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Description : If you use these vocals without a license YOU MUST name "Michael Mayo - W.U.I.M.L (Yourname Remix)"


If you want to get a license message me on my website or social media

(c) 2019 Michael Mayo

Description : D-Minor Scale/Chromatic

Giving a Bibilical Reference of "Parting Ways Like Sea"
Comparing it with the Distance between us. It's an expression where two people who are not supposed to be separated are separated.

Description : Part of a vocal sketch in progress..

wet and dry

Description : *please play at a low volume then raise. might be loud *** curious to see wht you may come up with this. all vocals. kind of a soul song, tribal feels. hope you enjoy :) pls send me the link if you make something of this ^_^
#Tribal #chill #soul

Description : First part wet layered second part dry split

Description : Cover song. Wet only. Get your original artiste cover license please.

Description : 2 MCs, 2 verses + 2 hooks. The language is french, but the idea is international. 91 bpm. The crew is called Degats Rap.

Description : I love this song..brings me back aaahh.Please get your own commercial license for this song it is a cover version.

Description : If you use Must put Ft. Michael Mayo

Vocals and back ups broken up (You will need to cut and paste how you want the song)

To use commercially or put on apple music, spotify etc visit to license the vocals!

Description : Dancehall/soca vibe

Description : I wrote a short time ago

Description : Non commercial use only. Animal rights demonstration. New Bond Street, London. 11th August 2019

Description : 2 MCs, 2 verses, 90 bpm. The language is french, but the idea is international. The crew is called Degats Rap.

Description : Wet only

Description : This acapella is NOT for commercial use, Spotify, iTunes etc.. But if you want to use it for commercial/profit use, YOU HAVE TO contact me before using. Unauthorised commercial usage will result in a takedown. You are allowed to upload on Soundcloud and YouTube for non-profit.

My email is on my profile.
Please send me your links, I would love to listen to what you have made.

Soundcloud: Cole The VII

Description : Just messing around

Description : 2 MCs, 3 verses. The language is french, but the idea is international. The name of the crew is "Dégâts Rap". 94 bpm.

Description : 2 MCs, 2 verses, about what capitalism makes to our lives.

Description : Remix it and please post link in description if used.
With PEAСE&RESPECT for all World from RUSSIA.

Description : F Minor Key, Sad Love Song in Urdu and English both.

Description : if you use lemme see

Description : listen & enjoy

Description : God bless the helpful..Sync with my beat same name..(Wet and dry)

Description : let me know if you use this

Description : lemme seee when u done

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 8784
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