle vocal track. Short, alt/rock towards the punk end of the spectrum. The song is about one drunkard talking a fellow guzzler into getting drunk and creating mayhem at a party. Drums, bass, 2 guitars and a singing track.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.86 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : Intro for the album 'Dark'.

Description : My pc had a reboot while i'm working on that track so the INTRO and the OUTRO are done in post-production. Enjoy!

Ps.: only Ableton native devices, no external plugins.

Description : love grime rap acapellas cause you can throw em wherever and the style makes it fit
The intro "skate god" acapella isn't on here anymore

Tags : | Electro | 1.28 MB | FL Studio

Description : An old track (originally called "dueling synths") I just thought about today and figured I should upload. Very happy with the intro but not so much with everything else, I think this could have a great trance vibe but I can't seem to get that sound

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.53 MB | FL Studio

Description : trying to adapt trap stylings to 5/4, think the last few bars work best but somewhat happy with it
intro narration is from "Feeling the "and"" yt video, let me know if you want it cause its awesome and it should not go to waste on this

Description : A big intro....

LOOP BY jungomadeit

tags : roddy ricch, llf, live life fast, lil baby, lil durk, voh, voice of the heroes, derez deshon, hotboii, fredo bang, 42 dugg, kodak black, king von, slimelife shanty, pain piano, pain, sad, piano melodies, rod wave

Tags : | Deep House | 5.26 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ...
Intro - Son de la Loma A Capella Jazzeado - Bobby Carcasses
Jingle deep-n-bumpy
Bass - alison-limerick-where-love-lives-classic-club-mix-1991
Keyboard loop - ?? (sorry)
Base Rtmica y resto - mo - Rhythmic Base and the rest of mine

Tags : | Weird | 1.93 MB

Description : intro

Tags : | Jazz | 8.41 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Hi guys, this is a tweak to mine and Chris (Zootmans) track, listened and took the valuable advice on board, that's why im here, otherwise may aswell be in a room alone, if I think I know everything. The frogs still there, but with cybers idea, I like, Chris wanted the flute quieter and pseudoble the levels, all done lads, just tweaked the feel too, minimal add to fx I got credit for the slap dash intro, that was Chris' fire

Description : noitpircseD - intro is in 6/8 the rest 4/4

its not done, wont update it

Tags : | Trance | 1.80 MB | Cubase

Description : intro to the single of the new song with singer Jenny.
Instrument version.

Description : i did this out of pride its a sin but its so fun for me because well damn theres so much i think about but please enjoy the short intro im working on for dj battles! an yes i do make the effort to learn what i use! thanks to those who presented these beats im still working it up! an jon bricker is ME! there is jon wick then there is me JON BRICK!nick named dragon yaga dragon MAN!

Description : Not sure of the genre, the intro reminds me some old prog rock but the rest is something else.



Tags : | Trance | 15.88 MB | FL Studio

Description : Little trance'ish experimentation I made back in 2017
Messed around with TS404 plugin and created struckture for melody. It's a bit slow one with long intro.
Hope you like it. :)

Tags : | Trance | 10.45 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Personal composition from A to Z of this 11-minute piece that I would catalog as trance music ... Enjoy your listening!
I took the lead for the intro ;O)

I had to compress the song so that it could be uploaded to this site ... sorry ...

Tags : | Trap | 924.12 KB | FL Studio

Description : Works with 140 bpm or higher.

Tags : | Indie | 4.51 MB | Featured | Mixcraft

Description : Didn't use a DAW. Just used Audacity.

Loops by RIQ808
Intro Reggae drum loop by Laurent

Not the final mix. Missing the vocals (Kings of Leon X Rihanna X Pat Benatar) and the change.

No comments, just posting this because I haven't uploaded a song in awhile.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 696.80 KB | FL Studio

Description : 130 bpm beat.

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.34 MB | Reaper

Description : This track has a Touchtone, Disney films kinda thing going on. This is meant to be the intro track to the CD, It Is What It Is. You know, with the Journey metaphor & shit. At least it's short.

Tags : | Deep House | 5.03 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ...

Algalon the Observer Tech House

I hope I have achieved that Ibizan feeling in this tech house song. if it's been like that, just Shake Your Body

Vox Intro - Algalon the Observer Sounds

#deep #techhouse

Tags : | Trap | 4.66 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : song create for intro for streamer game on facebook MrJungles

Sorry my bad english, me speak french

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1337