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Description : Giving my all in 60 seconds. Enjoy!

*** MUSIC: DivadyAlbum

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Description : What does your reflection say? Music is my medicine and I hope it serves you well.

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** thank you JULIUS H for sharing your music!

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Description : Music kemossabe

Description : Wrote and sang this to an acoustic instrumental by Ryini Beats. Acapella is up

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.99 MB

Description : Just old guitar and mic

Description : instrumental composed with my korg grandstage ,kontakt and fl studio

Tags : | Acoustic | 8.28 MB | FL Studio

Description : Very Smooth trippy acoustic track

Description : As the US reaches the grim milestone of over 400,000 deaths due to COVID, I post this pella from Songboy3 on ccMister. This is probably my most favorite hymn. Vox from Songboy3, all the rest from yours truly. This is for all who have suffered from this hideous plague.

Description : Enjoy

Description : Non commercial/Personal use only. . . . . .

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.87 MB | FL Studio

Description : Cinematic guitar 1 and 2

Description : A song with acoustic guitars in 7/8 and frequently returning 4/4 measures. 100 bpm. This track is looking for a violin to play over...
It's not the final version yet.

Description : It gives me great pleasure to upload this track I did with Richie. Usually we work "backwards", with him building a track around my vocs, but this time his instrumental came first. I love it's encouraging and motivational lyrics and as always Richie's care in making EVERYTHING perfect! :-) Totally didn't know what genre to put it in. Enjoy.

Description : just a remake for the pleasure

Description : i whrote this beat when i was in deppresion
tell me is usuable or not
u can dm me on inst:

Description : Ethnic Percussion, Flutes, Choirs, Effects

Description : It has been a while since I posted anything
So I made this from scratch and I like it
A melodic rapper, Casanovablue that I've been working with wanted to sing on it so I think we're both gonna release this as a single.
I'm making an album and I want a lot of genre diversity, so if anyone wants to collaborate, please email me (email in bio)

Description : Authentically lofi-accoustic number, recorded live by a cracking campfire on my mobile phone's microphone, later transferred to DAW for a touch of EQ. This song has been with me for over 20 years, written originally to celebrate the ousting of a right leaning government by a more lefty, liberal one. No nudity was actually involved.

Description : Another collaboration I made with my friend Petru Lazari. Another love song?? Yes!!! :) :)

Description : lil peep type beat, chill beat, aquostic quitar
DM me on inst @lil.kotikk____ if u wanna colab or custom beat.
Tell me it is usuable or not. COMMENT PLZ
u can send me what did u want

Tags : | Acoustic | 11.18 MB | FL Studio

Description : A bunch of sounds from The Mid to Far East

Description : instrumental composed this week
first version simple

Description : This is a track that was mixed by Marek Iwaszkiewicz. We virtually met on Soundcloud some many years ago. It's kind of funny because I first wrote to him to ask his permission to sing on one of his beautiful songs (orchestrations). He didn't agree at the time and some years after he asked the permission to mix my track. It was something very simple: voice, lyrics and clumsy acoustic guitar by me.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.13 MB | FL Studio

Description : melodic beat with acoustic quitar
if u wanna collab dm me in inst

Tags : | Acoustic | 13.41 MB | Reaper

Description : This song is beautiful.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1724
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