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Tags : | Rock | 12.47 MB | Reaper

Description : Marillion song Enjoy bb xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 5.34 MB | Featured | Mixcraft

Description : I recorded this in one take, no real editing with volume or effects to much. I mainly did it because I recorded the guitar and singing at same time to try new stuff . pretty raw but some people like that!

Description : symphonic metal

Tags : | Rock | 9.64 MB | Reaper

Description : Dream Theater song

Description : It's a first demo. Lyrical content could be considered controversial by some. It doesn't sound like what's typically on looperman either. Then again, what do I ever do that does?

Tags : | Rock | 5.47 MB | Reaper

Description : Its just i give a respect to one of the most Person in the world who will be all the time all over the world Unique and untoucheble with his talent and for you babe xxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 9.97 MB | Reaper

Description : Some energy for you babe xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Description : this is a rock track looking for collab

Tags : | Rock | 10.85 MB | Reaper

Description : one of the most beautiful songs for you bb i love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 11.52 MB | Reaper

Description : Just wrote my lyric and sung my way

Tags : | Rock | 10.16 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Thanks Freddy for his talent!

Description : Instrumental Produced by LoLa
Mastered by Yung Fortnite Flex in FL Studio 12
Inspiration from artist XXXTentacion's track titled "KING"

Description : guitar-piano-synth based song

Tags : | Rock | 8.48 MB | Ableton Live

Description : A cover of the Uncle Tupelo song from the 90's written by Jeff Tweedy, now of Wilco fame. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass, drums and some singing. A song about someone who wrongly predicted a geological calamity in the town of New Madrid, Missouri. One of my favs from this band!

Tags : | Rock | 1.02 MB | Logic Pro

Description : I ended up never using this, so here it is if you want it

Description : working on it with someone this was too show how music was made to fit lyrics I know I cant sing my guitars do that for me so this is for some one who can as we rebuild this song

Tags : | Rock | 5.63 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : cover of LACUNA COIL

Description : The first track I sing on. Cheap stage mic & no fancy plugins. Heavily guitar laden to the point it's got a bit of a shoegaze thing going on. I pulled the lyrics out of my ass & yes, they're a bit silly.

Tags : | Rock | 9.24 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : This song is a bit heavier than the original. A hard rock version of this popular tune from the 80's. I found the acapella for this and I couldn't resist playing around with this one. It was pretty satisfying therapy on guitar. Comments welcome

Tags : | Rock | 2.90 MB | Ableton Live

Description : A bit of dirty rock chords.

Description : here im just playing around in an istrumentle way with a oldie but goody song I wrote early early 90s wich still play a lot today the original is way slower lyrics were If you walk ill walk with you if you talk ill copy you if you run ill run with you having me arounds like having the flu im playing electric guitar and electric bass song is about being so into somebody your cramping their styal smothering them making them uncomfortabal and pushing them away

Description : A song about a train, Jimmy on guitar and his life long friend Billy experimenting with an old Kalamazoo lap steel, a late addition. Fender Tele through a Fender Princeton. I attribute two train loops by Daniel Simion at Soundbible. The third train sound is a guitar loop with effects. I play the bass, sing, acoustic guitar, wrote, arranged and mixed it. Might have the singer in Jim's bluegrass band redo the vox at some point.

Tags : | Rock | 4.16 MB | Studio One

Description : Thanks for the loop!

Description : like I like I like ahh you yea like ahh like you like me too yea 2times I like you you like me too lets catch a movie and then go home and screw this can be just like a dream come true cause I like you and you like me too come over here a little closer take off your dress give me a kiss lets turn out the light and doo it all night cause I like you you like me too --oh yea yea you like me too -lyrics- im playing bass and guitar

Description : Apple loops and M-AUDIO Keystation mini32

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