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Description : You are not an accident, you are hear for multiple reasons. Spoken Word Poet Kamal breaks it down. Be inspired!
Description : R.I.P
Description : Download it on my www.soundcloud.com/vicamoor/your-greatest-friend-prod-by-viea A single off my upcoming mixtape, "VicaMOOR The GREAT" Like, share, comment :)
Description : Check out Black Inventions and find out how so many things that we use today and take for granted was created by African Americans. Spoken Word Poet Kamal brings the knowledge with the poetic flow.
Description : random sampyls
Description : Spoken Word Performance Poet Kamal Imani breaks down how what America and Americans do in terms of the isms, sexism, racism, narcissism, etc... will return in a bad way if people don't think in terms of humanity as a whole.
Description : Adrenalin
Tags : | Spoken Word | 4.20 MB
Description : The Story: He knows himself! A huge perverted Mongolian sex machine warrior. A selfish individual who keeps love at bay. Having a peculiar lifestyle, and interests, he knows he's not normal. He keeps his mask perfectly clean, so no one can see his true-self. He knows what she likes, and pretends to be that person. He knows himself. Animation Concept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBGkrZOPjGM
Description : Spoken Word, acoustic,
Description : We added some hip hop and rock to the spoken word track of I Am Champion.
Tags : | Spoken Word | 3.83 MB
Description : a speech from eye, BLACK DRAGON N2 DARK ANGEL, blood has become tainted whereas it would be more a desire of love yet desire has turned to vamp more so to destroy, to kill is sorrow set on a time table to serve only misery hate and turmoil, wake we must to save us is in truth of notion , may unity strike chords to prolong life rather than grant strength to evils of destruction, MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE WORLD ENTIRE, one love , one cure, one peace for life , not carry a piece to end us, of all of the most dangerous weapons and tools , the human psyche is the most lethal, true that
Description : its for all victims of homicide
Description : this is not a tape, but because of headaches load loops or acapella this in this way contribute to this page.
Description : A remix of 'Nebenwirkungen from 'Risiken und Nebenwirkungen' album by Toax http://www.loudmedicine.net/index.html Original music by Toax/promenade2239, no other loops or samples used for this project . Toax - vocal, midi programming: promenade - synthesizers, keyboards, realisation.
Tags : | Spoken Word | 3.14 MB
Description : a black canvas of time depicts images of our existence ranging from love hate good bad heavenly praise as well as the same for the sake of evil money being the larger of that notion where in the world could sanity reign over the fog of man to shower better understanding and more so moral sense questions the why in eye to see only confusion for the most part political calamity does not help either way , may way sake for peace guide us all...may luv reign peace
Description : This is all Burt's. I just had the privilege again of mixing. Burt narrates Emily Dickinson's 'The Snow' over an eclectic mix of hurdy gurdy, voice patches, string patches, bells. It seems the farm house and barn in Kerry Pardue's painting are abandoned. I focus more on the heavy blanket of snow covering everything. You can check out the painting and see if the track is working for you with it. http://audiosparksforart.com/project/farm-in-winter/
Tags : | Spoken Word | 547.03 KB
Description : My name is Aaron Leupp with Get Rideshare! Get Rideshare is an online service that offer free promotional codes for Lyft & Uber so that you can ride for free, today! You can learn more about what we offer and take advantage of our services at http://www.getrideshare.com ! To go straight to app download and get your free ride, visit: https://www.lyft.com/invited/VIP
Description : Fiery Spoken Word Poetry over a hot uptempo hip hop beat letting the today's young lions know that they have a chance at making a change in their lives and society by Spoken Word Poet Kamal Imani
Description : house old skool phil kawf
Description : Shades of HipnoSis is Sexy! Shades of HipnoSis is romantic, soulful, hip hop & R&B. It's also very poetical. He's talking about how this sensual female put him in a trance. After the initial lyrics, Kamal let's the groove ride so you can ride with it. Enjoy the female neo soul voice on the hook as well. Check tempo
Tags : | Spoken Word | 2.81 MB
Description : Spoken Word with Rhythm. It's a song about dedication and being there for the one you love. People can easily say what they are going to do but not really mean any of the words. I learned a hard lesson in that today.
Description : Hi@ll, found Shamoozey's vocals here and had the idea to made a litte track with it.
Description : Hi there! Well, this is a track for the phatkatz4's Halloween Track Challenge [https://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/183960/halloween-track-challenge]. It's not a music, but... it's a track :P . Sorry about my accent. My native language is spanish, my english is not perfect, so sorry for mistakes (grammar, pronunciation, etc). I hope you like it. Thanks! SUN & MOON... FIRE & ICE HEART... LIGHT & DARK FUSION...
Description : "Welcome to the mad house" this is a creepy track that i made for halloween
Description : This isn't so much a song, but more a rant on my part. On August 11, we welcomed our grandson into this world. As I was holding him late one night, I started thinking about the world and what he was inheriting from us. I decided to vent a bit and used my IPad to record, arrange and produce this one. I used Samplitude and some Magix loops. As to my voice, let me say, I'm not a smoker. I quit in 1991. I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease in 2003 (pulmonary fibrosis), and given less than 3 years to live. Well, here we are 12 years later and I'm still here. I don't know why, and I'm not going to question my good luck. But 12 years of having my lungs ravaged by pulmonary fibrosis has left me with something akin to exhaust noise, haha. Anyway, not sure about the mix. I'll post a link to the stems if anyone wants to do something with this one when I get back in the studio. This one's dedicated to Paxton Ray Lang, P Ray. Thanks for the inspiration. Love papa
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