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11th Jul 2010 07:32 -  13 years ago
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Description : if you promise to stay right near
i promise to never let you go
if you hurl your love like a spear
i promise to always catch your throw

i love you
i love these things
i love to heart
i love apart
i love enver ending
our love never sending
back to unto the other
back to into our mother
waiting to be born again

it hurts you
it hurts me 2
it hurts our hearts
it kills our smarts
it is alive
it is denied
it is under attach
it is on your back
waiting to be born again

the last itme hurts the worst
it comes to the first
it is the second
of a motion i recokened
to break the spell
to make some hell
to live your life
to ggive you
24th Jul 2022 17:14 -  1 year ago

Search Rating : 8.19

Description : Ibiza Love Lounge new song, Dusk Till Dawn is an R&B love soul song.
The story of a love that gets under your skin.
He will make you touch and feel what it means to love.
Let yourself drift like the straw that goes through the Ruigen River.
Have fun with my new song
Dusk Till Dawn.
Ibiza Love Lounge.
19th Sep 2014 20:41 -  9 years ago

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Description : This track is the first two sections of what will (hopefully) be a three-part piece — essentially a suite. I am posting parts 1 and 2 because I think they are ready for feedback from Looperman members. Part 3 isn’t done yet because it requires Human League style vocals from a singer with a distinct British accent. I have the melody and lyrics worked out. I sent a private message a while ago to a Looperman member who I think has the right voice for the job. But, haven’t had a response. Until I find a vocalist for it, I can’t finish the piece. In any case, the total file size of the complete piece would be greater than the Looperman limit, so it will have to be split into parts anyway.

Parts 1 and 2, in fact the whole thing, were inspired by acapellas posted here on Looperman by Jacques Demers:

If you haven’t checked out Jacques’ tracks yet, you really should. He doesn’t set them up as “featured” so it might be easy to miss them.

The harmony in Jacques’ acapellas sounded very “Beatle-ish” to me, and that made me want to try my hand at doing a George Martin style treatment. I remembered that ScottsCovers here on Looperman had mentioned an instrument called a Mellotron, which was used by the Beatles, the Moody Blues, Genesis, along with other groups of that era, so I decided to use a VST mellotron as the primary instrument for Parts 1 and 2.

The acapella in Part 2 was in a different key than the one used for Part 1, so I needed to find a chord progression in Part 1 that would modulate the key. Jacques gave me some advice on that, which you can see in the comments on his first acapella.

Part 1 has harp, mellotron flutes, clarinet, french horns, and my attempt at a Penny Lane type trumpet solo (but much simpler). Part 2 has a string ensemble, solo oboe and trumpet in unison, and some Daniel Langois type processed guitars. Both parts were recorded at 60 bpm, largely because that’s where the acapellas seemed to sync best. However, I played the instrument tracks freestyle (rubato), so the tempo actually varies somewhat. Definitely not quantized!

There is a storyline behind this track. Part 1 is the blooming stage of a relationship. Part 2 is about the relationship in decline. Part 3, with vocals, will be about ending it.

I’ve included the transition to Part 3 (which will be a more traditional synth pop section) and just a bit of the first verse backing instrumental so you can get an idea of how things are headed in the final part.
3rd Oct 2010 19:07 -  13 years ago
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Description : I was lucky enough for Louise to come through yesterday and sing a spot on this track, even though she had just woken up, I think she did awesome.

we love each other through the night

this FAITH we're provin
this THING we're doin
move them to the side as we fight towards the light

to me you are a boat in the sea of
strange blinds you're free but still you stay under me
we're the same kind you saved my mind
and i won't let go
potential shines while our tape rewinds
and we run so fast we're falling slow

all of them shake their fists with their friends
cuz they can't make us up just so
here comes now they soft bark we loud meow
and bask together in our gloW
6th Jan 2023 10:13 -  1 year ago

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Description : A song for those people that think that love will never come their way , the lyrics explain that no matter how you look or what you think, you do not need to be rich or a model to find true love, because love is colour blind.
18th Jul 2019 18:44 -  4 years ago

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Description : Isn't love great? Enjoy.

Muzic instrumental by M.Fasol.
6th May 2011 20:34 -  13 years ago
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Description : Meet Mrs. Bilbozo. The first time I have ever had the chance to collaborate with my wife Claudia. I thought it was fitting for Mother's day. Her voice was one of the things that swayed me into marrying her. This one is in Spanish, a traditional love song. This is for all who have lost love but still feel their love is always eternal...we hope you enjoy this song from our family to you. Cheers, love, peace and music. - Bill ( Bilbozo ) and Claudia Smith
11th May 2010 11:09 -  14 years ago
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Description : A little while ago I loaded an acapella called "In My Hands". It started off as a short poem, then became an acapella - so I decided to use it in a full song. I also would have liked to sort the track under ethnic (as genre) as I used a lot of African Male choir clips in the track. Some brass, which I hardly use, gives the track a "marching band" feel. Also used some awesome loops from PLANETJAZZBASS! I owe such a great debt to him! His stuff is stunning!

In a nut-shell, I personally LOVE this track - I had so much fun putting it all together, and it's a real labour of love... about love.

Also... there a guy explaing quantum physics in there aswell... kinda "play on word" that you shouldn't have to be a rocket scientist to be able to figure out love... although it helps!

