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4th Apr 2016 14:58 - 8 years ago

Search Rating : 25.80

Description : Suspense!!!!
12th Nov 2021 20:49 - 2 years ago

Search Rating : 12.90

Description : If you like my works you can support via Buymeacoffee. Patreons get one bonus track. :)

This music has free rights. You can use it in your project, but please credit the name of the Author and Music.
"Misterbates - Hurricane"

Original Soundtrack by Misterbates
19th Apr 2021 00:05 - 3 years ago

Search Rating : 12.90

Description : chilled easy, smooth, suspense
14th Feb 2020 20:31 - 4 years ago

Search Rating : 12.90

Description : My cinematic masterpiece Convo! :-) This song is great for action scenes and building suspense.

"Who Goin be the hero?"

This song and others from the album are available for licensing and using in videos, tv, and film.

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12th Aug 2013 23:41 - 10 years ago
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Search Rating : 12.90

Description : Music can create many moods, but for me my favorite is the cinematic epic track. It creates tension, emotion and suspense. Foolin with Madness is exactly what it says. It's not pretty and soothing, it's directly in your face like a slap in the face with a wet fish. I think I lost my mind in it. You never know if it's going to work or not until you are nearly done, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to take those risks. I have been doing a lot of commercial game tracks lately and this one seems to fit right in there. Comments are always welcome. Cheers and keep on makin' tunes ! - Bilbozo
Tracks (5)