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Description : This track reminds me of the choir marching in
through the church congregation, singing and clapping to songs that got everyone pumped up and primed for the Minister.
It was always very festive.
I needed some "Funky Guitar"and Micky came through for me.
I also got some sound Sculpting help for the Drums
from MT77
I appreciate the help I got from them on this track. I learn something new from them every chance I get.


Tags : | Chill Out | 7.16 MB | Cubase

Description : chill out

Description : Vocals by Amaymon
Loops: Guitar - MetalEd; Drums - anchor and avidlife; Choir - Beginzbeats and PLFROG
Poem reading: Basil Rathbone

Watch my youTube channel for this song's music video (see profile)

Description : Used 3 piano loops from - VictorDollas
1 vocal choir loop from - 8oglock
Check them out!
Thanks for the samples guys

Your usual UK underground/drill

Description : 120BPM, Created at Home Studio and used Looperman Member Fanisha's "Bells Choir". No hardware used. Changed the original pitch a little. All loop is kept as it is. Fabfilter Pro Q3, Maximus MBC, Tonal Balance Control2. Youlean Loudness Meter. Fresh Air, Fabfilter Saturn, Fruity Soft Clipper are used.

Description : -)
Now it´s almost one year of making music and I made a track for my wife. She doesn´t really like my music only a few of my tracks. So it was a challenge for me to make something what she likes. What do you think?

Addendum: She likes it ;)

It´s a loopmix with sample vocals. Choir and Strings by me (VST).

Description : 142 bpm D#
Insta Prodbyfln for collab
Les pistes sont séparées afin que vous puissiez faire ce que vous voulez avec.
Envoyez moi ce que vous avez fait avec par mail, visitez mon profil.

Tags : | Hardcore | 8.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : Fresh track and I'm quite happy for how this came to be. Exept the fact that this took way too long to make.
This song has been over a month in a making, got delayed because my crap laptop reseting my progress, I wasn't in a zone to try again but finally it's done after many, many attempts.

Loops used: Cinematic sad choir by TimiBeats
Techno siren by Rogue Ai
What is anger audio by Family TLC

Sit back, relax and enjoy these wonderful and soothing beats.

Description : Epic music electro philarmonique
Vst used
8dio rytmic aura
Sonkinetic hipps
Eastwest : choir and vibes

Description : Hey it's captain sour.. You are now enjoying a grande tasty burgley.. The choir loops are the bunnies, the emo guitar is the burger, the blueish drums are the toppers and the third semi-choir that appears on every eighth note is the secret sauce.. This is an Attack on Titan Type Beat and I've been serving anime vibes since 99' Enjoy!

Tags : | Trap | 7.23 MB | Soundtrap

Description : Free to use :)

Description : Here's an instrumental i made for the pop listeners , made this with guitar , choir , piano ,drums...
feel free to make it yours
let me hear your thoughts on comments..

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.96 MB | FL Studio

Description : Classic hip-hop track for hip-hop purists.

The track contains a kick, snare, hi-hats, pianoo, choir voices and a subtle bassline.

For the mix i mostly just used EQ and compression on the master track to glue everything together. Nothing fancy.

Let me know what you think about when you listen to the track?

Any suggestion or criticism is welcome! Enjoy and there is a free download for MC's that hear "voices" on this beat and want to record :)

Peace i'm out..

Description : a little rough around in the edges but it can be re-written to suit you I just ask that you don't cuss or say anything rude.... how I did it is on my sound cloud profile....but you can hear the mic hiss and also the levels on the vocals are not right..hope you enjoy it....

Description : This piece calls out to the potential hero in all of us. This piece is different from my other works. I am playing most of the instruments on my virtual synth. This includes the choir. The back ground oohs and ahh of the choir is me on my synth but the other voices that sound like soloist are loop recordings. The entire peace is original(note for note) written by me.

Description : choir, drum bass and guitars

Tags : | Trap | 5.57 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Trap choir

Description : Let me know what you think. Connect me at

Description : A dark haunting heavy drum and bass track.

#drum & bass
#trip hop

Tags : | Trip Hop | 1.71 MB | FL Studio

Description : Dark heavy track. The feeling the compounding effects of humanity and impending doom

#Drum n Bass
#Trip Hop
#D minor
#Hip Hop

Tags : | Trip Hop | 1.31 MB | FL Studio

Description : a quick short song dedicated in the memory of my best friend and soul-brother. On July 31,2020 he unsuited his soul from his physical being and vacated this Earth. Will will forever be loved and missed my friend.

#Drum n Bass
#Trip Hop
#D minor
#Hip Hop

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.14 MB | Cubase

Description : This "Trailer" style track features big war drums, massive hits, fast staccato strings, ending with a crescendo of choir chants and big brass horns. It could work nice as a trailer or for a fight scene perhaps. Inbox me if you would like to use it. peace

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.69 MB | FL Studio

Description : мрачный хор

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.71 MB | Mixcraft

Description : ... i put a lot of effort in this beat, if you use it feel free to share your result!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.70 MB | FL Studio

Description : I've started doing alot more beats as well as my usual stuff and got plenty more on the way!

Hope you enjoy this little beat i put together sounds a 'bit' like The Game - Ali Bomaye


Tracks 1 - 25 of 309
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