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Description : NVBeats & SLAPJOHNSON (looperman samples)

HipHopMakers - Guitar_Loops_17_Cmin_140BPM
Dubmatix - Dub-Reggae-loops

Struggling with the mastering, but how does this sound?

Tags : | Reggae | 5.53 MB | Reaper

Description : Going back to my roots of what I started out singing, so when I came across this sweet Reggae track by Sinky Beatz free to use, I had to christian it with my vocals :P lol I just love to sing when get the chance to. I wrote simple lyrics just indulging myself. It's not perfect but I was having so much fun!! This ones for my other half who loves Reggae as well as Rock, 4 you bb xxx

Description : Brazilian reggae (is there such a thing?) with a message

Description : A reggae vibe with African influence

Tags : | Reggae | 4.62 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Reggae. Hope someone enjoys. LM drum loops 130_Dagger_Live_Drums, 23sk-drums-reverb-spring-roots and alabafruit. Horns from Loopmasters dub and reggae horns sample demos.

Tags : | Reggae | 5.91 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Sup people here is a new track I made with ranking Joe.Its a reggae dub song.

Please do hear it and support me.

Description : This is the track i made , someone do help me by providing some vocals to it.

Tags : | Reggae | 4.75 MB | Logic Pro

Description : A song by Patricia Edwards with a happy reggae vibe.
On the ukelele your can hear my dear friend Onno Schilstra.

Description : A Reggae track with only two Electric guitars.

Tags : | Reggae | 9.84 MB | FL Studio

Description : Thankfully there is this looper Man site for me to have fun with these inspiring projects.
Researching a little I found the singer Patricia Edwards, and luckily she made available the acapella of the music T R Y.
For the text not to be too long I will make a short summary.
I loved the tone of this woman, she sings very well, I did some improvisations with my favorite VSTs and managed to achieve a good result, I hope you all like it.
This is my first project with Reggae style :)

Tags : | Pop | 4.29 MB | Logic Pro

Description : A song I built around those lovely vocals of Patricia. I have given it a reggae feel this time, hope you folks like it!

Description : none.

Description : It is the backing track of the song, for your vocals and lyrics.
Space for vocals 21 seconds from 0'32" 1'14" 2'18"
bpm 90 key note Cm (but I'm not sure).
I can't sing and write poetry. So I invite everyone who can do it
for collaboration.
And I have a lot of instrumental compositions in a style similar to
If you do something, write in the title Valdis Reggae Project feat. XXX (your name)
and write a link in the comments.
Sorry for my English))

Tags : | Reggae | 8.80 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hiphop reggae record called "Concrete jungle" again big props to DIMS for playing the guitar and helping to create this tune.

Tags : | Reggae | 4.36 MB | FL Studio

Description : A summer song in Winter...
Sang this to a Reggae Pop Instrumental by Bennie Mellies n Faya
Both wet and dry acapella are up

Tags : | Dub | 7.17 MB | Reason

Description : first shop at composing a little dub reggae styled vibes. let me know want you guys think about it?

Tags : | Reggae | 8.72 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hiphop reggae record called "Far roads" big props to DIMS for playing the guitar and helping to create this tune.

Tags : | Indie | 4.51 MB | Featured | Mixcraft

Description : Didn't use a DAW. Just used Audacity.

Loops by RIQ808
Intro Reggae drum loop by Laurent

Not the final mix. Missing the vocals (Kings of Leon X Rihanna X Pat Benatar) and the change.

No comments, just posting this because I haven't uploaded a song in awhile.

Tags : | Dub | 7.05 MB | Reason

Description : A sort of fusion of Reggae Dub with Jazz.

Tags : | Reggae | 4.79 MB | Sonar

Description : Mellow reggae music

Tags : | Rock | 8.83 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Check out my Lyric Music Video to a scene compilation from Joker the Movie
search 2nick8 joker on youtube
- Song 3 from A Beautiful Dream Album
An upcoming Multi-Genre Album by Madkat and 2Nick8.
A Beautiful Dream - is a delicious variety of tracks from Indie, Pop, Funk, Rap, Rock, Reggae and more by the same artistes
Madkat - Composer / producer from France
Composition, production & arrangements
2Nick8 - Singer / songwriter from Singapore

Tags : | Reggae | 3.91 MB | Acid Pro

Description : reggae

Tags : | Reggae | 4.37 MB | FL Studio

Description : Instrumental reggae composition

Description : Hip-Hop-Reggae-Trap. Use Acapellas from 3 different Artist, Made All-star Jam
Feat. Shatt3r--MansasWorld--ThaSuspect--Kanin7--Narapan2499--Kuzybeats---Renegadeonthebeat
Beat by Huckmon

Tags : | Reggae | 5.33 MB

Description : I had A Reggae Beat So I uploaded To Looperman member: Patricia Edwards Acapella Song

Tracks 1 - 25 of 545
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