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Tags : | Ambient | 5.47 MB | Acid Pro

Description : looperman-l-0111346-0015306-planetjazzbass-who-beyond

Description : a Jynxz and bringerofDOOM collaboration

bingerofDOOM: drums, alto sax
Jynxz: everything else

part 1: the core
part 2: space racer

Strap in, pack a lunch, it's a trip (don't mean to toot my own horn)...enjoy

Description : Spirits floating in Space ...
Jynxz: It all
Micky: Guitars

Description : Short, back to back verse layout with hook space toward the end.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.36 MB | Reason

Description : Made this track today. #space music #downtempo #ambient (in parts) #cinematic

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.69 MB | Reason

Description : Part 1..

Planet earth received a mysterious message from outer space.. they call themselves the Oxydex.

Their mothership is on route to our planet oh no! what will we do! their mothership will land in 3 days..


Cinematic - Hip-Hop - Meditation music - Apache indian style..

Enjoy and relax.

Comments appreciated but not necessary. Unless you want to download it.. :)

Made in Reason 5.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.87 MB | Soundtrap

Description : I don't have a lot of track space, so what do I do? I make a track with different beats in one.

Description : 135 bpm Am
hmu if u wanna collab/need some beats

Tags : | Electronic | 3.83 MB

Description : looking for the right sound in the synthesizer, I did a sound performance, played unevenly, adjusted the track with DAW, the unevenness remained - the human factor, the second track vst drums, the third vst choir. I do not know whether it is possible to listen to?

Description : i made this for someone to hopefully make something with, if you do make something and post it send me some links. id like to have a listen.
the beat is 135 bpm

Description : Name is AQUA, but just that isn't accepted as a title, lol.

Took the beloved Aquatic Ambience sample and added Nexus3 plugins to give it a space feel. Drums where simple, but I wanted to give more than just a generic beat that rappers can still hook to.

Vocals belong to FeezMuzik. Check out their looperman for some awesome lyrics!

Description : it runs and is a fun song

Description : Original version has a preceding segue track called "Docking Procedure" (available on my SoundCloud).

Thanks to AAPOfficial for the vocal track.
Thanks for nofuk for the loop (for which I've used bits of)

Tags : | Funk | 10.24 MB | Garageband

Description : Jynxz: Drum programming, bass, synths, loops, fx
Micky: editing, fx, guitars

Tags : | Trap | 9.03 MB

Description : my first beat

If you used the beat, be sure to add (Prod. Lil Yosh)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 9.29 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hip-Hop Beat with Scratches at the end

Description : PHONK

UPDATE: I deleted some special effects that made the vocals into a chorus to spread the volume space. turned out that was a bad idea for once. Turned down the melody sample and the drums some to fit in for the vocals, so it won't force itself and spike the volume. Lastly, the vocals were set at different volumes on hook and verse originally. I fixed this by setting volume parameters on each separate sample. Now it should sound better, but let me know of any way else I can improve it!

Tags : | House | 3.01 MB | FL Studio

Description : Im doing my best for you guys) I hope you enjoy it! This is a shortened version because I want to leave space on this site

Description : #reggaeton

Tags : | House | 7.87 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Made in FlStudio, used Massive, Sylenth and some sounds from Noiiz.

Description : It is the backing track of the song, for your vocals and lyrics.
Space for vocals 21 seconds from 0'32" 1'14" 2'18"
bpm 90 key note Cm (but I'm not sure).
I can't sing and write poetry. So I invite everyone who can do it
for collaboration.
And I have a lot of instrumental compositions in a style similar to
If you do something, write in the title Valdis Reggae Project feat. XXX (your name)
and write a link in the comments.
Sorry for my English))

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.93 MB | FL Studio

Description : 130 bpm,
if you like it, leave a review or advice

Tags : | EDM | 8.03 MB | Cubase

Description : production by Kedias
EDM TRANCE version

Tags : | Techno | 16.00 MB | Studio One

Description : This is a Remix of Space 92 "Phobos" (Techno Club 2020)

Description : This is a dubstep Song. PLz, give me feedback on what I could do better. hope you enjoy :D

Tracks 1 - 25 of 735
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