Enjoy the track... and as always...all reviews welcomed.
17th May 2023 01:26 -  1 year ago

Search Rating : 4.91

Description : 3 different vst drum programs, 2 drum samples (manipulated and cut up), other manipulated samples and my guitar. 1 possible discernable english phrase in vox - my love - and mood is slightly wistful - hence left on the last bus - See lyrics for Notes on Anagram Poem from title

My love - left on the last bus

loves theft eventually blooms
the softest full bottom
heavenly malevolence afoot
bluntly lost
vehemently boastful
balefully toothless
lust unsolvable
my hottest self unlovable
1st Feb 2020 18:05 -  4 years ago

Search Rating : 4.91

Description : Much love people thank you for the tremendous support and love and feedback and just overall interest in my craft
Means a lot, much love
Thanks for your time

Track produced by Nigma, always supporting what I do and it's good to return the favor.
Nigma produces some FIRE both here on this site and soundcloud and many more
find his work on soundcloud / nigmabeats
10th Aug 2019 05:00 -  4 years ago

Search Rating : 4.91

Description : Produced by the man Pyscho Beatz, much love

Available EVERYWHERE August 16th

after great feedback from everyone here, i finished up production on this track
hope you enjoy
give me feedback i love to learn
i have plenty more work in the books, stay tuned
i appreciate you all, thank you for your time
much love
18th Jun 2019 22:47 -  4 years ago

Search Rating : 4.91

Description : So 3 months ago I downloaded a track titled 'if you get too high' by DGRAVES (3100841) on the site.
Finally was able to lay down the vocals and get it released for the public
Ive been getting a lot of love on my recent tracks on here which I can't thank you all enough for
Truly inspiring to see so many talented people on this site
I hope you can enjoy this track I have to offer
once again; produced by dgraves (3100841)
Much love
6th May 2019 02:42 -  5 years ago

Search Rating : 4.91

Description : Produced by Jakesand x Erl
much love to the homie
Im testing out the release of this track on here before more public sites
It's roughly 2 months old in this state and havent revisted it as ive been otherwise busy. Trying to wrap up a lot of projects right now and would love some feedback to aid in the process
Much love to everyone showing support and appreciation and much more importantly - feedback
thank you for your time
hope you enjoy
12th Jan 2019 01:37 -  5 years ago

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Description : Description : CAP Back again on another track.
Riest sent me out this instrumental , much love for that!
So I sat down and got to work
Many other songs in the hatch right now and I am always down to book it up
So get at me , contact is found on my profile.
Find my music anywhere.
Much love to everyone for all the support on my page.
Some of you been listening for a year and more
Much love. Thank you
9th Oct 2016 05:45 -  7 years ago
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Description : I Love You Track By Yogesh ST, Its a Promo Of The Song I Didn't Finish The Song Yet, But I Will Upload This Song Soon As I Finish The Track, If You Want The Vocal Loop Used In This (Here It Is:
25th Mar 2013 12:13 -  11 years ago
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Description : Here's a song i've been dwelling on. Because it's a bit cheesy.... I used the acapella by 3v3sound to start with. Then slowly put together a happy/ upbeat/ feel good track. No mastering. Please comment. But more importantly criticize, please do. My only ever goal is to improve my work. So be as harsh as you like to prove your point. I can handle it =).
"your bass is weak," is much more valuable to me than "nice job man".

but! "your bass is weak, Try this..." is helpful too =)

Loops used:

"With Love" (acapella)

"Sexy Strings" (strings?)

"Happy" (piano)

"Seed 0810 - Sax Percussion 10" (sax percussion)
6th Dec 2012 01:15 -  11 years ago
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Description : This song is dedicated my girlfriend Maria Rafoss. Happy 7 mnd where been together. Lets make it for the rest of our lives. This song represent my love journey with you Maria. Like a cloud! ?. This song took 3 weeks to make. My most complex song so far. Tune in and tune up and dance! Love you hunny! :) ?
26th May 2012 03:45 -  12 years ago
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Description : i love trance . i love house. i love dubstep.
but i also loooooove world music.
i first listened to this track and i thought it could use some oomph. i like to use that word a lot.
shows ya how old i am. it does sound better,though.
5th Jun 2024 11:21 -  1 week ago

Search Rating : 3.28

Description : Hip Hop Love Song About Celestial And Terrestrial Girls That I Dream With And I Wish To Became Devine Dimension
1st Jun 2024 08:31 -  1 week ago

Search Rating : 3.28

Description : Hip Hop Song About Love Celestial Dreams
19th May 2024 04:43 -  3 weeks ago

Search Rating : 3.28

Description : LOVE IS ALL WE NEED.
1st May 2024 21:18 -  1 month ago

Search Rating : 3.28

Description : "Only you" is about warm feelings, life is in every moment and love is there among the colors and the odors making thinks happen. Nostalgic melodies along with a very powerful rhythmic pattern trying to describe what we feel when love is around.
23rd Mar 2024 16:54 -  2 months ago

Search Rating : 3.28

Description : Producer Alef - Love Tonight
11th Feb 2024 01:08 -  4 months ago

Search Rating : 3.28

Description : This time I did start with a very catchy piano tune made by Rasputin. It took not long to find a very a perfect acapella made by Emilyn to tune in very nicely. But Djoct (from Lisbon) also did fit in with his acapella called surrender. They both singing about love relationships. At the end I decided to produce a classic Mashup where beats and tunes came out of my DAW. Even Firanga (a German Rap acapella) had a small guest appearance.
8th Jan 2024 15:31 -  5 months ago
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Search Rating : 3.28

Description : Eminem Kim
Victoria justice tell me that u love me
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