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Tags : | Chill Out | 5.08 MB | Featured
Description : enjoy the summer
Description : Hey guys, this is a rap beat i made, it's in the style of Boef (a dutch rapper) But i still need a rapper, hit me up!!
Description : Proper summer house tune! Loving it :) Was a lot of fun making this :>
Tags : | Electronic | 5.74 MB | Featured
Description : Sorry, i have been inactive in the Looperman community. Here is what i am lately up to. Have fun! I have Ableton Live 9 Standard, Sylenth1, and Massive now. Needs fixing up. Used fully with Auxy Music Studio from the app store!
Description : I wanted to wait to post this, but here's some music that's more hyped up, energetic, and fun. This is my official lead single to an upcoming album I'll release probably in the summer. This song was worked on SOO hard and is much more professional than my first singles and songs from my debut album "Newstalgia", so please give it a listen. The vocals are mixed to the best standard they can be, the song was mastered professionally, and I even sampled a few loops from Cameo's "Rigor Mortis", hence the name Back 2 tha Roots. Since this is my official single, it's available everywhere including itunes, google play, spotify, etc. Please support a brotha lol! And as always, let me know what you think! Any advice or compliments are appreciated:)! PS if you want to add annotations to my songs on GENIUS go ahead!
Tags : | Fusion | 7.27 MB | Featured
Description : This track is a contender in the "Midisparks Winter Composers Contest". If you want, you can vote for it here: Thank you! As usual, contains only free loops from Enjoy! Applied loops (fully or partially): MINOR2GO: 0159051-0022612 (You are hope), 0159051-0024717 (Sound of the street - Only Buzzer), 0159051-0028436 (Summer Rap - Summer Pads), 0159051-0031469 (Power Rap T7 - Marimba), 0159051-0037335 (Your Effect - Loud Siren), DJ_FRED_VAL:0002663-0007540 (FV 120 BackBeat2), 0002663-0007541 (FV 120 BackBeat3), 0002663-0007542 (FV 120 BackBeat4), CENTRIST: 0079105-0054669 (Hell on Earth - Bass Breakdown), 0079105-0054678 (Hell on Earth - Bass Chorus) JENSMUSE: 1352219-0078016 (Koto Atmosphere1), 1352219-0086909 (Taisho Koto Chord Sequence), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0003762 (2 Harps 104), 0071878-0006802 (Harp 96 slowly), WATERSHED: 0011598-0000547 (Acoustic Kit 002), 0011598-0000548 (Acoustic Kit 003), PLANETJAZZBASS: 0111346-0014561 (Frontal Lobe), 0111346-0015058 (The Beautiful Woman), GREGMEG: 0108738-0003890 (marimba harp duo), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0035446 (Harp Loop Godiego), BCBEAT06: 0233587-0084507 (Enchantment exotic harp), DOZYDEVIL: 0668753-0057679 (No feelings no more), CHRISBEATS2012: 0664534-0053624 (live drums), BRADOSANZ: 1414881-0085518 (Acoustic Kit - Straight N Easy), SAVIOVFX: 0997272-0081251 (Harp loop), JULIETSTARLING: 1250729-0084837 (Nallahalla - Trap Harp), SERIALCHILLER: 0000003-0000058 (Chilla Acid De La Playa Bass), DJMFL: 0757586-0077505 (letter to bass), EVISMA: 0951439-0067085 (Chordal Bassline 3).
Tags : | Dance | 3.16 MB | Colab Request
Description : Basically a Gaming Song
Description : A Song From My Unreleased Album "Young Man Old Ways" Dropping Summer 17'
Tags : | House | 5.52 MB
Description : A vibin tropical summer tune that is simply amazing A big shout out goes to 7venth12 anubis exfain skraxx mcjonny and danke for their amazing sounds that you hear in the song Feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions They are always valued
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.83 MB
Description : hip-hop instrumental
Tags : | Cinematic | 9.25 MB
Description : Hey there!! Here is "A Scandinavian Dream", an awesome soundtrack I made with Musescore on 26 and 27 november 2016. It begins with a solo piano accompanied by an acute sound of percussion which will play along the first parts of the music. Then, the orchestra arrives, composed of violins, violas, cello, flute, oboe, solo violin and cello, percussion, drums, taiko drums... **The lands of Scandinavia, Shelter some treasures That nobody has seen. This music will lead you To these fantasy places Where the snow and freeze Stay forever on summer green lands** Hope this music will lead you to these places. Me, I'm looking forward going there to realize that gorgeous dream.
Tags : | House | 8.75 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Vocals are from Calvin Harris - Summer. Enjoy :)
Description : Some positive and intellectual waves to your mind and soul, as a Respect for kotton MouthKings and 4:20 time.Smoke some before listen and feel.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.20 MB
Description : old school funky summer vibe
Tags : | Jazz | 5.82 MB
Description : Kind of a 60s throwback instrumental I put together to say goodbye to the summer.
Tags : | House | 15.10 MB | Featured
Description : Deep house mix of my own production. Hope u enjoy! VanillaRED
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.10 MB
Description : Yes my little beat junkie children, its another track from the me. Sorry i cant help it...this summer has been crazy for me and new tracks..the funky creative bug sank his teeth deep. please please leave a comment...positive or negative, everybodys music experience is different, ya dig? if you do then you can download it if u want. and yes there is more on the way very soon... Peace Dj Swindla aka mike
Description : Hope u like my song :D
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.25 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Acoustic banger to a tough summer
Tags : | Electronic | 14.22 MB
Description : Hey guys! So this is my new track Shine. Its kind of a tropical-ish track. I've tried to blend many instruments together to get that summer feel. I hope y'all enjoy the song. ALso, I'd love to have your support! SC : FB : Thankyou!:)
Tags : | Moombahton | 2.48 MB
Description : I'm not sure if I will release this as a track, I just need guidance and feedback on the vocal chops on this song. I've been experimenting for a while on it, and your input might help me out. Thanks again!
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.81 MB
Description : If youre reading this then you are part of the resistance..Heres a track i made recently that has had over the top response but no one has been able to hear the full track.....until now. i felt that the best crowd to drop it to would be the online fam that always paid attention to my stuff and was always supportive. I have to warn you..its faster, its louder and it may be dark but not nearly as much as usual. i dont know if i'm gonna keep going this direction but i had this song crawl out of me and i had to give you a shot to listen. thanks for everything this summer my online fam..and look forward to much much much more from me very soon. Peace Mike aka Dj Swindla As usual, crank this mother up...but be warned it may cause everything
Tags : | Chill Out | 8.31 MB | Featured
Description : First track, tropical house/ summer feel to it. Hope you enjoy!
Tags : | Deep House | 4.57 MB
Description : This project started off as a deep house track, but I changed my mind halfway through completion and turned it into a tropical house track. Feedback is appreciated! -FunFun
Tags : | Deep House | 1.36 MB
Description : A work in progress track, it will be released on my soundcloud soon, give me some tips on what I should work on! Original song by Zerol Feat. Demi Vera - Summer(This Love)
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