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Description : Melody with Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar

Description : Bass in your face. Thats all i gotta say lol. ENjoy

Tags : | Rock | 1.16 MB | Logic Pro

Description : made with drum sample from Ola Englunds youtube channel, he submits drums and people make guitar / bass riffs over them

Description : I will be uploading some of my oldskool tracks that i produced for an EP also are old tacks from this site i took off to add to the album.

I am now re-uploading some of my best ep tracks from back in day hope you all like and feel free to download and leave a comment

Description : Anomy
Piano, emotional, bass, deep

Description : a fire drum n bass song go here it :)
the songs tempo is 174 bpm make an acapella for it

Description : i made DARK SICK BEAT 113 BPM in fl studio with the sick bass line
send link if u made a song with them

Description : bass, guitar layers, drums, keys

Tags : | Rock | 4.86 MB | Colab Request | Reaper

Description : New Rock track. Drums are AD2, live guitars, and bass. Sampletank 4 on the chorus. Vocals are mostly random shit right now. Will be redone. Edit 4-18-21 Moved the guitar solos and extended the 1st chorus.

Description : I put a lot of distortion on the lead and bass. The main chords are super saw layers and the guitar melody is from a sample pack.

Tags : | Rap | 6.47 MB | FL Studio

Description : no bass

Tags : | Jazz | 3.47 MB | Reaper

Description : About 3.5 min of jammin on Drums, Synth bass, piano, nylon string, and electric guitar...enjoy.

Description : Drum N Bass Thingy Ma Bob

Tags : | Indie | 6.66 MB | FL Studio

Description : Just drums,bass and vocals.

Description : Found out I had no idea on how to make a hiphop track so eventually I gave up and put the vocals over a break and added a little bass and synth.

Tags : | Jazz | 10.27 MB | Reaper

Description : MarionGaillard made some beautiful guitar loops. I liked them so much I used all 10. I provided lead, bass, and drums. Enjoy.

Tags : | Blues | 8.32 MB | Reaper

Description : Some fun additions to the track by HamsterLewis.

Totally self gratifying, added guitar, bass and some supplemental drums... enjoy

Tags : | House | 8.27 MB | FL Studio

Description : bass house.

Description : bass, guitar layers, dub drums

Description : Meant to release this PHONK yesterday.

Just a freestyled here. Trying to be a little darker now.

Used three vocal samples and sampled the drum samples with samples. Only thing I made was the 808 melody, an 808 bass and two snares.

Lastly, this is downloadable. Please give credit where it's due.

Description : You can get full track for $5, email me novanaery[at]

Tags : | Indie | 8.65 MB | Reaper

Description : I clicked "loops and samples" and downloaded about 25 from the first page, strung them together, added nylon and electric guitar, synth bass and drums.

Seems like the trend is still dark melodies and trap beats, can you hear the tropes?... enjoy.

Description : Greetings dear community members,For this project i did a lil side project to help guitar and bass players on there way in the world of music. The good news is also that this song will be downloadable. But do keep in mind to follow the guidelines of the Creative Commons & Fair Use Agreedment. This is a simple side project to help guitar and bass players on there way. So let me know what you think of it in the comment section of course. With kind regards, Verdi

Description : TRAP BEAT DABABY TYPE BEAT 193 bpm very cool bass

Tags : | EDM | 1.82 MB | FL Studio

Description : Future Bass

Tracks 1 - 25 of 5970
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