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Tags : | Grime | 11.04 MB | Featured
Description : grimey hybrid..... loving make these sounding tracks
anyone genuinely "got bars" hit me up this n dnb rapper would be nice to meet
Description : London grime breakbeat and dubstep/hardbass Hybrid ableton live recorded freestyle arrangement first full run, pritty clean for first full run through pain steaking organisation and identification/modification/creation of loops but lol
Tags : | Grime | 4.78 MB | Featured
Description : Grime beat,,still a wip
Tags : | Grime | 5.23 MB
Description : Ninja Vibes Grime 140 bpm FLstudio..@odotzed/instagram
Tags : | Grime | 5.59 MB
Description : A beat i got up this morning and started working on, just now found more time to work on new beats,so please enjoy. If you are interested in this beat, email me.
Tags : | Grime | 7.91 MB
Description : i made loads of music recently..heres a grime beat for you ;) 140 bpm GRIME GANG
High energy but simple,dutty OdotZED riddims are coming back trusss me
follow on instagram for live studio sessions and that ..@odotzed
Tags : | Grime | 5.77 MB
Description : made in FL...follow me on instagram to see beatmaking videos lol ...@odotzed
Tags : | Grime | 4.58 MB | Colab Request
Description : If used please send over what you created:)
grime never died.
Needs more work but a throw away beat.
Tags : | Grime | 2.62 MB
Description : im back to making beats..have this one free download
if u use it show me your work..bless up
Tags : | Grime | 5.76 MB
Description : still workin on this,also need a name,what u reckon?? used old plugins for that classic grime shit ;)
Tags : | Grime | 3.98 MB | Featured
Description : REVIVAL is a Free Grime Instrumental available for all use (licences apply)

Free for all uses as long as 'SharpWave Productions' is credited as a composer and Producer.
Tags : | Grime | 2.88 MB
Description : another quick Grime/Trap beat
Fl studio
140 bpm grime gang
Tags : | Grime | 3.66 MB
Description : quickly strapped this together...straight grime 140 bpm FREE DOWNLOAD
Tags : | Grime | 5.23 MB
Description : Stick to the shadows...
Made in flstudio mostly sakura,no loops all composed by mixed a little
Tags : | Grime | 2.80 MB | Colab Request
Description : Grime Instrumental
Tags : | Grime | 2.80 MB
Description : After a long time of not uploading i thought i would cook up something quick time, not quite mixed and finished but who gives a toss, enjoy.
Tags : | Grime | 5.76 MB
Description : Just made this randomly,i actually wrote so many bars to this beat,bar fuel gang.140bpm..not even tried to mix cos i have no equipment set up..just i phone earphones lol..but i like the flow of this beat still..thanks for listening,bless up..(edit)now gave it a little mixdown!
Tags : | Grime | 4.25 MB
Description : Not really a grime beat,more trap..but i cant choose another feels wrong lol
Tags : | Grime | 8.45 MB | Colab Request
Description : Produced this using an acapella found on this site. mad credit tot Jimmery Caine.
Hope you like this one with more to come.
Tags : | Grime | 6.39 MB | Featured
Description : Get brassed Grime instrumental
Description : Need to finish it
Tags : | Grime | 3.38 MB
Description : new grime tune i produced on reason, finally back in the flow of things, if you haven't already check out my last song glacier and show it some love!
Tags : | Grime | 10.29 MB
Description : HIPPITYHOP M8
Tags : | Grime | 2.62 MB
Description : Made this ages ago..dug it out for a friend and remembered how dutty this download..Grime 140 bpm,FL studio...
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