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Description : fussion of hip chill hop and jazz it's different happy sunny day track, done alot of listening to you guys over last 36, hrs and felt inspired

Tags : | Jazz | 7.71 MB | Featured | Cubase


Description : Haven't been feeling good lately, a lot of crying and shit so I wanted to make a nice Jazz beat to calm my mind down.

Description : I think I found my sound, I really enjoy Jazz so expect more of them!

Description : Kinda wanted to make a Jazz like beat, been feeling a little "blue" lately ahaha

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 13.88 MB

Description : lofi electro garage jazz
Loop from looperman-l-1319133-0258953-blowing-tiny-blip 60bpm aflat minor. A rework of last deleted track dropping acapella as didnt work,adding bass line and remixing guitars etc. Hopefully this works a litte more! Still a bit odd. MPC as Daw
Feedback Appreciated

Tags : | Jazz | 9.82 MB | Cubase

Description : SMOOTH JAZZ.

Description : A cool mix of lo-fi and jazz with electronic and double bass fusion

Tags : | Jazz | 5.13 MB | Cubase

Description : Jazz Improve.

Tags : | Funk | 12.21 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : A funky electro-jazz instrumental fusion kinda thing... enjoy.

A Jynxz, bringerofDOOM production

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 10.11 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Lofi jazz kind of feel - repost whilst computer in for repair

a cut up of Charles Bukowski reading one of his poems live set to some beats and sax

one of a number of experiments on my learning
curve where a vocal sample or narrative drives/ creates interest for the track

Using MPC as a DAW

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 5.46 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Chill Lo-Fi/ Jazz track. Soundcloud/ YouTube links in bio.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.95 MB | Cubasis

Description : WIP. I wanted a jazz feeling ... tell me. (92 pbm)
12.06.21 : added Sax (recorded live, freestyle).

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 3.81 MB | Garageband

Description : “The greatest pleasure is to break something, fix it, and make it look better than before.”

Made in GarageBand with an Arturia Minilab MKII and a random drum loop I use too much. Also, this song was basically just a test of my jazz knowledge.

Tags : | Fusion | 6.93 MB | FL Studio

Description : a Jynxz, bringerofDOOM collaboration

bringerofDOOM: alto sax, mix
Jynxz: everything else

some intense fusion/jazz/rock for you... enjoy.

Tags : | Jazz | 7.85 MB | Samplitude

Description : I created this track for a friend who love jazz. Crystal Hazel, this track is for you.

Description : A delve into some jazz, thank you to Patricia Edwards for the vocals, a bit of 'Arcade' on the sax.

Description : Jazz Brass

Description : jazz game

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 2.43 MB | Mixcraft

Description : lofi/jazz type of track

Tags : | Rock | 2.19 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Telecaster into Motu M4
Amp and cab sims/ effects come with Logic
-cleans were Large Tweed and Studio amp
-rhythm was Modern American head
-Lead was Vintage British head
-gates, flangers, comps, eq's, and treble boosts were used on rhythm/ lead
-used 2Nick8 "Enigma" beat for clean section and "Enigma" / "Back to me"combined for distorted section. Chopped them for the transition

Tags : | Jazz | 3.94 MB | Has Lyrics | Mixcraft

Description : Light Jazz

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : jazz sample

Description : Started out trying to do something in the style of the great Fela Kuti (hence the title) but ended up with this - go figure. Lyrics, vox and keyboards me. Bass/drum loops psychohtropic circle and planet jazz. If anyone wants to try a vocal or anything else let me know.

Description : vocalist where are you?

Tracks 1 - 25 of 957
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