Looperman V3 Is Here

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21st May 2024 - 3 weeks ago
Looperman V3 is here

It's been a long time coming but we're pleased to finally announce a new batch of updates to that should make the whole experience much better. There is, as always, a never ending list of things we would like to implement and we'll endeavour to add more features once we're comfortable that everything is working as it should be following this update.

Here's a run down of the main items that have been improved and updated.

Dark mode

Looperman has gone to the dark side !! For all you late night producers or just for those that prefer the lights down low you can now switch between dark or light mode. In fact we like it so much we decided to make it the default. You can switch modes using the icon on the top right of the page.

A full visual update

We rebuilt the whole site with bootstrap which gave us a much cleaner and consistent look and feel. All the forms and menus should now work beautifully and look good on any device. We curated our own set of icons and went for a much simpler color scheme. You'll find modal windows, popovers and offcanvas menus to help declutter the pages and make whole experience much more intuitive.

Mobile & tablet friendly

Another great advantage of using bootstrap to restyle everything is that now the site should work even better on mobile or tablets. For those with smaller screen or those on the go you'll find a much better experience.

Faster page load times

As a result of refactoring the code behind looperman and reducing the dependencies on external code you should see much improved page load times. There is still work to do here so expect further improvements moving forward.

Favourites for acapellas, loops and tracks

Where you could once set the tracks that you loved as favourites you can now do the same with loops and acapellas. The big advantage of this is that if you are, for example of your phone and don't want to download files you can simply add them to your favourites and go straight back to them when you get to your computer.

Time signatures for loops and acapellas

For now we went with a basic set of time signatures but we can expand on those if the feature gets used. We did a quick search and where it was possible automatically assigned the time signatures to previous uploads but you should update any of your own content to get them included too.

Quick or advanced search

Each section now has (on bigger screens) a quick or advanced search facility. The quick search is a great way to find your favourites, your previous downloads or anything that's been uploaded in the last few days for example.

The advanced search has all the old options as well as a number of brand new ones including more options to adjust the order or search results as well as the option to search by time signature and include or remove adult / NSFW content.

Improved keyword search

When performing a keyword search you can now prefix your keywords with either + or - to include or exclude those terms from the results. We also strip out certain stop words that were never any use as far as searches go. The big difference in the keyword search is that the results are now listed in order of relevance rather than simply by the date uploaded. Where results achieve the same "search rating" we then order them by date uploaded as before. You can however adjust the order in the advanced search to refine the results to your preference.

Here are some example keyword searches and the expected results

  • +abba : This would find files that use the term "abba"
  • -rubbish : This would exclude any files that use the term "rubbish"
  • +abba-motorhead : This would find files that use the term "abba" but exclude files that use the term "motorhead"
  • +abba+disco : This keyword search would find files that use the term "abba" AND "disco". It would not though gives results where only one of those terms is used
  • +abba+loop+acapella : This would find files that include the term "abba" but as "loop" & "acapella" are classed as stop words we automatically remove them from the mix so they may as well have not been used.

We'll work more on this in future. For those of you that upload you should ensure you describe your files well in order to be found in future.

Keyboard controls on acapellas, loops & tracks

We added an option to use your keyboard to play or move forwards and backwards when viewing lists of acapellas, loops or tracks. Here is a breakdown of the controls available at the moment.

  • SHIFT + space : Play or pause the current item
  • CTRL or CMD + SHIFT + space : Restart the current item
  • SHIFT + right arrow : Skip to and play next item
  • SHIFT + left arrow : Skip to and play previous item

User info & links on hover

Where ever you see a username link you can hover over it to reveal a popover that gives you the basic info for that user along with a number of useful links. You'll need to be logged in for the links to show up but you should see their info regardless.

Modals for lyrics & favourites

When you view files either in lists or on their own page you can now see the lyrics or favourites for that item. It used to be that you could only do this by visiting the detail page. We'll do the same for other useful content soon.

Added basic stats to profile page

This is something that many people have been requesting for a while. You can now see basic stats on profile pages. We included totals for your uploads, downloads, comments, track plays, favourites and who you are blocking, following or ignoring etc. These stats are not real time but do get updated as and when things change.

Add links on your profile page

You can now add links to your other sites or networks to appear on your profile page. See the My Networks link on your profile settings area. You can get to your settings by clicking the user icon on the top right of the site to activate the new profile menu.

Block, follow or ignore users

Where previously you could block users you now also have the option to either ignore or follow users.

