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Description : Deep house with psy-trance and acid attributes. awesome bottom end and a mellow sound courtesy of a looperman loop from...Marry Beatz called HOpeful.

Description : Trance prod. by JBeats

Description : EDM Techno Trance Song

Description : Easily my best track. Old school trance.

Description : Heavy and Lovely pre-master for a droney trance-like industrial track..

Description : Titan 2 i use with FL studio

Description : Te Deum meets 2019. Abridged version.
The genre is definitely not correct but unfortunately there is no -
Dark industrial hypnotic trap dub trance wave electronics praises -

Description : Trance/breaks/instrumental

Description : Was neues you are living in me 2

Description : Hello and good morning!! This is my latest trance/electronic track. Everything you hear in the record was created by me using a variety of virtual synthesizers and/or instrument plug-ins. The only exceptions are the drumbeat, which I pulled from the Fruity Loops drum machine, and the vocal slices, which came from a royalty free sample pack hosted on MusicRadar.Com. Also, I pinched a couple of FX shots from the Fruity Loops database.

Description : first attempt at psy trance, used lots of software and remixed on reloop dj decks

Description : Jerry Kamit - Lan E Sape
Instrumen Sape X EDM Deep House & Trance Music

Description : soundpool, trance & 8 bit chiptune looperman

Description : Hi guys. This is an original electronic/trance track I made in Fruity Loops Studio. All the compositions are my own with the exception of the lone vocal sample (from a royalty free sample pack available through the Music Radar website) and the beat, which is a cookie cutter from the FL drum machine. Hope you all enjoy it. Get raving!!

Description : Ein instrumentaler electronic dance track house trance

Description : A new Vocal Progressive Trance. I like a lot the result, especially the guitar part with that change of rhythm. How about you?......
Again I do not have the rights for the vocals. The tempo is as usually 130bmp. Enjoy and have fun!

Description : Instrumental elektronische Tanzmusik house trance

Tags : | Trance | 5.37 MB | Acid Pro

Description : I took and R&B loop and turned it to trance. Kind of a slow song.

Tags : | Trance | 16.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : My last vocal trance composition featuring the voice of Elles de Graaf. I don't own the rights for the vocal. For the chords I used Gladiator. For the leads/pluck Spire and VpsAvenger and for the pads I used Spire as well. The preferred part is where I used Kontakt to get that awesome sound of the armenian Duduk. The tempo is 130 BPM

Tags : | Trance | 8.46 MB | Featured | Sonar

Description : Trance tune i finished (i think) this evening.

Title is all about the coming winter and the cold... (up here in the north)

Description : This was just something I had lying around that I started on this year. Worked on it from time to time, never really knew what to do with it.
Enjoy 'Grimfanged', in all its janky glory.

As always, I have no idea what to put this under... might be trance, might be house. Who knows, not me that's for sure.
I just make stuff I wanted to make.

Made with Magix Music Maker MX as usual.
I don't use samples, I use the built-in midi/track editor and utilize VSTs.

Tags : | Trance | 12.38 MB

Description : I Wrote this track as my 10 year milestone here on Looperman. When I first started out here I was just a Trance producer. In the spirit of that, I went back to that and couldn't think of a better way to celebrate 10 years on looperman. Hell I haven't even been on Facebook that long lol. I hope to hear from you all on this track and it is free for all who would want it. Much love looperfam. Thank you for 10 is to 10 more! ;*)

Tags : | Rock | 5.85 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Another practicing...
Still can't play guitar so simple and lame, but not so bad all in all counting my limited skills. Dunno if rock or metal fits better. One thing is sure, it's not trance. :D
Guitars by me, applied a single loop from Danke, SintheticRecords and MegaEnx.

Description : I can hear your voice Trance House

Description : Future Analysis und mihamu Trance House Titel

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