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Description : feeling-alright mix

verwendete externe Sampler

vocals :






Sound :


Tags : | Pop | 5.15 MB | Featured

Description : Samples from:


Tags : | Pop | 5.79 MB | FL Studio


Tags : | Pop | 7.01 MB | FL Studio

Description : Une musique faite avec mon amis d'enfance Jeremy B ! Quel plaisir de composer deux !
Guitare et Clip Vido : Jeremy B
Orchestration et Mastering : Quentin P

Tags : | Pop | 10.11 MB

Description : Lovely vox - probably buried it a bit too much and I suspect I should probably rework the lead guitar and perhaps add a stronger bassline and of course add some more structure to the track (ongoing issue for me!) but this is it for now : )
Posted on soundcloud but put it here to for a bit of constructive feedback

Tags : | Pop | 11.11 MB | Featured

Description : This track is still in beta status.
"To the summertime of 2005,where we were still alive"
I think this is the poppiest thing I've ever done.
Remember: Not for commercial use. Thank you!

Description : Passion and sound mix in this track.

Description :

Description : Notice to amateurs to remix or innovate or invent a remix on this title Djah Djah Love, only one rule write in FT Nosta 2 larue in your title

Avis aux amateurs pour remixer ou innover ou inventer un remix sur ce titre Djah Djah Love, une seule rgle ecrire en FT Nosta 2 larue dans votre titre

Tags : | Pop | 2.13 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : just brought the rode nt1 mic, here I am using it.

mixed and mastered by my mate, tys.

Description : The Perfect Song For A Narcissist. The Kind Of People We All Want To Stay Away From. Just Did This One For Fun. It Has A Hiphop Pop Type Feel. Enjoy & Please Tell Me What You Think!! :)

Description : Did this a while ago with Zaxo's vocals.

Tags : | Pop | 16.00 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Modern Remix of 80s Pop Music in this Fresh Mix! Enjoy!
This is the first new track of the year so it has a lot of energy and dynamics! I hope you like it bcs it took pretty much.
This is 100% free so you can do everything you want with like for ending credits for a movie or cut it!

(Yes, it's not an Advantage, it's ADVINTAGE)

Tags : | Pop | 5.33 MB | FL Studio

Description : Expanded on my earlier track with verses
Music and vocals by me
Reloaded with some changes to music n mix

Tags : | Pop | 12.25 MB

Description : I have practiced a bit again.
Here I wanted to get the last out of badly produced samples, alone the drum section consists of 7 different parts.
In any case, it's still fun.
Enjoy it - and don't use it commercially. Just ask before.

Tags : | Pop | 3.52 MB | Featured | Garageband

Description : acapella by farishamusic

music (instruments) written by Alex Ferman

Tags : | Pop | 5.55 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured | LMMS

Description : No idea what to do with the chorus.. Appreciate feedback, please keep in mind that I know my singing is meh :)

Tags : | Pop | 8.82 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Electro Pop with a bit of an 80s edge

Tags : | Pop | 4.41 MB | FL Studio

Description : Music and vocals by me

Tags : | Pop | 9.83 MB | Reason

Description : Pop Trance Hip Hop beat

Tags : | Pop | 2.43 MB | FL Studio

Description : Music and Vocals by me..Will up the acapella soon

Tags : | Pop | 3.43 MB | FL Studio

Description : Co-Produced, Mixed and Mastered By Tys.

Description : I'm Not Sure How I Feel About This One. Someone Else May Be Able To Sing It Better, Or Remix It. I Went To New Program & I Can No Longer Hear Myself In My Headphones. Its Annoying When Recording. But The Lyrics & Background Music Is Off The Chain.

Description : Passion and sound mix in this track.

Tags : | Pop | 3.61 MB | Adult Content | Cubase

Description : lyrics , vocals ; phone call
music ; Phantom Live Production
WARNING (french)
Happy new year to all on LM

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3468