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Tags : | Trance | 9.64 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Melodic psytrance with exotic drums, horns, a bundle of melodies and off course a growling animal :)

Description : Trance track with dark influences.

Description : Techno style music with some trance influences.

Description : SerjWhiteL

Tags : | Trance | 1.52 MB | Mixcraft

Description : made with Mixcraft

Tags : | Dance | 1.99 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Just an idea loop. I can imagine this finished as a dance/trance track lots of sinth sounds with quite a heavy fast beat..if anyone can do any thing with this sample.....have left without a beat

Loops can be used in your projects if you chose just let me know first thankyou and please write *ft Jenna Evans

#female vocals

Description : Shout out to Paganini and MINOR2GO for the lofi-guitar loop and the bird sfx. I'm not too sure what I made this time, kind of a deep house, trance or minimalist sort of vibe? I don't even know, but I think it sounds pretty good even though I only used native fl studio presets. Hope you all enjoy.

Tags : | Trance | 10.51 MB

Description : One of my first and oldest track (2001),quality not so great,I can't make better because I've lost my project with old hard drive(burn), but I hope You like it anyway :-))

Tags : | Trance | 10.28 MB

Description : Trance style

Description : My aim was for Psychedelic trance, but this came out way different. I don't know what this is. I downloaded the sounds which our planets make in the solar system. The ambience, the squares. Everything is solarnoises tuned up. Have yoy ever heard the sound of Saturn. Ive featered it in a gate effect and made this planet symphony haha. At the end my wife did some vocals and we cooked this one up. Enjoy ; )

Description : check my soundcloud for more tracks!

Tags : | Trance | 11.98 MB | Featured

Description : Would really love to hear feedback on this! Slightly different to my usual style but I think I have mastered it quite well. Please tell me what you think? Many thanks!

Tags : | Trance | 11.20 MB

Description : Trance style

Tags : | Trance | 9.79 MB

Description : Trance style

Tags : | EDM | 4.15 MB

Description : My First EDM Track!

Description : this is a work in progress. if any vocalist wants to collab, hit me up

Tags : | Trance | 8.07 MB

Description : WHITE SAND is a Psytrance song with some oriental touch.

Description : Original. 134 bpm


Description : my annual halloween special tradition continues :) 3 year now the day is like anniversery lol trance/acid something

Description : I'm making a trance track. Should this be the intro?

Also, if any vocalist or DJ wants to collaborate with me,let me in the comment section!

Tags : | Trance | 11.25 MB

Description : Samples of orchestra , choirs...

Tags : | Trance | 14.65 MB

Description : A version ive done of my friends track "Tony Powell" this is my take on his original work..
Catch this for free and i hope you will enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment :)

Tags : | Trance | 12.77 MB

Description : Been working on this in the background for a few months. Euporic, anthemic, uplifting trance stormer. Not professionally mastered so doesn't sound completely perfect, but good enough to share I hope!

Really hope you guys enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts!

Made entirely in FL Studio 20.

Tags : | Trance | 10.44 MB

Description : Psytrance

Tags : | Trance | 1.18 MB

Description : Bpm: 130

A loop that i've made on Ableton Live.

Feel free to use and post ;=)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 4912
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