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Tags : | Rock | 1.65 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : i wrote this song on mustang squire

Tags : | Rock | 5.53 MB | FL Studio

Description : Demo version
VST only used

Help me come up with a title for the track

Description : surf rock on my jaguar guitar playing bass and rythem lead dick dale wrote halfpipe this isnt that this is halfpipe turn means Turn yourself sidewalls and remain parallel to the tip of the halfpipe surfing

Description : the genre is surf surf is music with alot of springy reverb and bending twangs from whamy bar im playing bass on a squire jaguar guitar im playing guitar on a squire jaguar i sing some weird volcals drums are by drumer four forty four on the floor his real drum beats can be found on youtube

Description : I used some drums called Santa Fe in EZ Drummer so this one has that southwest feel. Bass, electric guitars, drums with some singing. A song about a guy, down on his luck, living a tough life.

Tags : | Rock | 9.48 MB | FL Studio

Description : midrange guitar after a long break. Do not regret mistakes and appreciate the experience gained from them

Tags : | Rock | 5.05 MB | Studio One

Description : A metal/techno rock song that I made using Studio One 5. Curious to see if anyone can add to it and improve. Its an original song played and written by me. No vocals in the song, just instrumental.

Tags : | Rock | 6.19 MB | Mixcraft

Description : day 6 few enjoy :)

the other day i put up a track for Jynxz but it was the wrong one we both seem to hear floyd in everything here you go man :)

Tags : | Rock | 12.46 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : Pink Floyd Cover by Mouss Kerr & aud-rey

Tags : | Rock | 10.41 MB | FL Studio

Description : Unconcern

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Track Name (YOUR NAME HERE & Vitali Kravtsov)

Description : A rock song towards the alt/rock/punk end of things. Squire strat electric guitars, Jaco Jazz bass, EZ Drummer and some singing. About the rough start to this year.

Tags : | Rock | 2.95 MB | Has Lyrics | Reason

Description : Acapellas found here on looperman by sergiyaro

Tags : | Rock | 1.22 MB | FL Studio

Description : J-Pop / J-Rock Guitar for Flow, Asian Kung-Fu Generation..
Anime Opening Style :)

Tags : | Rock | 7.45 MB | FL Studio

Description : Mini Passage
My another demo draft track
Work in progress ;)

Description : Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drums and some singing and a few effects. Do some people really get abducted by alien spacecraft? They claim to have and tell some interesting stories about their experience.

Tags : | Rock | 2.04 MB | FL Studio

Description : J-Pop / J-Rock Guitar for Flow, Asian Kung-Fu Generation..
Anime Opening Style :)

Tags : | Rock | 9.45 MB | Samplitude

Description : Ein bluesiger geradlieniger langsamer Popsong mit einem tolle Saxsolo. Danke Mr. Douthit fuer das Saxsolo und Gynni fuer das Piano. Viel Spass damit

A bluesy straight slow pop song with a great sax solo. Thank you Mr. Douthit for the sax solo and Gynni for the piano. Have fun with it

Description : A lighthearted look at the space shuttle, Richard Feynman, american oligarchs and the Jetsons. Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drums, singing a couple effects and a title of a lecture on youtube to watch Richard Feynman talk about Los Alamos while building the first atomic bomb, funny stuff.

Tags : | Rock | 7.66 MB | Cubase

Description : pop/punk/rock song

Description : An original old school song.

Tags : | Rock | 6.08 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Demo Draft #2

Tags : | Rock | 4.69 MB | FL Studio

Description : Dedicated to my former compatriots

For my greate Ukraine

Name the remix as follows:

Memory Away UA (YOUR NAME HERE & Vitali Kravtsov)

Description : Pop/rock song with some piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and some singing. A song about what I want.

Tags : | Rock | 3.76 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Free for non profit use only

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Description : It is a deathcore track I've made now that I am working on learning to reach that low basey heavy tune. I am just trying the learn about the genre in general.

The screams are made by AxonRise and I ran them through a guitar amp to get them a bit more screechy and gritty.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3617