  • Block User : Prevents the user from contacting you or posting comments on your content.
  • Follow User : Allows you to only include their content in searches.
  • Ignore User : Allows you to remove their content from searches.

Forms that validate before submit

All the forms should now validate your information before they allow you to submit anything. A big problem in the past was that if you were uploading a file and made a mistake on the form it waited till the file had uploaded before deciding to tell you there had been a problem. Now 90% of those errors should be caught beforehand. You should plenty of tips as you try and fill form to make life easier all round.

No page refresh on comments

Comments and replies should now happen in the same page without the need to refresh and potentially stop the track you are listening to playing.

Modal player for external links

We added a modal player that takes the links you post in the comments area and turns them into an embedded player. No need to leave the site and go to youtube to listen to someone's track. We also added a function that strips bulk tracking variables from link urls to make the comments cleaner.

Report button

We'll roll this feature out fully as we move along and as we do you'll start to see the report (flag) icon appearing. You'll be able to use this to let us know about things like spam comments or content that should not have been uploaded.

Moved to a turbo charged server

While we were at it we took the time to upgrade all the server hardware and software. Were now running the most powerful setup we have ever had that should see us right for years to come.

Archiving inactive accounts and content

This is something we used to do every now and again but not something we have done for a while. The idea is to ensure consistency and an attempt to streamline the database and free up space on the server. As this latest update went live we updated accounts that have not logged in and set them as archived. These accounts and their content will not be shown in searches and their content will not be available for download. Eventually these accounts will be removed permanently. We don't have a set timeline for this just yet but will make a decision once the dust settles and we have everyone moved into the new system. Where an account is set as archived, once that user logs in, it will come back to life and everything will become available again. Initially this will result in a reduced number of loops, acapellas & tracks available but we expect this to ramp back up as previous users reactivate their accounts.

Apart from reducing the load on the server and reducing the bloat in the database which should speed things up we expect that those users who are active should start to see better exposure for their content.

Simple way to apply for upload access

By default we restrict the ability to upload loops and acapellas to try and ensure a reasonable quality in uploaded content. In the past we asked users to contact us and request access which often resulted in rejection. To try and improve on this we created a more streamlined process for requesting access. We added pages that provide a clear set of upload guidelines for each section that you must read first to prevent your request being denied or your uploads being rejected if you are granted upload access. See the guidelines link in the main menu for either acapellas, loops or tracks.

While we've been working on these latest set of updates we stopped taking on any new uploaders so expect to see a whole load of new faces now that the doors are open again. If you requested access previously but not heard anything back consider that application as closed. Follow the link on the loops or acapella pages and make a new application. Make sure to follow the guides carefully and read everything we ask you to before applying.

Copyright info

Every loop, acapella or track now has a copyright icon that gives you a quick reference to how those files can be used.

Updated help area and terms pages

We spent some time updating the help area to try and provide some advice on the most frequently asked questions as well as some general tips on how to best use the site. We also had the legal bods go over the terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookies policy. Hopefully these should all be a lot more thorough.

More updates to come

There is plenty more to come so for now just let us know how you are getting on with the recent updates and if you run into any problems get in touch and let us know what's wrong.

Let us know what you think

We hope you enjoy the updates and don't forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new features.

Update : 2024-05-25

Thanks so much to everyone for your feedback, both bad and good. Rolling out an update is never a simple task and there will always be issues.

Its impossible to test things and get it right for everyone first time. Everyone is using different devices, in different locations and all using the site in their own way, with their own priorities.

We will always try and make the site work as well as possible for everyone. With that said, if you do have feedback make sure its constructive feedback. Simply saying something is broken or you dont like something does not give us much to go on. Rather than posting a complaint here, email support and give us as much info as possible. We have already fixed a number of things that have been bought to our attention and will work though anything else you report.

Finally, just to let you know that we have had an influx of users applying to upload and we will work through those as soon as we can. The priority at the moment is to get everything running smoothly so please bear with us.

