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Tags : | House | 2.65 MB | FL Studio

Description : Music made on Fl Studio 12. No copyright.

Tags : | House | 5.09 MB | Reason

Description : Minimal Tech House

Tags : | House | 1.49 MB | FL Studio

Description : A short track for an advertisement of instagram for one of my clients.

Tags : | House | 10.18 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : My third original mix: funky guitar, preacher voice and disco crowded with people @ 125 bpm. Enjoy it and thanks for listening.

Tags : | House | 3.02 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Summer inspired chill tropical house beat. plus i love palm trees, enjoy!

Tags : | House | 7.28 MB | FL Studio

Description : Vocals and Lyrics by Patricia Edwards
Instruments by Zo Indigo

Description : upbeat lively house track with great changes and big drops made from lots of loopermans top samples ..thanks to you all ..too many names to mention..

Tags : | House | 7.12 MB | Acid Pro

Description : A house hit of the 90s

Description : music made in FL, 130bpm, key of F#
lyrics by looperman-a-0411865-0012571-front-street-by-fisca-flo-ft-reno-rich

You can use my music for commercial use BUT YOU NEED TO ALSO ASK LYRICIST PERMISSION.

Description : Here I used Harmless,Sektor,Spire and Storch VSTs. This is how we get into 2019. Enjoy!

Tags : | House | 11.40 MB | Cubase

Description : Bootling.bandcamp. (you know the rest) :)

Description : Crystal Castle Original House Mix

Description : Dont know the genre. Something between electro chill, house an trance. Do somebody know?

Description : This would be my final track upload for 2018. On this track I used Tone 2 Electra,Hybrid 2 and HeatUp 3 VST Plugins on FL Studio 20.It's a Tech/House track. We dance all the way to 2019 so it fits the bill. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all and stay safe. Enjoy!

Tags : | House | 1.22 MB | FL Studio

Description : Tapping on keyboard got me this melody.

Description : Well I did this track on my first run of HeatUp3 VST plugin,when I was still testing. Due to laziness I regrettably used mostly loops in drums. I'm not proud of that and Its not one of my favorite tracks,you may have a different view and like it.If you do,then enjoy.

Tags : | House | 3.57 MB | Colab Request | Sonar

Description : Playing around with Mixcraft and came up with this. Too old to dance anymore but maybe my grands and great grands can go with this one. HAVE FUN!

Description : I did this track just a little while back,and I thought I'd just upload it today. Its a bit relaxed house tune and I used a ZT3A+2 for the main melody and all the rest is done with a Nexus 2. Enjoy!

Tags : | House | 8.60 MB | FL Studio

Description : On this dance/House track I used a little bit of HeatUp 3 and Nexus 2,have fun and enjoy.

Tags : | House | 7.98 MB | FL Studio

Description : Another track using FL Studio 20,with Nexus,Heatup3 and Realguitar plugins. Enjoy.

Description : Build track plus some vocal slicing fun...

Description : I made this remix song feat. Joseph, i hope you enjoy it.

Tags : | House | 6.67 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Let me know what you think of this one

Description : Thanks for the vocals Tony. Lemme know what yall think

Tags : | House | 4.69 MB | Has Lyrics | Cubase

Description : A chilly mood house tune

Tracks 1 - 25 of 4059
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