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Description : This song has two one empty slot for a verse if anybody wants it. you have to be good, no autotune/mumble rap allowed and no stupid adlibs ( tire noises, gunshot sounds, etc) email me at Xontor4400 @ Gmail.com THERE IS ONE SLOT; THE THIRD SLOT FOR A VERSE IS IN THE WORKS RIGHT NOW THE FORTH SLOT IS FOR YOU IF YOU WANT IT
Description : Hello, check my 1st track and like it here if you want https://vk.com/wall20134770_1123
Description : somebody should rap over this beat it goes pretty hard. please send me a link if anyone actually ends up using this track. let me know your thoughts
Description : Mannheim steamroller- like Muzak, elevator music something that beats and throbs behind a backlashing of ghetto hype..this is the opposite of that..
Tags : | Rap | 7.12 MB | Colab Request
Description : 130 BPM. One of my favorites for sure.
Description : Check out my SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-82083863
Description : okay I made it up, but in my mind it exists, so "Moanin' Lisa feat prophecy" now exists. I made a bad funny here, cryptic, quotational, mysitifying, deliberate, ok I'm done...forgive me -Pukwudgie
Tags : | Rap | 3.70 MB | Featured
Description : New 2 Chainz & Juicy J Type Beat! Enjoy!
Tags : | Rap | 5.36 MB
Description : Hello people this is my beat project young art prod, listen, comment, share, #WeAreRap
Description : Plan is to get this on the radio. There is room for 1 verse and 1 chorus for another rapper. Download, record, and send me a message.
Description : Music written by me, Lyrics rap by H.M.S.
Description : Remix of Dopamean Brick Dollar Signs
Tags : | Rap | 8.66 MB | Colab Request
Description : 130 BPM.
Tags : | Rap | 2.92 MB
Description : hard trap type beat.
Tags : | Rap | 2.86 MB
Description : bs13 beatz - fak4
Description : Just had this laying around. Thought the beginning was fire and the rest is interesting. The beat has PLENTY of room for a first verse before I even go, I cut it out. hmu if you want on it
Description : One of my best works from this time period I was making music in. Ed Norton sample from the 25th Hour. Plucked guitar, LMG sounds throughout, Heavy sound, The top of my early work.
Tags : | Rap | 4.29 MB | Colab Request
Description : New Big Sean ft. Jhene Aiko Type Beat "3AM" Prod. by Martian Girl Like, comment, & share!
Tags : | Rap | 3.43 MB | Colab Request
Description : Loops by lowsociety, bakobone, amirmofrat, hbsamples. Mixed by DesignedImpression Up for any vocalists willing
Tags : | Rap | 8.66 MB | Colab Request
Description : Sup folks, long time since I have uploaded anything, so here's how I've grown since last time ;) Also follow me on youtube at : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96btITTtW1pKwrPp_f3OiQ
Tags : | Rap | 3.87 MB
Description : Sample at the intro- Scream, horror flick inspired. Fast pace hihats, synth guitar, fast breaks. punchy kicks. This is one my personal favorites!! I may let it go for download later.
Tags : | Rap | 5.17 MB | Adult Content
Description : Free for non profitable purposes
Tags : | Rap | 2.30 MB | Adult Content
Description : Intro song to my next EP, coming in 2018 Here is the soundcloud link, like follow and repost, it helps me massively - https://soundcloud.com/outsidde/worn-out-chick-flick-intro
Tags : | Rap | 7.98 MB | Featured
Description : Рыночные Отношения - Sunrise (2012)
Tags : | Rap | 3.28 MB
Description : combination of trap/dance/rap
Tracks 1 - 25 of 6092
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