Comments (62)

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Pegeen 14th Jun 2024 17:21 - 3 hours ago
This is all amazing! Thank you for your hard work!
Carpetman 10th Jun 2024 15:20 - 4 days ago
Big thingz comez here from my last visit! Big up!
moneytreezexotics 9th Jun 2024 06:48 - 5 days ago
there are a lot of things i like about this update!

i noticed that when i want to look at my fav loops they aren't in order of when i added them there. im not sure what order they are in, but this can make it confusing when wondering which ones have a downloaded yet.
Looperman replied 9th Jun 2024 - 5 days ago
Hi, when you view the favs on your profile page the loops should show in exactly that order. Those that you set as favourite last appear first. You should also see the date that you selected them shown above the description.
Zootman 7th Jun 2024 22:13 - 6 days ago
I think the site looks great, and everything works well for me. I'm just grateful for the continued existence of this site. It's the only place I put my music and I get a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from it.
DEMYBU 7th Jun 2024 21:16 - 6 days ago
Update is amazing but...bring back forums! there was so much info and tips for artists!
ConsciousEntitySound 5th Jun 2024 17:50 - 1 week ago
Excellent work. Very pleased to see this effort to revive/maintain the site. Hoping a whole new generation of young producers find their way to my 'pellas!
PaulColike 4th Jun 2024 20:39 - 1 week ago
Thanks for replying to my comment from a week ago, I found exactly what I was looking for. It works even better now with all the new search options. Took me a few days to used to, but this update is great. I appreciate the work that went behind this. Keep crushing it!!
UniValetancar 1st Jun 2024 14:33 - 1 week ago
Forums :(
SeanRyGotHeat 1st Jun 2024 06:20 - 1 week ago
It looks nice, I prefer the old search engine tho
djbrickz 1st Jun 2024 03:55 - 1 week ago
Nice face lift. Improved functionality, very organized new sponsors with ads but it's not too distracting. Glad to see the growth and layout and same function maintain. Cheers to new beginnings mates!!
chinoloc187 31st May 2024 06:10 - 2 weeks ago
Seems like most of the tracks and loops got deleted this update sucks
DontaeAK 31st May 2024 01:41 - 2 weeks ago
Update came out on my birthday, but an idea is to change the orange "SoundCloud" type visual when you play the loop to blue, i feel like it would just look much better!
Transcendia 29th May 2024 14:40 - 2 weeks ago
Hey there! Glad to see the update has finally arrived :) Ive been a user for over half a decade now so here are some pros and cons ive noticed thus far:

-More Modern Look
-I love how it keeps track of users stats now (maybe include leaderboard)
-I love certain subtle additions like adding social media links to profile

-The ads are taking up far too much space on the screen, making it glitch
-The loading time for playing/downloading loops is significantly slower
-There should be a section for the community to be able to chat/collab (forums)
-Perhaps send an email to users letting them know the Update has arrived, it seems traffic is a tad low
syv3ria 29th May 2024 02:07 - 2 weeks ago
cant lie, the interface sucks, yall should have an option where it lets us use the classical one !!
MrAxel 28th May 2024 08:00 - 2 weeks ago
@Sora, I am just average user here. I was invited to the pre-launch beta here, but I could not make the time for it. Maybe I should have. I have a software engineer background, but I have no exclusive knowledge about the inner workings of this site. My daily usage of this site's new update has been glitch-free. I typically keep my Windows 11 system updated. Make sure you are using a currently supported computer OS. My browser is Firefox when accessing this site. A few things you might want to try. Update your operating system, and also update your browser. Next, disable all of your plugins in your browser after your updates. If successful, re-enable your plugins, one at a time, to quite possibly identify the error. Problems, then clear your browser's cache and then try again. Try updating your antivirus/malware security program and run a full scan. If a no-go still, install another browser. Finally, reboot your system. You should also disable your ad-blocker. Don't block JavaScript.
SoraSolitudine 28th May 2024 03:48 - 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the update, but, I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue, but I can't stay logged. I mean, if I go to another page in the site, I get logged out. And when I log in again, I return to the home page and lost the page where I was. If someone can give me some explanation for this, I will thank.
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
Thanks, we impemented a few fixes in this department. As MrAxel mentioned though, make sure to keep your browser up to date, clear your browser cache and allow cookies. If you continue to have issue contact support with more details
daskriechtier 28th May 2024 03:04 - 2 weeks ago
I opted in for my account to be transferred over to this new site when I got the email about it, but looking at it now, it's missing what I enjoyed about the site to begin with. No forum, hundreds of thousands of loops are gone, etc. The forum was especially valuable and now there's no way to access some of the best content that was present on the platform. I understand why the changes were made on some level, but so much of what made the site good is gone
PaulColike 27th May 2024 21:58 - 2 weeks ago
Is there a way to filter loops to show "followed only" so that loops from only people I follow show up. I do not see that option like I used to. is there a new way to do it?
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
This can be done in the advanced search (bottom right). You can also do the opposite and remove users you chose to ignore.
BKMASONDO 27th May 2024 14:20 - 2 weeks ago
What an amazing update guys.
Really appreciate the Dark Mode feature and overall much more easy-use layout we now have.
(P.S Would like to have the volume button back)

