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Description : Consider this an ultra long loop if you must. On scale C#, and runs at 140 bpm. Left out heavy drums (kick and snares) and left out drums completely in some parts. Most of it has bass, but left that out of the midsection too. Some room for personal melodies at first, more later. Do as you please, and please link me to the song if you use!

Description : I using a waltz beat with a blues progression to tell another sappy love song story. Acoustic guitar, harmonica, drums, shaker, bass and a few singing tracks. I love the sound of this Slingerland Rolling Bomber kick drum!

Tags : | Jazz | 16.00 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Ok, I went in on this. Downright upright bass courtesy of Splice, Rhodes Mk V, courtesy of Loopcloud, and those Drums (M.T.) with my special "Deep End kick". Sax on a corrosive bent, courtesy of Splice. Processed by M.T. Trumpet calling you to attention courtesy of Noiiz. Processed by M.T. Piano off the rails Courtesy of Craig Milverton (Loopcloud).

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.21 MB | Pro Tools

Description : I would like to thank all the looperman users whose loops I've used to complete this track.

Guitar Loop: looperman-l-2550836-0229758-personal-electric-guitar-loop

Vocal Sample: looperman-l-3822046-0256329-questions-lil-uzi-vert-vocals-part-3

Drums: looperman-l-0769063-0053149-toloache-70bpm-strong-acoustic-drum-loop (although I actually sampled the kick, snare, closed hat and toms from this loop to create my own drum pattern)

Tags : | Deep House | 4.28 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ...

Loop and Acapella - Afro medusa - Dreams
Piano - House Vibes 4UR
drums- cp808 - ch808 -
kick - Deep house ZG kit

Description : Beer Can Vampire
"Ca Dingue ft. D Tacita & Virginia Slimm"
Additional guitars: Fouzi Hader

Looperman loops used, mangled and re-played:



Great lyrics from D Tacita ;)


Description : Made with the samples and loops of these lovely people :)

1. Dark bell Uk drill - Carsten by carstenprd

2. Pop Smoke x 808 Melo Type by SousakOnTheTrack


Thank you carstenprd, SousakOnTheTrack and JupiterWave for the lovely loops.

Let me know what you guys think :)

Description : An older song that I never got the chance to release till now.

It's a smooth calm song to kick off the rest of my releases.

Description : this was made in like 10 mins
just to show how sweet my loop sounds with a hard kick and 808's
140 -> 90 bpm
download it in my profile - loops

Tags : | Trap | 1.77 MB | FL Studio

Description : 150 bpm

Tags : | Rock | 6.00 MB | Has Lyrics | Acid Pro

Description : from the poem:

The Dark Chateau de Walter De La Mare
Portuguese version

Musical Production:
Tomas Sardinha just kent


Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.96 MB | FL Studio

Description : Classic hip-hop track for hip-hop purists.

The track contains a kick, snare, hi-hats, pianoo, choir voices and a subtle bassline.

For the mix i mostly just used EQ and compression on the master track to glue everything together. Nothing fancy.

Let me know what you think about when you listen to the track?

Any suggestion or criticism is welcome! Enjoy and there is a free download for MC's that hear "voices" on this beat and want to record :)

Peace i'm out..

Tags : | Trap | 2.74 MB | FL Studio

Description : still need some coffee

Description : yes Shatner an Bonez always at it!!
this one was fun to do!
Beat Composed by Looperman member Rentareefer
verses by Joey Bonez an Chocolate Shatner
Enjoy Striking Daggers Music

Tags : | Rap | 6.33 MB | Adult Content

Description : Looperman loops Ass Kick Ass Track and Video Produced by Dee Stroyer @ Youtube. Performed N Written by MystrE tha One.

Description : Aka. Satan's Wanker

This is my first attempt to some sort of hardcore's UpTempo sub genre. Nasty kick's, filthy bass and some famous finnish spoken words. Please, don't take this too seriously.. when I started this random project, I had quite strong medication. :D

Tags : | Fusion | 7.51 MB | FL Studio

Description : Always trying new things. Kind of Funky I hope. Comments appreciated.

Description : Loop By catatau5..Added kick Claps Strings Bass..Hope Ya Dig

Description : Dark haunting track that I made with a sample from Visions Sample Pack. Hi-Hats, Drum Kick, Snares, Timpani, & the (what I like to call) Acid Rain Effect were added by me

Tags : | Rap | 684.07 KB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : The random guitar sample. I just wanted do some music at the rap style with hi-hats, basses and kick and may be piano, but I couldn`t.

Description : New single I cooked up. Check me out on my social media. IG: willegoodonthebeat559 FB: Will-E-Good

Description : Big beat track. 140 bpm. This has a kick to it. Enjoy. Whole track can be sent it you want, this is a preview of it in a raw missing one section go.

Description : Had fun with this, trying some different. Pella is posted as well.
Progression of a nobody, poetic kick to it.

Lryics by : K-Rich aka K1clean
Beat by : jhon240991

Description : Starts dub and moves to a little something with a kick. Sorry for not posting for a bit. Moving my we software collection and samples to Windows 10. Hours of fun, however, as things uploaded/downloaded and put their knees in and out etc etc.... I put this together. Love to you all.

Description : My Remix of the song.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 628
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