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Tags : | Pop | 7.74 MB | Featured | Pro Tools

Description : la musique POP n'est pas mon style mais j'ai essaye d'en faire une belle musique, j'espere que la chanteuse lui plaira

Tags : | Trap | 6.45 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : good vibes

Acapella 1: Junior Paes -All I Need Is You

Loop 1 and 2: djerc7 -U Are Everything Piano Melody & ELECTRIC PIANO

Loop 3: equinoxsounds -Equinox Ethereal Melody In Am

Tags : | Rock | 9.24 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : This song is a bit heavier than the original. A hard rock version of this popular tune from the 80's. I found the acapella for this and I couldn't resist playing around with this one. It was pretty satisfying therapy on guitar. Comments welcome

Description : It is what it is.

The Flute is also sampled, but I don't have the link anymore. Thank you to whoever created the sample.

Description : (ft.Sergi Yaro and Rocky Mutto)
This track was kind of weird. First I started off with the Acapella, found a random beat on youtube (watch?v=afKgmbTwswA) and then found the Rap from Rocky Mutto and I decided to add it in and just kind of play around with the vocals haha.

Description : An example for my acapella "Expectations"

Beat by: CantSmokeWitMe
Inferno Eternal

Tags : | Disco | 6.01 MB | Featured | Samplitude

Description : This track features the vocals from Soulful disco acapella pack, I hope you enjoy it.

Description : Just a fun track i'm workin acapella is up as well.

Description : From my acapella and beat..

Description : Just an idea if you wanna collab and extend it.. My acapella and beat upped too..

Description : looking forward to hear your remixes, covers, and more of my song! Lryics available on my official website under music tab!

Accapella: looperman . com/acapellas/detail/13094/dont-go-full-essemble-85bpm-pop-acapella

Lryics and more are found on my website itsmichaelmayo com

Free Downloads on WEBSITE!

Description : My remix of this track.
Thanks to Leach for acapella

Description : acapella-Beta Max(I want to know what others think about the bat.)

Description : FLP file for this got corrupted so thought I'd share what I managed to get done before disaster struck.

EDIT: Luckily I was able to find a backup of the project file for this. Finished it and decided to add some vocals to it.

Credit to StephanieKay for the Acapella

Description : With my new acapella

Description : Jus a basic beat to suit my acapella...if u like it and wanna collab hmu. My wet and dry vocals are on my acapella page..Cheers

Tags : | Dubstep | 1.95 MB | FL Studio

Description : This is my first try to do a track in fl studio. Did it with Lopez acapella Aint your mama but got a content claim on youtube so i took the vocals off. You can listen to the track. Please tell me what you guys think. It sounded much better with the vocals

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.81 MB | FL Studio

Description : I got plenty of tracks in the vault....Enjoy!
Chill Hip Hop

Vocals : Hermanifezt phatom solider (acapella via looperman)
track Prod. by Fibanaccii

Tags : | Reggaeton | 4.76 MB | FL Studio

Description : Acapella in looperman

Description : Hey there this is the first time i'm making a beat available (this is my 3rd Beat i made with my 2nd Beat that i made for a certain project i'm working on with TRUBLE T :o) to the public i was gonna find a Acapella but i have no money to buy it so RIP anyways if you want to Rap on this beat then contact me i think i can help you out make it longer if needed and do something.

Description : Packs & loops used....
Cymatics Servida artist series pack
Cymatics Posty soundpack
Cymatics Humble soundpack
K19 Trappp by Rockwitit (acapella) from looperman
AzazelAsis - Drake x Ovo bassline (loop) looperman

Description : I'm not sure if I can upload this remix here, It's non-profit and I got the Acapella from here anyway. I'll remove if it causes problems.

Mixed not Mastered.

The lyrics and Rapper is such a good blend together. It was impossible for me to not use the Acapella.

Description : Hey there, i make this beat and i want some one to collab with me (acapella, rap, anything), i think the beat has potential so i wanna make this huge. IF U ARE INTERESTED ON THE TRACK we can get in touch and show you the full track to make something. it doesnt matter if its a female or male voice ! cheers

Tags : | Reggae | 9.85 MB | Featured | Pro Tools

Description : Yeah, I'm feelin' good today... :)

Instruments used :
Yamaha MODX7
Crumar Mojo
Line6 JTV59
Ibanez SRFF805
Line6 Helix
Roland TD30
Superior Drummer 3
Native Instruments Session Horns Pro...

... and the amazing acapella by Patricia Edwards.

Description : Lead Melody - DRZA 1994 Piano - Nexus 2
Counter Melody - Codeine Dream XP - Codeine Dream #2 - Nexus 2
Big Choppa 808
R Loops Vinyl Sample kit - Drums
Antidote soundkit - FX
I'm Not A Regular Rapper by Bear Castro (Acapella from Looperman)
Beat Produced by Fibanaccii

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