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Description : I really really Vibe with this artist. Special thanks to LMs Mikamik for sharing this acapella. ENjoy

Description : 24/05/2020 - I've made this track using the acapella vocal of MC Norad downloaded from the looperman.

You can find more of this guy on instagram @emceenorad.

If you like my music please leave a comment. Enjoy!


Description : Shout outs to LMs talented Mr.Shammi for sharing this bomb acapella. Tons of fun with this. ENjoy

Description : Sang this to and Afro Dancehall Instrumental by Paulhauss..

Acapella is Up

Description : a fire drum n bass song go here it :)
the songs tempo is 174 bpm make an acapella for it

Tags : | Chill Out | 1.77 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Shinrin-yoku translates from Japanese as forest bathing, a form of which I've been blessed to be paid to do most of the adult life. This is a quick sketch with vocals a lovely LM acapella by steelyvibe (sprinkle of clouds).

Description : As threatened(!), here's the second of the two tracks I produced using this acapella. Once again thanks to ArthurBeatss for the acapella.

Tags : | Dance | 3.73 MB | FL Studio

Description : decided to make some eurobeat and found this perfect acapella for the track on here!
I have most of the stems uploaded, drums and arp are gonna get there soon.

Shout out to PrettyBoyBeats for those sick vocals ;)

160 BPM, A minor

enjoy :D

Tags : | Trap | 3.91 MB | FL Studio

Description : this beat so fucking fire come listen to it here's the original acapella which i have on the beat i don't own the rights to it but thx for letting me barrow it :)

Description : here's the link t the acapella i don't own rights to this
tell me what you guys think :)
also its not to late to colab just comment if you wanna rap on the beat psychopath as long as you give me fucking credit

Tags : | Trap | 4.18 MB | FL Studio

Description : BeatsByJustron-acapella

Description : I have two tracks using this acapella. This is the first. I thought I could do a better job with it, so I produced a second (and I think better) track afterwards which I'll probably upload at some point. Would still appreciate any feedback on this though.

Thanks for ArthurBeatss for the acapella.
Thanks also to antoniostratiatello. I used a small section of one their loops.

Description : Follow me on IG feeztrackz
Get my verse acapella, vocal stems and instrumental at

Description : Beat i made with this nice Acapella from KMRS.

Description : Follow me on IG feeztrackz
Get this songs acapella, vocal stems and instrumental at

Description : Voice acapella by Future Analysis

Description : ᅠ
BeatTemplate#1330 , some kind of Metal Drill stuff, Pulse & Pvnex Type Beat (Carnage X Panzer).

Melody sample:
"UK Drill Melody" by Nvpxebvh

Meenlower (Aka Дьюморпис) - Rare Tribal Cabin

(Not meant to be rapped over, not up for sale)

Tags : | House | 1.78 MB | FL Studio

Description : I just picked up a random acapella I hope it fits

Tags : | Ambient | 5.20 MB | Reason

Description : New track with acapella from MulaOfficial

Description : hello ,remix moby ,I used an acapella from Ninamoody.......if you want the instrumental version, send me a message

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.49 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Another song I made with a beautiful piecefull acapella from Patricia.

Description : I was looking for some VST synthesizers, I found this wonder called Phasewave by TubeOhm. I created some lines and put some drum loops to follow. After that I thought an acapella would go well, so I thought about this one from SuicideJ because I thought it was great. In the end I was happy with the result.

Original acapella: Painful Numbness - SuicideJ
Drum Loops (Looperman):


Tags : | House | 9.39 MB

Description : a KSHMR inspired house track from his single "The Spook" and I included a acapella from Patricia Edwards and it fits very well and samples from looperman

Description : An edit of an acapella vocal by Putridsnow22

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3023
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