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Tags : | Trance | 2.44 MB | Featured
Description : BOUNCY TUNE
Description : Another track that i've been working (It is a BOOTLEG) Just listen to this track and feel the beat! If you could give some feedback i would appreciate it ;)
Description : It is a psychedelic trance off-beat track with 135 bpm. I produce music since some years. Mostly relaxing House, Techno and Experimental music.It is a balanced music between melodies, psy and beat. I made all by my self (besides the intro of didgeridoo an a roll volume, it is form looperman)! But this track is one of my first Goa/ Psychedelic trance tracks. It would be fine, if somebody leaf a comment. Because of that, I can improve the next Goa track. Also you could mix this track, so remix it to become more glitter or so. If you use this free track, pleas let me know anyway. It would be very interesting for me!
Description : Mantra trance
Description : Just the initial groove concept for a trancey electro track. Hoping to develop. Used a pretty aggressive FL plug-in called Maximus for the mix here.
Tags : | Trance | 7.70 MB
Description : They will come for you.......))
Description : Hey people. This track is for showing you guys and eventually some labels the difference of the quality of music I did last year until now. I think somewhere around here you can find the old version of the track from 2016. I also want u to - if you want to do some vocals vor this one - write me a message here or at . This collab request is only around here until 28th of april 'cause I want to finish this track somewhen ;) Thanks for reading Genre: Psytrance/Fullon/Trance Greatz, Squennix
Tags : | Trance | 19.49 MB
Description : Experimental.
Tags : | Trance | 13.65 MB | Featured
Description : This track was made after being abscent from music production for a long while. With this song i finally prooved to myself i could write Trance, even after struggling so much with arrangment before. The strange thing with producing music, is that you can be away from your work "forever", but then drop a track like this when emotions comes all of a sudden. The song was mixed in Ableton Live 9, exclusively using Sylenth1 Synth & Valhalla Reverb. The Mastering was done on a iMac 5K in Apple Logic Pro X and using the Izotope Ozone7 Advanced. This was the first Master ever, on my own tracks. Hope you enjoyed the song! // 3DFX
Tags : | Trance | 9.35 MB | Featured
Description : My first "professional" track after 8-9 years learning and practicing. Enjoy :) Created with FL Studio 11.
Description : hiphop come weird trance shit
Tags : | Trance | 19.77 MB
Description : Starring - fanto8bc, blazebeatsofficial, yappy, karl123321 and me in trance creation. Year 2016.
Tags : | Trance | 10.20 MB | Featured
Description : So this started out as just a mass around after listening to the original. Hopefully I've done the original proud. download and enjoy.
Tags : | Trance | 7.43 MB
Description : one new eurodance song only One Love
Tags : | Trance | 4.81 MB
Description : Friends, have long wanted to write something shamanic, because I'm from Siberia, but I do not live there. Here with your help that at me it has turned out.
Tags : | Trance | 7.43 MB
Description : new trance song made witch love
Tags : | Trance | 12.36 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : bouncy tune
Tags : | Trance | 18.71 MB | Featured
Description : Chicane - Offshore The uplifting trance remix produced by Sync Diversity Producers Karl and Friso Schaap. clean mix no samples used
Tags : | Electronic | 10.26 MB
Description : Hello! I have been silent on the site for a few weeks. I had some studying to do, unfortunately. I have tried to make a song that a vocalist could use. Maybe to make some money to pay for the Korg Volca FM that I want to buy. Any feedback on what could be improved is highly appreciated! (For now I will not allow downloads, if this track cannot be sold, I will open up downloads for the song) The style is a combination of future bass, vaporwave, trance and I guess a bit of sleep deprivation.
Tags : | Trance | 10.33 MB
Description : I came across a new vst called lethal audio and i downloaded the demo which you get 100 sounds. So apart from lethal audio i also used nexus 2 and z3ta2. download and enjoy.
Tags : | Trance | 10.51 MB
Description : instrumental trance project Copyright Sync Diversity Records
Tags : | Trance | 5.86 MB
Description : new trance sommer song :-)
Tags : | Trance | 10.52 MB
Description : instrumental trance project released on sync diversity records. my apolizes for the bad quality had to upload it on a low bitrate. for a better version check our bandcamp
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