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Tags : | Pop | 10.74 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : Made in Collaboration with Eschatron.
DAW I use: Maschine 2 (DAW not listed).

Tags : | Pop | 5.74 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Pop Track Not sure on GENRE Any Comments welcome

Tags : | Pop | 4.77 MB | Reason

Description : POP DANCE

Tags : | Pop | 14.43 MB | Samplitude

Description : Vocals Chris and Roul
Band Manu

Tags : | Pop | 9.73 MB | Featured | Cubase

Description : Song from acapella of Patricia Edwards

Tags : | Pop | 7.03 MB | Featured | Acid Pro


Description : waida gehn

Tags : | Pop | 4.16 MB

Description : Very early experiment in learning the MPC software and a short bit of fun

Posting old things whilst without my daw and other software ;(

Tags : | Pop | 9.95 MB | Featured | Samplitude

Description : POP-ROCK!!! ALL New Mr. Axel

Description : The kitchen studio present Calmo Track By SLAD Production By Ekoms;My best friend! !
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Tags : | Pop | 7.21 MB | FL Studio

Description : Thanks for really beautiful voice "imOdarka", i enjoy work with it

Tags : | Pop | 6.16 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Five years ago I recorded 55 songs with a great singer and guitar player named Sunny War in a five-and-a-half-month fever dream of musical creativity. Now I am finally getting this music up onto Spotify etc. What's taken so long? Damned if I know. Maybe it's all the 5s. Anyway, here we are. This song was too long so I trimmed it down a bit and now I like it better. But very curious what y'all think.

Description : I uploaded the pieces of the chorus to the loops section, when they'll become available there, I'll put the links here. The mix might be a bit too loud, but it's a demo.
The drums can be found here:

I did everything else on my own. If you like it, you can put your own vocals on it. Feel free to use it!

The song is 100 BPM and A Minor (or C Major)

I need some feedback please ^_^

Tags : | Pop | 3.51 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Another amazing acapella with vocals and lyrics from Rubi Diaz - Ashesndreams! She uploaded the acapella last year but its still solid. I keep it simple to showcase her beautiful voice.

Description : So I made this today. It's my 83rd demo. I know it's a bit short, and it doesn't have a bridge. I wanted to make it sound like an 80's song but in a modern way. I hope the compression is good enough and the mix isn't too loud. And I also hope that the beat is enjoyable.

If you like it, you can use it anywhere, you can sing on it, or even request the midi or the stems from me, but please if you use this beat, don't forget to mention my name: (ft. Rivus)

The song is in G Major and 100 BPM

Tags : | Pop | 5.48 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : pop, dance

Tags : | Pop | 4.11 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Vocals and Music by me
Acapella be up soon...

Tags : | Pop | 5.50 MB | Featured

Description : By AAP

Featuring Leo Valentine

One of the best guitar samples on here and fantastic singing/lyrics makes a powerful combination.

Early Demo, no mastering yet.

My favorite thing I did was live record a bassline for this to support the acoustic guitar and vocals.

Description : Help me? I'm just not good at this stuff?

Tags : | Pop | 10.50 MB | Colab Request

Description : I guess it's a lofi pop song made in early April and using largely vst instruments and MPC kits.
Now reinstated an 11 word phrase (was removed) from a hit song at about 1.43 and 2.50 - however needs an original rather than 'dummy' vocal ... collaborators?? REPOST As a feature whilst without Daw and software. A bit more conventional(boring?) than my other efforts

Tags : | Pop | 3.57 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Here's my remix on the track "One More Time" by Michael Mayo. Let me know what you think!

Tags : | Pop | 6.65 MB | Featured | Ableton Live

Description : With excellent loops of: rasputin1963 and Zac Wilkins
Alex Richard: Bass
Daniel Hirschi: Guitars
Laurent Schwaar: Guitars
Claude-Alain Biedermann: Keys
Laurent Wirz: Drums and percussions
Music by Laurent Schwaar
Rearranged by: L. Wirz
Vocals and lyrics by Patricia Edwards

Tags : | Pop | 4.69 MB | FL Studio

Description : pop, dance

Tags : | Pop | 3.07 MB | Reaper

Description : These were some awesome vocals from EbethB, that was fun to play along. Nice!

Description : Driving track with singing lady.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3216
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