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Tags : | Folk | 1.85 MB
Description : Ügynökség - Véget ért a nyár (Khiflee Guitar Version) --- Remix és most [2017.05.14]
Tags : | Folk | 8.49 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Out of the 55 songs I recorded with Sunny War from December to May, well, they're all my favorites, frankly, but this is one of my favorite favorites. For some reason, the melody or the words of the chorus, don't know which, affect me deeply. I remember writing it in my head walking the streets of San Francisco weeping behind my black shades. Yeah I'm a fool like that. When I started working with Sunny, I finished the song and wrote the verse around her. That happened a lot in the songs I wrote during the Sunny Sessions - a melding of both our experience - as we learned more about each other over time. I had some more orchestration going in but trimmed it back and just let the guitar sing on top of the drum loop, she did such beautiful guitar work it makes me smile every time I hear it, smile with tears in my eyes. I really hope you like this one.
Tags : | Folk | 4.17 MB
Description : A little inspiration from a galaxy far away.
Tags : | Folk | 6.28 MB
Description : Adele's Hello geared towards my folk style
Tags : | Folk | 2.11 MB
Description : 3 string cookie tin guitar jam with Snowflake's spoken word. Will put together an album of cigar box guitar music for free download soon. License - May We Join Hands? by snowflake (c) copyright 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. The rythym backing guitar is available in loop section, enjoy :D
Tags : | Folk | 8.59 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Recorded first draft of this in December with Sunny War, the vocals with a full loop orchestration, before we started using her guitar (yeah, I'm dumb). But the music was too pretty and saccharine. Then when I woke up to the magic of her guitar, we went back and started guitarifying everything we'd done. In this case, we replaced the entire loop orchestration with Sunny's guitar work, and now the song sounds like it was meant to. The lyrics are inspired by Sunny's life, which I was just getting to know about a little at the time. She used to ride trains around the country with her guitar, a la Woody Guthrie, when she was a teenager, and so that set my mind to imagining...
Tags : | Folk | 4.39 MB
Description : Yet another folk oriented track from the Eastern Europe this time with enchanting vocal loop provided by the looperman user Ratsouk. Being the Slav myself I hope i've found at least partially that unique vibe from the East.
Tags : | Folk | 9.36 MB
Description : Totally different story here as I wondered if I manage to capture the real feel of the genuine folk music which I love as much as the electronic one. I also added some classical twist like oboe or short cellos arpeggio. Very basic arrangement though, still feel more confident with pure electronic sounds.
Tags : | Folk | 7.01 MB
Description : Kindofa '60s work song. Another song from my collab with Sunny War. This is the first song on our album HELP which we should get done this month. This song started with looperman-l-0498019-0072501-tumbleweed-90-g-slow-train-rhythm, a great rhythm guitar riff; the song just emerged out of it without effort. Props to Tumbleweed and his great guitar loops which I have often used. Then there were three other loops, drum, piano and lead guitar. Sunny replaced the guitar loops with her acoustic picking, using Tumbleweed's loop as the inspiration. The drum and piano loops remain: looperman-l-1703213-0101854-deathsquadktown-1994-inspired-hip-hop-drum-beat 90, looperman-l-0592478-0101770-designedimpression-piano-loop-will-power-94 g. Thank you, loopers! Feedback please!
Tags : | Folk | 4.90 MB | Colab Request
Description : Some more singer-songwriter music and vocals
Tags : | Folk | 2.21 MB
Description : 3 string electric cigar box guitar. Quick improv jam for Upwelling of melted ice pic Don't forget to join the fun with your own music and vote for your fav :D
Tags : | Folk | 8.72 MB
Description : A tribute to all the heroes who protect marine life.
Tags : | Folk | 6.23 MB | Colab Request
Description : Slower paced indie pop song, hints of blues and jazz
Tags : | Folk | 1.75 MB
Description : Celthyan - The Harp of Ghalan Dïm Enjoy this new music composed with two harps, hoir, violin, clarinet, picolo and cello!
Tags : | Folk | 2.72 MB | Colab Request
Description : Second Song of my Ep Rainy Chistmas, Hope you like it. Thanks Add in Facebook
Tags : | Folk | 5.09 MB
Description : Piano / Vocals
Tags : | Folk | 2.25 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Tags : | Folk | 5.43 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Most politicians are like zombies
Description : Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Piano, Indie
Tags : | Folk | 5.63 MB | Colab Request
Description : Provided Beat, Vocals, Lyrics Piano, Bells by username synertech
Tags : | Folk | 522.71 KB
Description : Just a talented squirrel.
Tags : | Folk | 7.49 MB
Description : Vocals mixed, Video Games Cover
Tags : | Folk | 5.80 MB
Description : Inspired partly by the movie(hence it's title),i wanted to create a feelgood,positive and at times silly kinda song. All good fun. Hopefully i achieved that. Seeing my 8 year-old son busting some daft dance moves listening to it,will forever stay with me. Have fun folks. Nelson
Tags : | Folk | 8.23 MB
Description : I guess this track never did get uploaded, it's from a couple years ago. Anyway the Music is by MStokes, Chuck Bailey added the vocals.
Tags : | Folk | 3.52 MB | Featured
Description : Inspired by a purple egg I once saw.
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