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Description : A double song that has spoken word vibes. This is from my fourth album ~ Moon star

Description : Spoken word poetry with emphasis on the singing.

Description : free boat

Description : Donald at it´s best!
He tries with rock. Has he achieved his goal?

Description : I got the idea for this track from a voice sample from Shamoozey, here on LM. There is also a voice sample from Billydragon and Kwerkyvocal from the LM spoken word section.

Description : A spoken word poem about my love, Christina!

Description : some words
ft loops by MegaPaul and VlaRB

Description : (Allegro con Anima) Loops from looperman. Made with Voicetone C1, eq, compressor, reverb, high filter and monkey style beat making.


Description : A sad love song in the form of 4 verses each composed of a haiku

Description : talking about biyang metal end pedal im makeing part one that gos into more depth of hookups ect but will delite this one as it take a lot of time to exsplane dont want to clog up loopermans server with long files you can requste a part ill up load any qustions ill answer as well in an epasode as i use part real studio part software wich means lota plugins you have i have real thing in my music room so loto talkabout

Description : doggerel

Description : rasputin/daemon21/ngSBB/elidotogg/tetsuyabeats/cyphon/txt-to-speech/hollies

Tags : | Spoken Word | 5.13 MB

Description : One World One Love

Description : a capella

Description : I will no longer be prodbyadxy
I will now be prodbycampbell to represent my last name.

Tags : | Spoken Word | 6.51 MB

Description : I think of this as "melodic talking" rather than "spoken word" or "rap", but I always struggle with what to label my stuff. The music is drum and voice, very basic. Mixed using Audacity (not in the list).
Look back to your forebears, look ahead to your children and their children, and that - that chain of generations - is your river - of life, of DNA, of blood. It's a potent metaphor for me and I keep trying to capture it in a song. What do you think of this one?

Description : Guided meditation to help you find peace

Description : Relax Yourself

Description : Do you feel fatigue? Come to have a rest!

Description : This is not music, but it can heal you!

Description : This is not music, but you'll like it!

Tags : | Spoken Word | 11.68 MB

Description : I hope you get a chance to check this track out

Tags : | Spoken Word | 11.10 MB

Description : Oh wat a difficult time this was..

Tags : | Spoken Word | 11.26 MB

Description : Feel free to check out the track

Tracks 1 - 25 of 217
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