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Description : Intro vocal tiré du film " Invincible Armour " Sample Vocal1 : Aoi Teshima - Teru No Uta
Sample vocal2 : Bawa Sushil - Looperman

DurbanPoison Beatmaker on Youtube , Facebook , Soundcloud ,

Description : hello guys,after my old laptop is broken,this is my first beat with new laptop,i dont have much vsts or programs left to make beats with...thats why I kept it basic as much as I can,trap drums and piano melody
Ive tried to make something good out of what I got
hope u guys like it
(intro speech,son house interview)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.89 MB | FL Studio

Description : this beat was inspired by DaBaby, hope you like it, and if you want to download it go to the link in my profile :)

Description : I made this as my remake pitches what do you think about the intro it's not done! interested in working with someone if you want on this or my music let me know bellow!

Description : This Tracks was an intro of The Eternals Vol.1 Album
I hope you enjoyed.

Description : Ruffmix
Beat composed by looperman member MonphyMusic
possibly the next Striking Daggers album intro track

feedback always welcomed
thanks looperfam!!

Description : Something hard that I made for my cousin who's a wrestler i made this intro for him called The Drop

Description : An intro made for movies or series.

Tags : | Trap | 2.54 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Intro to my instrumental album - Prod. by 1983

Description : REMIX using "D Daniels X Intro".

Description : Update: big intro atmosphere breakbeat with evolving break patterns. I took off one of the synths and it sounds cleaner now. Also continued the track with another bassline /witch now I think it's kinda slow. Or maybe not ?/ I will appreciate every comments & advices.

Description : Old beat. For non-commercial use only. Show me what you got

Tags : | Rap | 5.69 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : A song with some sort of feeling to it. I can't figure out what would make a good transition from intro to verse because I feel like the drums come in to weak from the intro. Any suggestions would be helpful, this is a reoccurring issue for me. My drums will come in and it almost sounds like they're pushing a lot of the beat down, this is after I've used compression, EQ, and a limiter [not in that order except for limiter last] ~Always available for Collab]~

Description : Intro to my upcoming album.

Tags : | Ambient | 1.96 MB | Garageband

Description : demo, intro

Description : A song I made while painting on my day off.
We sampled the Tomorrow Intro and Bridge section of Brother Johnson.
Please listen to me. Thank you!

Description : The track starts without intro...i Just want to "protect" it...Please let me know if you like it...feedbacks are welcome.


Description : prod. dresta96

Description : Far out epic featuring sine waves, programmed violin parts, played electric cello, various synths, drum loops and programmed acoustic drums. Mystical and a bit Eastern. A three min drumless intro and then some fat grooves and darker sounds. Not as good as I was hoping it would be. Interesting comments appreciated...

Description : Version editada, intro corto.

Tags : | EDM | 2.81 MB | Has Lyrics | Garageband

Description : intro track from my entry for the 2019 RPM Challenge. my previous two RPM entries were nerdcore albums as Dr Proximo, but New Horizons is under johnjack, an EDM project I had on MySpace Music back in 2007. The godfather of nerdcore MC Frontalot graciously gave me his take on the title, as did Brian Dunning from the Skeptoid podcast.

Description : Beat By:Kaja Entertainments.T1s
Verse 1&2(Intro&Outro;)By: Reno Rich , Fisca Flo
Hook By: Reno Rich

Description : dark drum and bass made on fl10 this is not yet finished This is what i already have it has a bongo intro that builds up i like this and will finish it soon Play out loud enjoy

Description : The Intro and one part in the middle is the original melody taht I made and the rest is a chopped up version of tha melody.

The Track was made in C minor scale, but pitched up 300 semitones. SO, It is now in D# minor

I have intentionally kept the track small as it is a concept.

If you are interested in contributing to this and make it better, contact me.

Description : trap intro hot dubstep drop and a lot of my own vocals only one vocal is not mine but it fit it was thrown together out of lack of entertainment

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1319
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