Overall, again, what a great update.
Take care.
BK Masondo
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
The volume button has recently been added again. Thanks for the heads up
ZoxoSonor 26th May 2024 15:06 - 2 weeks ago
I appreciate the time and energy spent on renewal. One more little refinement (e.g. volume control for music) and it will be more and more perfect.
Sincerely, ZoSo
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
The volume button has recently been added again.
LordyGay 26th May 2024 07:10 - 2 weeks ago
Downloads are so slow, this really needs to be fixed, you can't even check other sounds or lists while a SINGLE loop downloads
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
Downloads are very fast here. If you continue to have issues contact support with more details that would allow us to try and track down any potential issue.
EricDanielMabins 26th May 2024 06:11 - 2 weeks ago
Is it possible to update the From The Blog section to exclude Black Friday and old useless holiday sales from 2022?

This new layout will take some getting use to. You tucked lots of things away under drop menus. I spent lots of time trying to find things that were once clear and easy to get to. The stats page section seems like a big, cluttered afterthought.

Okay, according to your blog, there are more features to come. That's fair, because this release version seems more like a BETA version thus far. Good Luck Looperman!
SteveLewis 26th May 2024 06:08 - 2 weeks ago
Love the new look. Great job.
ShortBusMusic 26th May 2024 00:59 - 2 weeks ago
Hey Shan, this is like Christmas morning, waking up and finding a brand new toy. It will take some time to navigate and explore all of the new features, but in the meantime, thanks from all of us for all you do. I hope all is well.

Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
Thanks, good to hear from you
ValveDriver 25th May 2024 16:07 - 2 weeks ago
Shan, the site looks great, man! Having been a member for over a decade, I welcome the changes. I'm loving the dark mode!!
The thing I think is funny is how everyone bitched about the place needing to update and all the changes that needed to be done. Then all of it happened, and now everyone is bitching about how it was updated, and all of the changes that were made.
Just give it a minute to get used to it, everyone.

Honestly, I'm just grateful that after all the years that Looperman has been active, it's still 100% free to use. We get a lot here without really having to give back. I will miss the Forums, though. I personally feel that, (at one point in time), they were a great source of info., advice, and feedback from other users. Back before it was all "Producer looking for rapper". So, after the last few years of them being spammed by that crap, I can understand why they were dropped. Maybe someday we can give it a trial return, huh?
Thank you for the site, Shan.

Take care.
BeatMaker4real 25th May 2024 15:50 - 2 weeks ago
The loop has a face lift, bootstrap is great isn't it.?
Not really crazy about the color scheme.
Mouse hover over comments is not working,(comments not a selectable item) so no way to view a comment left on your track unless you click post a comment first, and that's defiantly taking away from the user experience. I would have thought it would have been some added features instead of just a change of the CSS.
The biggest improvement is without question, the responsive layout.
The % of the layout dedicated to the ads could have been a little less, I mean it's kind of annoying when ads are almost taking up 50% of the have the ads taking precedence over the blog, from the main track page, you have to scroll down past all of the adds just to see the blog, I know you also have a blog tab in the nav bar, but the site design should be more user friendly....
As a software engineer myself, I applaud you for all of the hard work I know it took to get this up and running.
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
If you have suggestions regards colour scheme contact support with details.

We'll look into the comments link. You can also click the title to get to the main page of a file where the comments are shown.

There are the same number as ads as before. Maybe let support know your device type and screen size and potentially a screen shot to see what you are seeing
selflynho 25th May 2024 02:48 - 2 weeks ago
Thank you for all the effort you have put in over the past few years! Looks nice!
Marvelous1k 25th May 2024 00:25 - 2 weeks ago
Idk if it’s cause I’m using an old laptop…but the site hasn’t been working properly since the update for me…idk if it’s the ads on the side, or what? But when I’m trying to listen to loops it just loads for so long, then eventually plays. Before it was fast and quick…and the thing is, other sites are working fast. Idk if my computer can’t handle the update or what? Not trying to complain just letting you know I can’t even use the site!
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
maybe try clear your browser cache and see if that helps. If not let support know more details that may help track down any potential issues.
landsharkszn 24th May 2024 20:17 - 3 weeks ago
everything is great besides the "loops can not be layered or pre mixed" error when uploading loops. quite literally makes no sense, this is not a reality for how music is made anymore.

