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Description : An experimental track I made that i think has more of a "soundtrack to a scary film" feel to it. Would love some feedback. All original production and arrangements by myself and i retain all rights. Please contact me through here if you'd like to do something with it.
Tags : | Cinematic | 7.61 MB
Description : Mountain whispers is the second song on the Dark Limbo album. It aims at being more enchanted/magical than scary. Tell me if it's magical enough for you. If you have any criticism at all be sure to leave a comment below. Thanks for listening.
Tags : | Techno | 12.04 MB | Featured
Description : W.I.P. Mysterious intro continued by a hypnotic yet very energetic trip through different techno productions. I have at least 2 more techno parts to add and a few more scary booby traps. All together a 3/4 more mins to stack behind it. After that i'll run through the piece again, finalize mixing, master it and upload incl. download. Any feedback is welcome! MMMMMMMH FRESH MEAT!
Description : Made the beat and recorded to it... wanted to try something a little different with the lyrics and vocals. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
Tags : | Weird | 5.96 MB
Description : An elegant dame from Edwardian days, one glass eye staring through us, beyond us, prepares the seance to call back our dearly departed. I hope you will be inspired by this attempted bit of spookiness to submit your own scary track to the Midisparks Halloween Music Contest. Scroll down on the same link from above for info or hit me back and I'll fill you in. Happy Halloween!
Tags : | Ambient | 5.02 MB
Description : So far this is the only "scary" song I've made. I used the first half as an ambient introduction, which includes granulated samples, and variations of the piano melody that is played at the pay off. Despite it being one of my earlier things, I think it holds up quite well.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.72 MB
Description : Hey Guys . After two days im back with Mercede ... I love this Style of House music . what do you think ? ... leave me your comments and opinions . Im waiting here . I used fairy and scary sounds for lead . hope you like all ... Hanshake to all , MG
Description : This Dubstep Song is my first remix, based on multiple loops i found on this Website and vocals recovered from Youtube. (Pequod voice) Used loops : - (TheOfficialKatechism) - (theGibzy) - (franko75) Please don't hesitate to give feedback about this. I would be delighted to consider it.
Description : Hey Guys New Beat! Enjoy!
Description : Sooooo Scary , Made in Flstudio12 . My first Proj.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 9.45 MB
Description : Here is the first single off my new project with SoloCult, which consists of myself and my girl XelXel. We made a video to go with this one, which is a first, it can be found on youtube by searching ; Follow SickHop So far this track has broken our single day records by a wide margin and even outplayed our last EP in the first 72 hours. Beat is solid AF I think and that is part of the succses but also Xel killed her verse in a way that only she can. Killed it with a kinda Creepy Cuteness that is apparently the secret ingredient our fans have been waiting for. Hope all my fellow loopers enjoy as well. Dublin Mc ScaRy
Description : Already taken.. but enjoy it :D
Description : PLEASE SUPPORT MY SOUNDCLOUD PAGE soundcloud(dot)com(slash)MCREAPER666 you will find LYRICS for this track there! I used a lot of loops in this beat so thanks to all that provided. Sorry for the lack of credits. This song is about not being so much a stoner, but being someone who occasionally smokes weed and the scary highs you can get if you're not careful. Unique ending to the song so listen to the full song
Description : Here is one of my tracks from an upcoming project that has been driving me insane for the past month or two. This is a new style of production for me and im employing alot of new equip and programs so the process is not quite a workflow yet more of a "workSlow" hence the song title. Please my fellow producers and artists leave a comment if u have anything constructive to say, or if u just want to tell me i suck thats ok too. but i really am dying to get some legit feedback from my piers. I have four other trax needing to be wrapped up so i can drop this project and i dont know if i can do it without the help of my fellow loopers. CHeers Dublin Mc ScaRy SickHop SoloCult
Description : A song about longing and anxiety. I wrote this song about a difficult relationship. He was not good for me and scary as well. I hope that he is miles away.
Tags : | House | 2.96 MB | Featured
Description : scary track check it out
Description : New mystery , scary and some kind of weird beat for Hip-Hop.
Description : the first track on my recently dropped EP. Which is the first album of any length I have ever released. Thanks to all the #SickHop freekz who have been supporting us along the way. shit is gettin real. Mc ScaRy 777 #SickHop #SoloCult
Tags : | House | 4.80 MB
Description : This is NOT mastered or mixed. It will have vocals in the form of talking. I wanted to try something creepy/scary and I came up with this. I'm uploading this for some good/bad feedback hopefully, as it's not something I normally do.
Description : This is a brand new track that I just finished. Please help me spread this around! I would really love to find rappers/singers to collab with! Help a brother out! :)
Description : Hey guys!! I havent been posting in a while. Ive actually been working trying to get better as well as attempting to create my entertainment company. Random and i just thought like sharing. As always please give me any feedback negative or positive. If you use the beat please link me to the finished product. #TheVillains
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.19 MB
Description : Made with my lauchpad, using only beat box samples from a kit and some from my girl....oh the bassline is not beatbox sorry havent fig. that one out yet..... Enjoy Spit some FIre on it, ASK for a Collab or just listen by yourself, please lemme know what u think. Keep it Creepy Mc ScaRy 777 #SickHop #SoloCult
Tags : | Trap | 7.12 MB | Colab Request
Description : Trap Track I made a while back but never got around to mixing properly or spitting a verse....Hard Beat Thick HOllow Bass Drums, nice tempo for a spitter....hit me up if you wanna collab or just feel free to take a crack at it, just lemme know if you end up using it por favor... PS the BASS IS VERY LOUD as i never mixed this track at all, so you might want to mix n master it a bit, or if you have a strong vocal presence just get angry at the track and make sure to NOT use your inside voice.....also there is usually a gain knob near the mic input on your A/D converter that can make up for any lack of power you might have..... Insert here -> ( Explosion emoji, Confused face Emoji , Gun Emoji) Mc ScaRy 777 #SickHop
Description : special edidtion of our newest track posted on the cloud. feat. Xel Xel and Mc ScaRy 777 this is a #SickHop #SoloCult original made for a fan in quebec who helped us out recently with upgrading our studio. this version did not make it to the final cut, and differs from our public release, but i still think its a good mix...let me know what you think.
Description : Made in collaboration with Looper dez89er 's track SAX With myself Mc ScaRy 777 spittin some freestyle-ISH barz over his track....BOOM BAP thats a WRAP... #SickHop
Tracks 1 - 25 of 127
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