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Tags : | Electronic | 1.86 MB
Description : This is a sample from the original track. The full WAV version is available via my SoundCloud profile. There's a link to it on my profile page. Cheers.
Tags : | Pop | 5.02 MB | Featured
Description : Game/Pop featuring Steklo. Many Thanks to Steklo for uploading this amazing vocal sample. please take a moment to listen to the original
Tags : | Dance | 1.89 MB | Adult Content
Description : This is a sample from the original track. Please feel free to check out the full WAV version on my SoundCloud profile. There's a link to it on my profile page. Thanks.
Description : Simple sample flip. Hip-hop/rap instrumental beat. Please let me know if you like the first snare or second snare better.
Tags : | Chill Out | 7.45 MB | Featured
Description : Big thanks to sqrtofneg1 for letting me use his piano sample from his song 'Subtle'. Please listen to it here: Also, I need to reference this website for its cool rain and car sound. His song inspired me and I tried to make my own chill version of it. The melody reminded me of a rainy saturday evening. I have tried to make that come back in the song. I have been influenced by lofi, glitch and chill-out! Enjoy!
Description : snoop dog sample ,lil ghetto boy
Description : Dubstep or Raggastep, Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb, I used his vocal, and I made the music, thanks to Ricardo Mineiro for his reggae samples that I cut up and to some other people, if you hear parts of your sample in here let me know, Hope you like it
Tags : | Weird | 6.27 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : No Style. Piano Sample by "Greenlegend".
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.56 MB
Description : Just a little sample I threw together slams pretty hard and I hope you enjoy. My soundcloud has more snippets and full beats.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.30 MB
Description : enjoyed this sample a lot. hope you enjoy. dont forget to like and comment
Description : Death Metal/Death Core /Industrial Techno. Used a Industrial Techno sample in the middle.
Description : Death Metal/Death Core /Industrial Techno. Used a Industrial Techno sample in the middle. I have 2 versions.
Description : Been a while since I uploaded something... I just haven't been "feeling" it and I never finish my tracks. I'll try to get to work on all the other tracks. Sample is Skin by XXXTentacion X is free
Tags : | RnB | 827.82 KB | Featured
Description : Another 30 sec snippet, this one, really got me in them feelings... im telling ya. I approached this sample/loop. by the feeling and groove/vibe i was getting from this sample/loop. When listening to this sample/loop, I was taken back to the early 2000's rnb, so I was trying to go in that direction and make it sound something from that times rnb music. This sample/loop was from - Zhonzell Check him out ;)
Description : This is my new islamistep and dubstep song. I like it. You might hear one of your samples in the song. I have hundreds of samples from looperman now. So if you hear your sample cut up, or something that could have been your sample but in a different key or distorted let me know. /There is a prophecy that says an Islamic army will march from Khorasan (which is mostly in present day Afghanistan) until AlQuds. AlQuds is Jerusalem. They will cross all the countries in their way. And Allah knows best.
Tags : | Rap | 303.92 KB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Just a sample of a little something that I am working on. Looking for feedback as I haven't added much to it yet.
Tags : | Electronic | 8.70 MB
Description : I used a sample from Mykahc...Thanks!
Description : This track is part of an Album from Allen Thomas. It was fun to work with him. The piano sample in the back is cutted out of a jazz song or something like that...... i don´t remember anymore. lol
Tags : | Chill Out | 760.48 KB
Description : A little 30 seconds snippet of a beat which I made out of a sample I found on the site, so I decided to upload it here and share it everyone. Sampled used by me *SampleMADE* and uploaded by "kingmswati" check him out!
Tags : | RnB | 6.79 MB | Colab Request
Description : So far one of my favorite tracks to have produced, It was inspired by the artist Jhene Aiko, and when I heard this sample (by: dominikstyle), I just had to!
Description : Smooth Hip-Hop beat made with a sample of Paul Hardcastle - So Easy. Anyone is welcome to write to it.
Description : Sample by blackeggbeats (strings) zacwilkins (piano)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.66 MB
Description : Played in Fmin
Tags : | Rap | 4.43 MB | Colab Request
Description : Contact Aroma Mob for the version without tags: or on twitter: aroma_mob If you want to use the beat for a non-commercial purpose you can use it as long as you keep the Aroma Mob tags and you mention it is Produced By Aroma Mob. Also, put a link in the comment with the video where you used the beat or e-mail us.
Description : sample:korosh yaghmaye-Golle yakh
Tracks 1 - 25 of 2893
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