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Description : Follow up to the last beat I posted on here. A "B side," if you will. The verse is F & D minor & the chorus is in F lydian. I screwed around with this beat so goddamn much I was about to platz. At least I got the chorus to sound like a goddamn chorus.

Description : A song about remembering those who've lost their lives from covid, the doctors and nurses, meat packing plant workers, workers in warehouses and stores.... maybe even you have a job that puts you in harm's way. These folks make it possible for us to survive, unfortunately too many have died doing their jobs. Such an avoidable, tragic loss of life. Acoustic rock with some harmonica.

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Description : One of our songs created by my friend Paul Calcano. PCP is

Paul Calcano -guitars
Mike Mikalunis - drums
SunFace - bass and vocals

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Description : riffs noodles n beats, through a couple changes, from house/funk to metal and back...enjoy.

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Description : hell is for all the q-anon proud boy ass-hats standing by in the dark. they'll fall with their leader.

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Description : i added a bass line on my 6 string electric guitar useing loose bass efect boss pedal aded a wah pedal digitec pedal at end and cut off the feed back at end

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Description : Yes Folks, it´s getting closer to Halloween. One scary year indeed. So I give to you this year a more upbeat yet somber tune.

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Description : As close to adult contemporary, soft rock as CBC is ever going to get. The vocals are from a vocal pack I've had since forever. The key is Eb melodic minor with a chord interchange for the bridge. There's shifting thirds in the chord progression which I emphasized by running a separate track of just thirds so it would stand out. I had some difficulty with abrasive frequencies from the lead guitar. Mixing this was a bit of a bear because of that.

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Description : Eddie Van Halen Influenced me as a Keyboardist to do solos as he did as a guitarist. This song celebrates that ethos. I always wanted my synth solos to be as grand as his guitar solos. This tune I made while chatting with my friend and amazing classical composer Rachel Nussbaumer, back in 1998. I played this with my left hand on a keyboard that was made for windows 98, while chatting on AOL with my right hand. he was an influence and a great musician and artist and will be missed.

Description : Rock/Metal I needed to finish it but magix crashed and this butthead didn't save it :(

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Description : Бит в стиле рок

Description : The drama never ends in my country, sad. Change is on the horizon if we want it bad enough. Acoustic rock with some clips from within Ableton. Could probably use some electric guitar or something else to help fill it a bit more but it is fine without it. Pushed the glue compressor a little more than usual on the master channel, Lemme know if it's too much.

Description : Trying to express feelings accompanying love: this one is infatuation, fascination in other person.

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Description : was working on a part3 to somthing and stumbled onto this playing all guitars there is no bass in this song playing rythem with low end of metal end pedal leads im useing a tremlo pedal mic useing various efects voice pedal no amp just pedals into soundcard

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Description : 1 of 3 songs from our EP Demo 'Neon Black'. Title is Time Takes Its Toll. Listen and feel free to share your thoughts.

Neon Black is:
Mark Hernandez - Drums
Michael Todd - Bass
Paul Calcano - lead and rhythm guitar
Cara De Sol - lead and rhythm guitar, vocals

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Description : I am Vkontakte- greco_standart (id)
Hi to all my friends!Recently, I was puzzled to make my own mix for this group.I really like their style but most of all I like when there are such instruments in the music as bass Guitar and Drums..I decided to write everything with a clean slate!I have not taken anywhere from the Internet ready-made material as many do and give it "for their own" !I worked all week and wrote parts such as-Drum kit (drums),live bass guitar and other

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Description : A friend of mine said this beat reminded him of the oldie, Telstar by the Tornados. (Telstar reached the billboard #1 spot in 1962. Possibly the only instrumental with an organ lead that ever did.) Synthmaster, Massive, Tal NoiseMaker & Izotope Iris 2 are the synths I used. You can get synthmaster player for free from plugin boutique. They're selling Iris 2 for 10 measly bucks as well. For 10 clams, Iris 2 is some synth man.

Description : Selfmade music by me.
!!"If you want to use this melody please tag my Instagram account " nurcankurt_music " and let me hear or see what you make with it :)"!!

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Description : Guitar instrumental. The lead guitar is Evolution Strawberry, the rhythm is Electric Sunburst. Synthmaster player, Izotope Iris, Exhale, Microtonic & Waves Bass Fingers are all the plugins used.

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Description : Wrote and sang tis to a Hendrix style jam track by Now You Shred Key E Dorian (Youtube)
both wet and dry acapella on the same line 2 sections
Looped my vocals coz i didnt write more verses..

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Description : “The Open Road is Calling” written by NOS MO KING - Thomas Morris - vocals - lead guitars - Bill ( Bilbozo ) Smith - guitars - Dan Dube - keys - Scott Macleod - bass - Kevin (Buddrummming) Marcy - drums - lyrics - Luke Davison - lyrics - Farrell Jackson - lyrics - Morris Avrashi - lyrics -music arranged by Bilbozo - produced & engineered by Bilbozo & Buddrumming recorded at Hidden Mission Studios & Buddrumming Studios - Nanaimo, BC Canada 2020

Description : Acoustic folk rock song with my new Martin D10, Fender Jazz bass, some singing and whistling and EZ Drummer on the skins.

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Description : Check out my Lyric Music Video to a scene compilation from Joker the Movie
search 2nick8 joker on youtube
- Song 3 from A Beautiful Dream Album
An upcoming Multi-Genre Album by Madkat and 2Nick8.
A Beautiful Dream - is a delicious variety of tracks from Indie, Pop, Funk, Rap, Rock, Reggae and more by the same artistes
Madkat - Composer / producer from France
Composition, production & arrangements
2Nick8 - Singer / songwriter from Singapore

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Description : im playing all guitar bass as real instruments playing drums as vst instrument midi keybord never gona beat the original just having fun with it a little bit difernt forgot to mention im playing in tuneing of low e string is d sharp a string=g sharp d= c sharp g = f sharp b= a sharp high e = d sharp that my guitar tunining here where as nirvana would be standerd eadgbe

Tags : | Rock | 5.48 MB | Featured | Studio One

Description : The first track of our new project called Nos Mo King. The boyz in the band hope you enjoy "The Open Road is Calling". For those who like Fast Cars, Girls and Rock ! Turn it up.

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