If youre going to state in the terms and conditions that everything can be used freely - why not at least let us upload "layered" or "premixxed" sounds.

thx for all your hard work friend
deutschfluesterer 24th May 2024 13:13 - 3 weeks ago
very good... finally!
• clear
• user-friendly
• Function-oriented
Marvelous1k 24th May 2024 07:20 - 3 weeks ago
Site was working wonderful before update…now it takes 5mins just to listen to one sound, it doesn’t load?? Then it literally crashes every 2 mins!!! Cant even do anything fr.
BCVProductions 23rd May 2024 21:48 - 3 weeks ago
Please work with a music producer and refine the TOS for media upload to reflect actual IP laws. The policy is just technically and legally wrong.
Imagine if the DSP's or music labels had these clauses. oufff. And hopefully these songs mature into monetized pieces. Shouldn't all of that be encouraged instead of stifled?
Thank you
BCVProductions 23rd May 2024 21:45 - 3 weeks ago
I am not really into the new ui. It was a workplace before. Zero nonsense. Now it is bloated.
First the forums were removed. These were valuable. Nearly everyone has asked for them to be returned. This makes the decision odd to me.
The most unusable aspect for me is the restriction on who's voice can be on a track or acapella.
This restriction does not reflect IP law at all. It punishes people who take the time and expertise to work with others and are not breaking any laws.
The idea that I do not have rights to materials because it has more than one voice is ludicrous and backwards. I have contracts and physical masters.
This is a huge issue for me.
For example I was flagged for a track which I own 100% of the masters and majority IP bc it has 3 voices. I have to take the track down to comply. However 2sisters (no offense you make nice music) even has 2 sisters in the name, and puts descriptions about who she is working with on the track. yet...
wtf is going on please?
Thank you
fatal2033 23rd May 2024 14:15 - 3 weeks ago
why cant i go to pages 2 3 or 4 i only get like 100 and have to change the filter again because it wont go past any more then that :(((
BLVDES 23rd May 2024 04:47 - 3 weeks ago
new search thing is a nightmare get rid of it
TomDelong 22nd May 2024 22:27 - 3 weeks ago
the new search feature is refreshing, I can now filter out every single trap loop, makes the loops listening experience better as now its not filled with the same crappy 808 drums.
CNBM126 22nd May 2024 21:52 - 3 weeks ago
Dear Looperman,

I appreciate your efforts to improve the platform and thank you for everything you've made possible for me as a producer. However, as a former product designer, I need to point out that the new visual overhaul and search system are not improvements.

My workflow has taken a huge hit. The new loop containers are too detailed and take up more space, making browsing harder. The search system has too many criteria in a dropdown menu, requiring more actions than before.

Please consider consulting a usability, UI, or UX expert. The site was straightforward and intuitive, but now the increased complexity is hindering the user experience.
dooty 22nd May 2024 19:34 - 3 weeks ago
the old search was SO much better, easier, and faster. Im not just trying to be negative here but i really do think the site is much harder to navigate with this new update. Maybe the problem is that im not used to it, but i think it would benefit from from having an option to go back to the old layout, as a lot of people are commenting.
ldnkush 22nd May 2024 18:09 - 3 weeks ago
Old looperman looks better
EMBEO 22nd May 2024 16:09 - 3 weeks ago
Bad update please give us the old looperman back
eugenejms 22nd May 2024 14:21 - 3 weeks ago
All You Guys Did Was Make It Look Like Soundcloud. Its Actually Less Functional With The Upgrade
eugenejms 22nd May 2024 14:19 - 3 weeks ago
This Upgrade is TERRIBLE!!! the Site Is Glitchy And It Crashes With Every Page You Go To
tyufuyti 22nd May 2024 13:24 - 3 weeks ago
Please bring back the old site design!
The old site design is much better than the new one.
On the updated website, finding the right loops takes 3 times longer.
MrAxel 22nd May 2024 13:08 - 3 weeks ago
What happened to the LOOPER TIME, the time clock at the very bottom of each page found in v2?

Also, one of the standing requests for v3 was the ability to respond to individual comments from other users. In most modern online blogs, a sub-branch occurs automatically when a user responds directly to another user's specific comment or post on a blog.

