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Description : sampled the squeaking gate at a cottage in the national park - and manipulated and layered the results then added other manipulated samples to build up the track. If you listen closely you can just still hear a crow shortly before the reading of the poem - Surge 9 by Jay Bernard

Description : Everyone's favorite pirate ninja robin hood is back and ready for an ass blastin'

Enjoy ~

(Instrumental from Onimusha 2 Ost: Main Theme)

Description : ts eliot=vox
for maj and shaman77

Description : I was writing another type of track and this "Spoken Word" I ran across kinda hi-jacked the track. At least I'll have the Genre right this time.

Tags : | Spoken Word | 8.51 MB

Description : Vst instruments (drums, synths, sax, keys, vocal fx from exhale, bass) and multi tracked slightly random guitar (in A flat) and feat some cut up readings from the work of Kurt Vonnegut

Tags : | Spoken Word | 7.00 MB

Description : My Guitar and Harmonica - both treated
Reading of Poem Softly by Aaron Kramer
Main beat is a drum loop, with a kick added and one sample - all manipulated
Other versions had more percussion but not needed I think

Tags : | Spoken Word | 6.61 MB

Description : When our ancient ancestors migrated out of Africa (which probably happened several times), it was likely driven by drought. I tried to imagine that in this piece, using the fantastic trap track, looperman-t-2047901-0201182-barley-grass-contender, unmodified, as the musical template.
The DAW I used is Audacity (not in the list).
It's fun to imagine history and I hope you enjoy this attempt.

Tags : | Spoken Word | 3.55 MB

Description : It's true. I like Rezz.
The track that inspired this madness, unmanipulated by me, is looperman-t-3371465-0208993-ghoul.
It's great fun for me to overlay lyrics on fantastic tracks like this. I hope it's not too painful to listen to.
The DAW (not in the list) is Audacity. That's all I've ever used at home. (In studios it's always been ProTools.)

Description : for baxter
ls / kwasi / Eendee / newnation / sergeyionov / phonosupf / sharpbeats / HarryHockjne / RitsLong

Tags : | Spoken Word | 5.83 MB

Description : In this song I imagine life 30,000 years ago. I'm fascinated by this stuff and so made a song about it, based on the trap track, looperman-t-3188221-0207457-beat-hiphop-crazy-siren-part-2, which, unchanged, is the scaffolding for these lyrics. I've written many "normal" songs as well -- verse, chorus, bridge constructions -- but theres much in this world that just can't be contained in that format. Very curious what people think about this thing. (The DAW was Audacity, not in the list.)

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Description : A silly little weird thing that I can't help feeling fond of, like Linus' ratty old blanket, because it makes me smile. I recorded it eons ago, on a stenographer's microphone no bigger than a pencil. And it sounds like it but that's ok for this piece (I think). The music is loops and bits and pieces of loops. I hope it makes you smile, too, or at least not frown. Cuz then you'd be a sad angel. The DAW I used was Audacity, not in the list.

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Description : I enjoy finding awesome trap tracks and using them just as they are as the foundation of a song. That's what this is - a single trap track with my pitch-lowered vocals on top of it. The track is looperman-t-2834646-0207286-zurry-suicide-symphonie. The "song" is a meditation on ancient times.

Tags : | Spoken Word | 3.76 MB

Description : In case you didn't know.

Description : Motivational Speech

Description : This a true story. So listen closely. I might need some feedback. More spoken word on this but its a good story.

I added some of the lyrics if anybody wants to read along, they did not all fit in the 3000 character box.

Description : Lil Christmas Looperman love

Description : With so much gender based violence around the world proliferating, there is a need for reflection from every man in terms of how treat woman.

Description : txt-to-voice synth/loops/gtr
text from Bullfinch's Mythology

Description : My son and I doing Praise song

Description : Lyrics by me! Mixed By Xstokes! Produced by Cyberflares and more! Original song called ~ -maromiri-anthropocene-mix-for-cyberflares by Xstokes

Description : Spoken word poetry with emphasis on the singing.

Description : free boat

Description : Donald at its best!
He tries with rock. Has he achieved his goal?


Description : rasputin/daemon21/ngSBB/elidotogg/tetsuyabeats/cyphon/txt-to-speech/hollies

Tracks 1 - 25 of 228