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Tags : | Electronic | 3.23 MB
Description : free music to download
Tags : | Electronic | 3.09 MB | Featured
Description : Description : Description : Check out EP "OGOU" https://djarloph.bandcamp.com/album/ogou-ep

Back on the deck again, DJ Arloph is not wasting time this year to bring his second EP on the air. Just the first EP "OGOU", this production focuses on organic elements with drum samples.It contains modern sounds such electronic down-tempo, future bass,and hip-hop, which makes the music sound old and new at the same time. With heavy sampling of African chants and sound generated from other tribes, this is production will bring more flavor and enjoyment--it's like Africa to your Ears.
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Description : Interdimensional Beings
Description : Timmy T 73 Binary BF
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Produced by me, Tim Fitzsimons (Binary BF) featuring vocal samples from vocalist eSoreni (Looperman). I like to produce flowing, layered looping melodies. This is in a mellow hip hop/trip hop ambient style. This is my first track uploaded and I may upload a different mix soon! Please let me know if you would like any of the parts for your own tracks. Anyone keen to add a rap vocal?
Tags : | Electronic | 3.67 MB | Featured
Description : Genre: VHS Wave
Feat: Cyberdiva & Gumi
Description : Hi guys! I'm back after 5 years, because of i always believe i've lost this account forever.... so, in these years i've not lost love for music. This is a song which mixes '80's drum synth with modern arrangement and is born to be a YouTube tune (but i wasn't able to upload as author in that as free use.) The title is an italian female name, which was the first female name appeared on my Facebook homepage.... maybe some of you could appreciate this track and... put some vocals on it?
Tags : | Electronic | 2.55 MB | Featured
Description : Ambient-ish electro.
Description : The latest track I've been working on. I uploaded this as a demo, but started experimenting with different sounds. I wanted light and dark. So there's light acoustic and dark electric guitars. Airy synths and moody bass. Kinda like how it's turning out. What do you guys think?
Tags : | Electronic | 6.57 MB
Description : Instrumental with over top glitch sound. Use the track how every want.
Tags : | Electronic | 8.48 MB | Featured
Description : I loved this buzzing deep bass sound and got this idea. Besides of that, I tried some jazz chords and combined it with this idea.

It has a magic atmosphere, I assume

Thanxxx for listening
Tags : | Electronic | 8.22 MB
Description : basic song
Tags : | Electronic | 7.64 MB
Description : Where's my Captain Save-a-Ho?
Tags : | Electronic | 8.57 MB | Featured
Description : Just a track I made from loops. I recorded the midi bassline. All done in Tracktion 6.
With thanks to the following geniuses for their loops.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.81 MB | Featured
Description : I've been working on my keyboard playing this past while, specifically trying to memorize chords and playing around with progressions, this is what I came up with while practicing that, constructive criticism welcome! ;)

I might do a remix pack in the near future if there is any interest, as the site seems to be lacking in that aspect recently (Always fun to remix fellow loopers tracks!)
Tags : | Electronic | 2.40 MB
Description : Just for Lyndsey :)
Description : This is the sound of hope.
130 BPM
V3.0 (3-12-2018)
New Old School Happy Techno
- The SOB - The Sound of Belgium
Tags : | Electronic | 7.18 MB
Description : The only thing older are rocks.
Description : Just a electronic/trap/hip hop beat I made, been looking for the right vocals to it. Feel free to help me out with this!
Tags : | Electronic | 13.52 MB
Description : Electronic Breaks own rights reserved. Developed in flstudio Daw.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.64 MB
Description : Women...my one true weakness.
Description : I have enough money to last me the rest of my life… Provided I die in the next hour or so.
Tags : | Electronic | 10.22 MB
Description : Instrumental electronic creations.
Description : Quick attempt at adding lyrics to Life Decoded's "Mechanic" track to give it a sort of EBM/Industrial/Aggrotech vibe. NOTE: This was all done in one take, errors included, no gsnap etc. xD
Tags : | Electronic | 7.81 MB | Featured
Description : BUY HERE: https://genasidalmusic.bandcamp.com/track/soulless

VOCAL SAMPLES: Lorde - Green Light (extracted by me as best as possible!)

Enjoy this new chill track my loves
Tags : | Electronic | 3.63 MB | Featured
Description : The vocal is from a sample pack and the synths are mainly super saws with filter modulation. Made this track with headphones so it might sound bad on speakers
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