Even though the implementation and update took some time, this rollout felt rushed and left many request for other features on the floor. Like where is the ability to go back and edit my post in case of a typo?
wtfeve 22nd May 2024 10:58 - 3 weeks ago
Though it's stated that archived loops are no longer available for download, is it possible to ascertain a link to the archived loop(s)? I downloaded one for use before the site update, but would like to credit the looper in my video description.
Looperman replied 2nd Jun 2024 - 1 week ago
You can use this method to track down files
theHumps 22nd May 2024 04:13 - 3 weeks ago
Where is the volume control on the player? Most tracks are uploaded too loud and blow my audio control panel levels. The need to turn down these loud track is necessary to not make additional work, resetting the levels in my audio control panel.
OGEL23 22nd May 2024 04:05 - 3 weeks ago
Congratulations, the site is very beautiful and vibrant, I'm excited to make the most of it.
theHumps 22nd May 2024 03:55 - 3 weeks ago
Where is page 2, 3, 4....of the featured tracks page? That feature disappeared. Going backwards.
theHumps 22nd May 2024 03:52 - 3 weeks ago
All the spaces are removed from the lyrics when uploaded, needs to be fixed. The lyrics box needs to be movable where we can put it near the top of the page and make it expandable to see all the lyrics at once. A Huge step backwards I think. I don't want my listeners or me to work to read the lyrics.
MoRamen 22nd May 2024 03:40 - 3 weeks ago
The engineer's dilemma at play. I appreciate many of these updates, but the visual overhaul was vastly overdone and unnecessary. In the wake of tucking everything away into drop-down menus and pop-ups, searching has become far more difficult. It would be nice to have the option to use the old search functionality again or bring it back altogether. Besides that, it's sad to see that Looperman, of all places, has succumbed to the rounded corner look that every website has taken on. The old interface suggested a light-hearted sense of community, hearkening back to the early 2010s. Now you've begun assimilating yourselves with all the other Reddit-esque garbage on the internet.
Lilmazz 22nd May 2024 00:31 - 3 weeks ago
Please go back to the older version, searching for loops takes longer and everything seems crowded.
MrAxel 21st May 2024 23:37 - 3 weeks ago
Nice cool features, especially giving recognition to the main contributors, the loop uploaders. Still, there is a bit of a frosty feel to this v3 rollout. What I am getting at is, the forums. Are they gone forever? The forums were a phenomenal resource of information and solutions. That is what made this place a true community of music enthusiasts from all backgrounds and skill levels. There were many people here who needed advice, and many others who were happy and willing to share their knowledge. Too bad.
ImproveWithError 21st May 2024 23:07 - 3 weeks ago
The new site looks great! I agree with a few other posts that it would be nice to interact with other musicians on here.
giveustheoldsiteback 21st May 2024 22:11 - 3 weeks ago
Please God no, not Looperman, too. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'd really prefer the old layout. This is alienating and stressful, I really don't like it. Is there some way for us to switch to classic mode, like they have on Reddit? Or like they used to have on Facebook before they decided they didn't care? Please let us have the old Looperman back. This redesign was wholly unnecessary. There were people who liked your site just the way it was and were not expecting to show up today to find the familiar site they know and love has been replaced with something different and stressful.
2Sisters 21st May 2024 21:03 - 3 weeks ago
Hello, first of all thank you for the excellent work. The site has been thoroughly revised and now looks very modern. Great design! The functionality has improved significantly and everything seems to be faster. Unfortunately, there is one drawback: the lack of a platform where musicians can exchange and support each other, where experienced musicians can give beginners tips on mixing and mastering.
Otherwise, as already mentioned, it is a huge step forward. Thanks!
dimestop 21st May 2024 19:06 - 3 weeks ago
great work guys on the final update, everything works as you said in your reply. its now polished, im sure the comments will come in thick and fast and everyone will be happy, top job
Shaman77 21st May 2024 18:52 - 3 weeks ago
Thank you, I came by today and was pleasantly surprised)
topboss 21st May 2024 18:44 - 3 weeks ago
I like the updated look and new functionality, only problems are the advanced search is trickier now than the old one with the "+" and "-" thing & more than half of the loops I've had saved over years have been archived and will soon be deleted which frustrates me. Why call it an archive if its inaccessible and to be deleted?
MadeByDD3 21st May 2024 17:28 - 3 weeks ago
Y'all did a good job, this is dope! I'm excited about the favorite option, I don't have to bookmark loops on my browser anymore lol
niniorata666 21st May 2024 16:15 - 3 weeks ago
This is incredible

Greetings from Mexico!!
kailerato 21st May 2024 14:23 - 3 weeks ago
thanks for this
Cyberflares 21st May 2024 12:57 - 3 weeks ago
Looks good

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