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Tags : | Rock | 6.02 MB | Featured
Description : Yo, can anyone give me some criticism for this Lo-Fi? This is my first time putting an acapella on one of my tracks and I don't know if I did good. Sounds good to me, but I need another brain to help me. :)
Tags : | House | 12.95 MB | Featured
Description : My most unusual track. I never felt confident making dance music, but this one sounds cool to me. I love it. This is also the first track I've made in Studio One, finally swithcing over from FL Studio. Don't ask, it was a nightmare!
Contains acapella by Rachel (actually taken from a sample library).
Description : my first RnB track using Yjentertainment's Be my girl acapella.
Tags : | Pop | 4.62 MB | Featured
Description : I made an instrumental adding the wonderfull voice of THE ALEX MARIE:
Hope you'll like it
Not really sure about the style , it's a little of trap , sax , piano , effect , pop with rock percussion too...
For those who are interested i've a youtube channel :
Plus if you want to message me :
Tags : | Electro | 9.44 MB | Featured
Description : Trouse/ElectroHouse

Vocal from Looperman ( by @TheLeach

Also in SC:

It took 3 evenings. Don't hestitate to leave comment :)
Description : Work only with Headphone , so maybe sounds not so good on Speakers .
Let me know what you think , very open for critism ;-)) Thanks for listening

Vocals : Alexy Large
Tags : | Jazz | 5.78 MB
Description : A song I made with nice vocals I got from looperman. Enjoy!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.18 MB
Description : This is the reference track for the 'Time' acapella.

Link me on Soundcloud:

Check my debut EP:

Message me for dry stems and separate audio, I'll be happy to send.
Description : I wrote this trip hop track using from Esoreni.

Instrumental part: bleep
Vocals: Esoreni
Arrangments and mixing: bleep
Description : This is an acapella by Shaidawn i downloaded and then added the drum and bass backbeat. came out halfway decent.
Tags : | Rap | 3.45 MB | Adult Content
Description : Thank you Micah for your acapella :D
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.48 MB | Featured
Description : Second track using lyrics from Looperman. Huge shoutout to B Smith and Enigma for putting up their lyrics. Hope you guys like it. Acapella link
Tags : | Trap | 8.21 MB | Adult Content
Description : Hello friends I am new in the community I leave you a little song created by me take the voice of the song in the acapella section I do not have much experience but I liked the result greetings and thanks
Tags : | Pop | 8.79 MB
Description : “TheLeach”, bass player with the German group, How to Loot Brazil, recently posted several acapellas here on Looperman. These are the actual vocals from tracks that the band has released.

The acapella for “Box Room” caught my fancy. You can find the pella here:

I did listen to the band’s original version (, which I liked a lot. For some reason, though, I found it really difficult to figure out the chord progressions used in the band’s version. I think that is because it has a very complex electronic arrangement that, for much of the song, is more about providing interesting counterpoint to the vocal melody than laying down a traditional instrumental bed. Not sure if that description makes sense, but if you watch their Youtube video, I think you will understand what I mean.

I started trying to work out the chords using a piano patch, and that seemed to set the tone and style for my remix. I use Logic Pro and it was telling me that I was playing all kinds of crazy chords (11ths, and 13ths, and diminished). Had no idea what I was doing, frankly. Just searching for chord sequences that sounded right. Spent a bit of time chopping up the vocal and time-aligning it. Added a bit of processing. Dropped one whole section of the vocal because I just couldn’t find a way to make it fit with the style and feel of the remix. (It worked fine in the original and also in other remixes that have been done by Looperman members.)

So, this remix is very different from the band’s original version. And, I hope that TheLeach, who wrote the song, won’t be too upset with where I took it. He wrote it on an acoustic guitar, apparently, so it clearly evolved quite a bit to get to their recorded version. Anyway, doing something different is what remixes are all about. Right?
Tags : | Reggae | 7.90 MB | Featured
Description : Music composed by Alex Richard and Laurent Wirz. With: Hanspeter Dubach Lead and rhythm guitars, Alex Richard Bass and rhythm guitars, Claude Barbotte Hammond organ, Joël Perrin Saxophone and me at the drums. The two grooves I used for this one are to find under Loops and Sample, member laurentwirz, reggae. Also an excellent loop from member ebae. I have to say that I asked Michael Mayo before publishing it but I received no answer yet. It was pretty difficult with his acapella because it's a pretty short loop with not a lot of words (for an almost 5 minutes track)! You can ear also some background vocals from Patricia Edwards and I hope it's okay for her.
Description : this is a track i arranged with two acapellas to create a double face portrait. One from Wounded Buffalo Beats and the other from Virginia Slimm
Description : Hey guys! I'm having a little trouble finding a acapella for this track. I prefer a French or Dutch acapella with the vibe of MHD or Broederliefde/SBMG (Afrotrap). The track is 128 BPM and the key is GM. If you think you have got a good acapella... LET ME KNOW! :)
Tags : | Dance | 4.37 MB | Colab Request
Description : Track made with part of Volkano acapella by The Alexx Marie
Description : Disco/dance track using the acapella sample "Moving on" by Daniel Wigmore.

Want to do a remix?

Tempo: 125 bpm
Chords: Fm-Ab-C-Fm-Ab-Eb

And here you find the files:önigsberg
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