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Tags : | Acoustic | 1.58 MB
Description : it's yours :)x
Description : It's been quite a long time since I shared anything. Been busy working on the things I feel I need to work on. Vocal work and Keyboard experience. Also went back to Jam Stix for Drums. I feel they sound more like Live drums then Midi clips. All guitars, Vocals, Bass and Keyboards are me. Drums are Jamstix 4. Vocals still need work as well as additional lyrics. There was a time when I usually didn't have shit for vocals and lyrics so that is a step in the right direction.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.59 MB | Featured
Description : sample from lofy21 - modern classical piano
chopped and swapped a bit let me know if i should adjust the bass treble or mid levels of the piano or any other tips thank you and if you think i should allow downloads
Description : This is a start, it's not the end. Like it and want to have the loops? Leave a comment and I'll upload them like I did for other tracks!

- Midi keyboard
- drums
- rhythm guitar
- solo guitar
- bass (the bassline has a hum though so I will rerecord this)
Tags : | Rock | 3.56 MB | Featured
Description : this was an exsperiment im using 2 guitar peddles as a sound card no amp no sound card just pedals im playing bass all guitars without high e and b string as i broke them using studio drums wich im feeding off of in a live jam session I got volcals for this but I tend to almost crack songs on first take I just jam and it works and then get bored with it start something els if I get off my bum I may let you here them one day id say true genre is boston new alternative seen
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.79 MB
Description : Production and Vocals - 2nick8
Acoustic Guitar - Offthewall - James Fraser (kompoz)
Bass - JeanLbass (kompoz)
Tags : | RnB | 3.45 MB | Adult Content
Description : Production and vocals - 2nick8
Bass- JeanLbass(kompoz)
Tags : | Electronic | 4.90 MB
Description : A little bass~experiment
Hope you like it
Tags : | Rap | 6.79 MB
Description : Production and vocals - 2nick8
Drums - ATL Drums ( kompoz )
Bass - George SC ( kompoz )
Description : Gentle Piece. 1st Section quite formal A soft string pad drifts a searching melody over a series of developing harmonies with a simple fundamental bass.
The second section introduces a xylophone with repeats, a rhythm section including sparse tr8 beats, Electric Piano, congas, and an old Ibanez Bass that has a warm sound
Tags : | House | 13.44 MB | Featured
Description : My New Track For My New LP Called "Virtual World"

And My First Time Making Bass House
Tags : | Electronic | 3.73 MB | Featured
Description : Whats new? well, this a new track coming from the debut album called, "World Futurism." production blends live Recording, world music samples and field recordings with elements of footwork, hip-hop and house and UK Bass.

My Afro-influenced sound comes from its heavy sampling, from various Tribes, and this leads to an aesthetic that makes the music new and old at the same time.

Album coming soon...We will have some early streaming of the album here.
Tags : | Cinematic | 5.04 MB | Featured
Description : For this song in particular, I gotta thank Fanto8bc for his loops, because they ROCK!

Here's what I've used from his library and cCelthyan's library:
--- Fanto8BC ---
- melis synth
- mycie beat
- dwynn
- celeina bass
- xylan synth
- isaur synth
- brionna bass
--- cCelthyan ---
- hybrid drumming
Description : Dark Drum & Bass
Tags : | Dubstep | 4.16 MB | Has Lyrics
Tags : | Dance | 6.35 MB
Description : This is my second future bass style track all for you guys!
Tags : | Trap | 3.17 MB
Description : Horizon Lines Prod. Johny B
I finally discovered how to do automation clips for plugins...Finally..Let me know what you think! My head phones arent the best so I dont know if I got the bass right
Description : Finally writing new stuff, this is something new I came up with about my frustrations lately. Let me know your thoughts!

Piano/guitar from hendriksmusic.
Drum from otto22.
Lyrics, synths, bass, vocals from yours truly.
Description : Melodic/Atmosphere metal..Guitar Rig 5 guitar and bass. Used a drum track.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.37 MB
Description : Production , lyrics and vocals - 2nick8
Bass and guitars - XMark(kompoz)
Drums - RealAi(kompoz)
Radio edit version on XMARK youtube music Channel
Description : Deep Dark and dirty drum & bass
Tags : | Dance | 6.87 MB
Description : This is my first attempt at making Future bass!
Description : Down Tempo Death Core. Guitar rig 5 Guitars and bass. My first attempt ..
Tags : | Chill Out | 8.85 MB | Featured
Description : An older track from me (2008). In this new version I improved mixing, added more bass and reworked the piano ...
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