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Tags : | Rock | 6.97 MB | Featured

Description : Firtst time when i upload track with only my voices

Tags : | Rock | 9.16 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : Fun uplifting tune I produced last weekend A lot of different guitar tones from clean to heavy with some fun shreddage to push on the groove. No sleep but I think it came out solid. Happy music production and let the music flow. Peace

Tags : | Rock | 2.67 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : original ROCKER

Description : We are but a spark in time. Lets make the best of it.

To collab on this track, hit me up at JUAN.NDV GMAIL.COM

My music production IG is "NOODLE BOONN".

Tags : | Rock | 1.83 MB | Featured

Description : im playing a 60£ guitar thru a 39 £ amp im beat boxing the bass sounds needs more practice but thought id share im singing too im playing the low end guitar tru a biyang 39£ crunch pedal you dont need to spend mony on false advertiment that makes mony off your intrest just need to play your thing on any thing
me a strong beliver inthat and can tell you i can do better on the cheaper then most exspensive kit with over head to pay at your cost

Tags : | Rock | 3.91 MB | Featured | Cubase

Description : rock song

Tags : | Rock | 2.53 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : wrote this today in 20 minutes after some FaceBook guy took exception to my distaste for that Folky-slop that passes for music these days

Tags : | Rock | 2.69 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Original Blues-Rock

Description : (old track) Made with my ex rock band.

Tags : | Rock | 3.47 MB | Acid Pro

Description : my take on a great tune by the Fab Four

I do not own this song

Tags : | Rock | 10.64 MB | Samplitude

Description : beautiful rock ballad
Thanks for your voice and the lyrics Ratsouk!

моя мечта

очень красивая рок-баллада
Спасибо за ваш голос, Рацук и тексты песен

Tags : | Rock | 11.48 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Take 2 Instrumental Rockesk
Drums CyberSticks
Bass Smokey joe Cyber
Rhythm Guitar small part Cyber fandango
Lead Guitar after a very very long time Cyberfingers.
Fx and all the rest cyberflares
Special Looperman Guest as follows.
Guitar & Piano loop BowieB
Reversed piano abelouis

Tags : | Rock | 9.74 MB | Sonar

Description : Instrumental

Tags : | Rock | 4.07 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : original blues/rock tune

Description : BXCK62100001
Ancient is a symphonic metal project. Inspired by Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Floor Jansen (nightwish). "Return to the Light" is the track in which he wakes up in the underworld after the ritual of opening the mouth of the mummy.

Description : Instrumental

Tags : | Rock | 3.87 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : a Doo-Wop original I took advice from topclass and added two more verse, suffled the backing around a bit

Description : Emo/ Alternative Song

Tags : | Rock | 9.50 MB | FL Studio

Description : Say goodbye to Rock from this year.
I wish everyone a Boldg New Year.

Tags : | Rock | 5.54 MB | Studio One

Description : acoustic guitars and bass

Description : it's synth rock, since it tries to emulate rock or heavy metal using synths

Tags : | Rock | 4.42 MB | Studio One

Description : Thanks for the loops!

Tags : | Rock | 4.65 MB | Colab Request

Description : it's synth rock, since it tries to emulate rock or heavy metal using synths

Tags : | Rock | 4.38 MB | Studio One

Description : Thanks for the loop!

Tags : | Rock | 8.76 MB | Featured

Description : Hello all...It's been a minute since I've uploaded to this WONDERFUL music community. Welcome to all the newcomers.

I would like to introduce my husband Robert who is the very gifted guitarist in this track which in our opinion describes what our world is going through at this time. Hope you enjoy.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3495
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