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Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.08 MB | FL Studio

Description : Sang and rapped this to an old school youtube hip hop Instrumental by CRVCIFY
Wet acapella is up.

Tags : | EDM | 10.42 MB | FL Studio

Description : Melodic future bass on acapella Come back stronger by Sergi Yaro

Tags : | Deep House | 6.35 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ...
This song has time, but I did not dare to upload it and I will surely end up removing it, but I would like you to hear it and see what you think.

I can't tell what musical style this song belongs to.

maybe theSINGLOT style?

RARE is rare ;+)
I hope you like it

Acapella: Rare Frank Sinatra Acapella

Description : It's a classic Acapella on this site, downloaded close to 10.000 times, and possibly used even more :D But I thought it was an interesting one, and it works in the song.
The track as usual could be more polished, and hopefully I will. Give me all your tips and tricks!

18/10/2020: some editing was done, but more to follow later. Thanks a lot to bringerofDOOM and BONEZONMARZ!

Tags : | Fusion | 6.54 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : A rough track I created today using the awesome Acapella from FJX. All to the Glory of GOD. 91BPM in Bb Min.

Description : from my latest acapella

Description : remix on Palasso acapella

Description : Shout outs to LM's talented EmKay for sharing this acapella. ENjoy

Description : my latest track, listen the full song here:
https ://

find the acapella on my profile, if you want to make a remix

Description : Shout outs to LM's talented Micah Byrnes for sharing this acapella. I'm digging this, hope u as well. ENjoy

Description : Made this track in the 80s style with an acapella which doesn't exist here anymore?
Sorry, didn't write down who sang it.
If you recognise the voice, let me know :) Would like to say thanks.

If you would like to master this track, please do!

Description : Made this funky house tune using an E major looperman acapella. I chopped out quite a bit of the vocal and it doesn't make a whole load of sense but I think it still groovy. Greatful for any feedback on the track. Thanks

My soundcloud is eastbot.

Description : The classic disco song of the 70's done from a man's perspective, in a mellow semi-accoustic chill version. Original artist, Gloria Gaynor did this song in 116 bpm, I am doing it in 94 bpm. If I'm granted permission to post the acapella on this site, I'd love to hear what you guys can do with it.

Key : A minor

94 bpm (slowed down from the original 116 bpm)

Description : This use to pertain to me lol. That's where I've been. Catching up with sleep lol. Big shout outs to Michael Mayo and Toni Nesha for sharing this high quality acapella. ENjoy

Description : Shout outs to AAP and King Marino for sharing this acapella. Wait for it. It gets intense lol. ENjoy

Description : Acapella by sambleezy. Music (instrument, beat) written and produced by Alex Ferman

Description : Work with AAP Featuring KJ
The beat is made exclusively for acapella, not relying on the original track
Experimental sound - Hip-Hop + Tech House
Cut Version

Description : Work with Robinhumarshall acapella
The beat is made exclusively for acapella, not relying on the original track

Tags : | Pop | 3.99 MB | FL Studio

Description : U gotta love this Harry Styles song..I did two versions and layered them Both is more bluesy the other softer..different.
I've uploaded both acapella versions..
Instrumental is By Sing King on You tube

Description : hey guys, made many tracks since my last upload here! This is one of them. I used 2nick8 acapella for this one!

link of the the vocals in the lyrics section

it's a melt between punk and metal

Tags : | EDM | 2.40 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Acapella's from a track "Don't want 2" from Shibbyco on looperman. I used it ten years ago and lost the mp3 file. This is my remake.

SOUNDCLOUD - Pixxlexia

Description : Big shout outs to LM's talented Buddahmann for sharing this acapella. I have to say this joint came out pretty original. For a second I didn't believe I created this lol. Female vocals are from LM sorry I don't remember if it's Sophia Cruz or not. ENjoy

Tags : | Pop | 6.11 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Made this with acapella from indoji "What U Did".
If anyone would want to master this piece, let me know. :)

Tags : | Trap | 5.11 MB | FL Studio

Description : Sang this to a Utube sad Xxxtentacion Beat called Time by Raspo
Acapella is up too

Description : Acapella by: yungtide
DM for WAV File
available on Soundcloud and Youtube, links on profile.

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