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Description : DJ The Observer ft The chipmunks - F4k a dog

Meet Alvin and The chipmunks on drukz !
Hardcore remix ..

Description : This track starts off with some Jazzy Neo-Soul then gets into some Funk with a Rock Space-Synth solo, then ends with some straight Neo-Soul.
So I won't offend anyone that's hardcore into Funk, I'd say this track is "Funkish"

Description : This is my attempt at akinda sorta Chillout track.
So that no one that's hardcore into "Chillout" will be offended, I say it's "Chillish.


Description : darkened hardcore
200 BPM

Tags : | Trip Hop | 7.18 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : An organic kind of love mixed with some fabled elements. Post-Hardcore.

Tags : | Hardcore | 12.13 MB | FL Studio

Description : Kwasmic - Masters & Slaves (P!Xel Will Make Trancecore Great Again Remix)
Original track by Kwasmic aka Tyfin aka Chase K
Distorted Gabber kick + Happy Hardcore / Makina bass & synth stab + Flangered lead synth

Description : new hardcore track

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.24 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Artist: DJ Alvin
Track: DJ Alvin - Hardcore
ISRC: ITSY42100006

Description : hardcore hiphop

Description : If you want more phonk contact with me)
used hardcore on bassline xD

Description : Uk hardcore track with nods to the older style of happy hardcore but with a 2021 style lead

Tags : | EDM | 8.64 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hardcore - Original Mix- by Mikeed

Description : Happy Hardcore track, avalible in Youtube & Spotify.

Description : A Happy Hardcore track inspired by my fav artist S3RL

Tags : | Hardcore | 8.10 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hardcore / Gabber Punk

Description : Something Scarlxrd/Ghostemane etc would use

Description : Modernish Hardcore sound

Description : Another more recent track I made in few days or so. Heavily on experimental side. Some hardcore, uptempo, rawstyle and drum&bass.

Melody is made by Ian-Van-Dahl-Ish (I think) Downloaded the sample years ago so.

Track has some finnish stuff that I include in lyrics with translation.. Yay :D

Description : Hardcore

Description : Aka. Satan's Wanker

This is my first attempt to some sort of hardcore's UpTempo sub genre. Nasty kick's, filthy bass and some famous finnish spoken words. Please, don't take this too seriously.. when I started this random project, I had quite strong medication. :D

Description : Hardcore Guitar Instrumental 2014 No006

Tags : | Rap | 8.67 MB | FL Studio


Description : Hardcore Remix from Garlicbabys - I Love it

Description : Hardcore Guitar Instrumental 2014 no-002

Description : This is where my album shifts to the hardcore tracks. I have dedicated a lot of skills into this one. It features Jenifer Lawrence voice with a piano loop from the movie passengers, and then a reise bassline merges in. When the drop starts all hell breaks loose. Hope you guys enjoy.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 647