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Description : Playing with melodies and riffs and patches and whatever else.

Description : This Melody is a combination of Nigerian type Afro Swing beat But It's a little AFRO hip-hop type.

Instrument, Strom Guitar, & Vox, Bpm95 keyDm

Description : Afrobeat type vibes

Description : Afropop Drum Loop.

Tags : | Afrobeat | 1.12 MB | FL Studio

Description : Afro Pop Drum Mixed Loop: made with HIP Kick, HIP Snare4&8 HIP hat5 RD Shaker, 12-inch tom3, collider sub conga1&2.

Description : composition sur la voix de MansaWorld
merci a lui

Tags : | Afrobeat | 1.29 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hip Hop/Old School 808 & HIP hit Afrobeat mix loop..

Description : I will not fear because God walks with me and I'm never alone.

Description : produced by me.

Description : Amin 94BPM
Go Nuts and Happy New Year

Tags : | Afrobeat | 8.86 MB | Cubase

Description : Myra Kain - Somebody Else (T's Factory remix)
117 bpm

Drum loops: Afrobeat drumloop davido x wizkid type-Yemi (Negusfirst)

Description : nice amapiano beat inspired by davido and asake ..send me a message if interessted

Description : Distant echoes far away, yet so close. Just made this afrobeat this morning and I think it's fire.
I might stick to afro by the sound of this.
Still using LMMS though. How is this DAW free?

Description : this track is free Crush - Nick Gift featuring Frank Zozky anyone who wants to work with me email me on my ig at Nick_gift_bw

Description : My first afrobeat.

Description : Guitar by Skiwyy. Click profile pic to follow on social media for all uploads.

Description : AFROBEAT production from Paris. We are looking for professional topline for our projects. All topline validated will open a collaboration.
Good recording quality is essential.
THANKS!! insta 35_degres_sud_

Tags : | Afrobeat | 5.25 MB | FL Studio

Description : Afro beat that gets me in the feels

Description : i dedicate this track to everybody who as ever given me advice or their time either listening or commenting. this is for you, i love you all and invite you round my place. im spreading more happy, i put alot into the vocal processing and think its a huge improvement SWITCH IT UP :))
(lyric sheet is available)

Description : In a harmonious blend of captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, "My Way" takes you on a journey of personal empowerment and embracing individuality. The song celebrates the strength to break free from societal expectations and forge your own unique path.

Description : hi guys so thought I'd try a little afrobeat/swing, with a bit of rap spreading some dimestop love, dont be afraid, show yourself, believe in you. this was a free beat off YouTube pumped it up a bit added soundgoodizers and overdrive some transient processing and a frequency splitter. this is all about brand dimestop :)) nowt new there. lyrics are available

Description : Afrobeat reggaeton

Tags : | Afrobeat | 3.97 MB | FL Studio

Description : New beat.

Description : afrobeat
natjamesworld 1540447

Description : sch/morad type beat

Tracks 1 - 25 of 118