Track Upload Guidelines

In order to keep the tracks section organised we set out the following track upload guidelines.

Please take a moment to read and understand these guidelines to avoid having your tracks suspended.

Read the terms & conditions

If you are planning on posting your tracks first and foremost, make sure you read and fully understand the terms and conditions that you will be agreeing to and your responsibilities.

How do I upload tracks, Im not allowed

Unlike the loops and acapellas sections there are just a few reasons why you may not be able to upload tracks.

Once you have dealt with the points above its just a case of clicking the Upload Track link in the sub navigation bar in the tracks section.

Copyright, is this 100 % your own work ?

We do not allow tracks that contain any material that may be in breach of copyright. This includes but not limited to clips from tv / films, samples from other peoples tracks or acapellas.

Tracks containing acapellas from looperman

If you are posting a track that contains an acapella that has been uploaded to the acapellas area make sure to post a link to the acapella in the description of your track. This not only helps to give exposure to the original uploader but it could also prevent your track (and possibly your account) from being wrongly suspended for breach of copyright.

Diss / battle tracks are not welcome

We don't want to hear your beef with someone else. There are plenty of sites that allow these tracks so upload them there instead.

Tracks that contain content which could be deemed as racist, threatening or that contain hate speech are not welcome

We don't allow the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.

Remixes, mashups or cover versions are not allowed

All of these type of tracks would be seen as a breach of copyright and so are strictly not allowed.

Use standard formatting in title and description

By this we mean don't post everything in CAPS, create unnecessary line breaks or use non standard characters etc. Just use plain English and make it easy for everyone to read.

Don't spam the description with unrelated keywords / tags

While you may think its a great idea to post every popular tag / keyword in the description to get your files found it becomes worthless if everyone does it. Its also wont make you popular with people trying to find certain tracks when your unrelated file shows up. We'll reject uploads that post spam tags so make sure the description is relevant to your file and post no more than 5 keywords or tags.

Don't post links or promotion in the description

Don't use the description area to post links to your soundcloud, facebook page, twitter, instagram account etc, try and sell things or post anything other than a description of the track. Any files that do this are blocked and you no longer have access to upload.

Don't use the description to try and sell things / do business

Again, using the description as a means to try and do business, sell things is seen as spam and will see the file rejected. If you want to advertise contact google and pay for an ad.

Don't use bad language in title or description

This site is used by a broad range of people of all ages and in a multitude of settings. Tracks with descriptions or titles that contain swearing or offensive text will be rejected and your account may be suspended.

Where a track may contain material that could be classed as "adult" in nature please be sure to set that option in the upload form to pre warn other users that the track may be NSFW.

Don't post lyrics in the description field

We provide a separate field for you to post your lyrics so please don't post them in the description area.

Use the Featured Tracks option

Get your tracks noticed by making use of the "Featured Track" option when you upload. For more information on how this works see the tracks section of the help area

Read the FAQs for more help

This post is mainly a guide on how to upload and what you should and shouldn't do. For help with some common questions please take a look at the tracks section of the help area.