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Description : This is my first ever hard house tune. I sampled a few classic hard house tunes for the bass and a hat loop. For the lead I tripled layered using nexus2 and put a load of filters on. If you have any questions just ask. It's free so download and play it loud.
Tags : | Hardcore | 9.46 MB
Description : Starring - funkeet, sterixx, guitarjock, danke in my hardcore creation. Dark side, dark tide.
Tags : | Hardcore | 6.29 MB
Description : BPM 144, i used Ibanez Apex, Bias Fx and custom amp made by Diamant. Thanks to MetalEd for vocal parts. You can hear it here: https://soundcloud.com/alkora-1/yan-feat-metaled-to-the-threshold-hatebreed-cover Enjoy !
Tags : | Hardcore | 10.04 MB
Description : Starring - zorno, imjp, profplum,djshemzee
Description : Hey Looperfam! Back with a WIP! Feedback? Thoughts? Thank you and have a lit day!
Tags : | Hardcore | 2.66 MB
Description : 'Take your Chance' is an hardstyle track with 170 bpm (...work in progress). Enjoy!
Description : Hey Looperman! I made this quick mock up idea and I want to take it somewhere. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!
Tags : | Hardcore | 2.62 MB
Description : Feel my Energy is an hardstyle track (...under construction!). Enjoy!
Tags : | Hardcore | 2.62 MB
Description : Demo Melody Hardstyle (...under construction). Enjoy!
Description : HardCore Underground Hip Hop Beat. Mc's spit....let me hear what you got. Trying to put a comp together.
Description : Hello, Looperman Community I am the God of Core and I am a Producer / Artist from Atlanta with a style I like to call "Hard Trapstyle" Not to be confused with Hard Trap. Hard Trapstyle is best explained to be a mix between SAYMYNAME and Headhunterz. Many more tracks to come. Find my Youtube and Facebook to collab SUBSCRIBE TO BE THE FIRST TO KNOW ABOUT NEW RELEASES The first full release by Atlanta native Hardstyle EDM Producer and DJ, God of Core. This mix is a cumulation of mostly original God of Core productions and a few artist tracks. Mixing Hard Trap, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle and Hardcore to create massive drops, Hard bass lines and jaw dropping melodies For Booking, Email ? ©2017 God of Core and this mix are owned and produced solely by God of Core. Any unlawful usage of any sound on God of Core produced mixes or tracks other than public samples is strictly forbidden.
Tags : | Hardcore | 2.80 MB
Description : (Under Construction) Melancholy melody with Hardstyle variation. Enjoy! :-D
Tags : | Hardcore | 4.56 MB
Description : "Reverb" is an Hardtsyle track with 170 bpm. Enjoy!
Tags : | Hardcore | 4.24 MB | Featured
Description : So This may or may not be my last looperman post because I've gotten a record label and now I'm on youtube, soundcloud and iTunes. I actually may post every now and then but heres my soundcloud link https://soundcloud.com/rexyh
Tags : | Hardcore | 5.43 MB
Description : Fl studio, Fenchcore/Hardcore
Tags : | Hardcore | 3.89 MB | Featured
Description : "Devastation" is an Hardtsyle track with 170 bpm. Enjoy!
Tags : | Hardcore | 6.68 MB
Description : epic melodic hardcore
Tags : | Hardcore | 3.54 MB
Description : "Killer Beats" is an Hardtsyle track with 170 bpm. Enjoy!
Tags : | Hardcore | 4.86 MB
Description : "Energy Boost" is an Jumpstyle/Hardtsyle track with 170 bpm. Enjoy!
Tags : | Hardcore | 2.49 MB
Description : ringtone for smartphone, piano intro and variation hardstyle. Enjoy!
Tags : | Hardcore | 4.31 MB
Description : Genre:Hardstyle Program: Fl studio 9 After a few years, I'm back with new projects, soon I'll be posting new songs and loops sharing with you.
Tags : | Trap | 9.82 MB
Description : New single called Blaze. this track is a fusion of chill trap/hardcore trap and future bass. It is structured to be very very different styles and dynamic ranges all throughout the song. It is to represent fire and how it can be chaotic and beautiful simultaneously, feedback is encouraged, enjoy! -7venthSense
Tags : | Hardcore | 1.91 MB
Description : ...difficult choice! i continue as version: melodic or acid? ;-)
Description : DJ The Observer FT Spivkurl -The 1 and only Hardcore Future............. UPDATED 21/11......... Many thanks to the lovely Oooh made by ESORENI and Percusionloops from DANKE and LIMINN. Synths are from AEREAS (1st part) and SPIVKURL (2nd part)......
Description : so I made this track (this is just a part of it) and I guess my singer jumped off the project due to too much work idk, so I need a female singer who can record her voice in at least an acceptable quality. If you are or if you know a female singer who is good then hit me up with a msg. thx for listening and downloading my loops HR
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1373
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