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Description : I always wanted to write a song called Tomorrow.
Has a nice slow Country feel to it.
Tags : | Country | 4.34 MB
Description : Track by edwinschieveld
Tags : | Country | 5.64 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : This song was recorded by a number of big name artists of the day in the 1970's including Haggard and Crystal Gayle. I did it more Merle Haggards's style but I did it my own way too.
My wife asked me to do this one for her.
I am performing all except midi drums.
(c) Copyright 1974 Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson
Description : Stupid song my friend and I wrote boiii.
Tags : | Country | 7.15 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My latest in my recent series of cover songs. The line "don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy" was very impactive to me in my late teens. One of my all time favourite songs; the Eagles were talent stacked to say the least.
I am performing all except drums and the banjo (during the finale) which are done in MIDI.
Description : Some Mouthorgan, some Bluesharp, ab bit of Drums and singing and a good equipment. That is all You need to produce some musik.
Description : title says it all :)
Tags : | Country | 5.84 MB
Description : Old fashion Railroad country & western. Home made music using own guitar, banjo, harp and loops.
Description : Love Movie title can use for movie/video titles credits please
Description : Inspired by a road trip I took for work from Ohio to Oaklahoma then to Texas.
Tags : | Country | 9.89 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My first attempt at country, Apple loops for drums, the rest a mix of guitars including a lap slide.A fun tune for me hopefully for you as well....Doc
Tags : | Country | 7.33 MB
Description : Based on ESoreni's acapella "looperman-a-1887991-0010180-esoreni-acapella-51". It was positioned as country music to do, and I attempted to make bluegrass/blues song (never did something like that :) ).Many thanks to ESoreni!
This track is fully noncommercial!
Description : Randall822 did a wonderful country track that charmed me. I wrote and sang the deep love lyrics in Oroko (Bantu language spoken in Cameroon) and in English. Enjoy!! And please tell me how I did.
Description : "SheIs Ke ai" Ringtone by Bold/ DI Project Studio
Tags : | Country | 8.99 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : A mellow song about love. Using Apple drum loops and everything else is me.
Tags : | Country | 3.89 MB
Description : Instrumental by Brado Sanz. Vocals by AustinMusic.
This is my first upload here, and its a pleasure to present a merging of two great talents.

All I did was transpose, sync the vocals and do a quick mixdown.

Sorry, no downloads until both give permission.
Description : Homemade Country Highway Music with using several loops like the Banjo, Harp, Guitar, Piano e.g.
Tags : | Country | 8.10 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : So much to think about these days. Being positive minded no matter what, is key.
Me performing on all instruments and vocals with the exception of MIDI drums. Southern Rock style.
Description : Wanted to put some words down and attempt something.
Credit to donel with his "To hell with them fellas" for the backbone to write on.
Still in the learning stage. Let me know what you think
Tags : | Country | 7.06 MB | Featured
Description : I wrote this song not long ago and i played everything except the drums they were loops.
Description : I recorded two versions of this song that were written for me by my daughter. One is slow and this track is more upbeat. Thanks for listening ..
Tags : | Country | 5.38 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I recorded two versions of this song that were written for me by my daughter. One is slow and the other track is more upbeat. Have a listen & I will upload the faster version next.
Thanks for listening ..
Tags : | Country | 1.98 MB
Description : Cover Version Of Johnny Cash
Tags : | Country | 1.66 MB
Description : Cover Version of Johnny Cash
Tags : | Country | 2.90 MB
Description : Cover Version Of Johnny Cash
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