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Description : a real deja-vu track sounds that haunt me in a serene way .. i tried bringing them out.. m not a professional but m neither unproffesional this track may need mastering .. but yeah give it a listen and drop some words of wisdom
Tags : | Electronic | 6.48 MB | Featured
Description : This is one track from the EP, which was originally called "Ethnic", now changed to "Pygmies' Fables". I have been working on the project. And It was suppose to be out in April. However, I have had setbacks that made hard to the project to take off. "Pygmies' Fables", draws inspiration from an imagination tribe that tells a story of everyday life of pygmies. The EP has 9 to 10 tracks (depends how the story unfolds), that varies from electronic, hip-hop,footwork, and heavy samples form old songs form famous bands and singers originally from continent Africa. Each track tracks is unique on its on,and tells different passage or chapter of story .
Tags : | Electronic | 2.55 MB
Description : A dark track composed by me with yamaha mx61 and cubase. For commercial use contact me. If you use it on personal projects credit me and let me know. thanks better sound quality at soundcloud.com/najuzaith
Tags : | Electronic | 3.16 MB | Featured
Description : Khiflee - Lose Your Mind (Inside No. 107 VIP) from "Sleeping Beauty - The Remixes" (2017.04.08)
Description : Future Bass
Tags : | Electronic | 9.23 MB
Description : I had to give something to KnowKontrol. You may like it. In the role of the main fanto8bc and me. Have fun listening
Tags : | Electronic | 12.32 MB
Description : My instrumental electronic creation with fanto8bc loops.Beauty progress...
Tags : | Electronic | 6.78 MB
Description : Dissolve
Description : I was going to scrap this whole thing out of frustration. It's inspired by the beauty and mystery of this photo (My desktop's wallpaper :D) https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=303917 It's a chillstep. I want it to be more... Exciting? Immersive? Relaxing? I can't think of which word exactly..but it needs to be more than it is. If you're a singer and are interested, please email me to receive the full version! Download and send to me? Otherwise please write below! Thanks! -Zivon
Tags : | Electronic | 7.22 MB | Featured
Description : techno, dubstep, robostep, sinkstep, gabber, glitch, edm, electro, house
Tags : | Electronic | 9.87 MB | Featured
Description : tropical dubstep or whatever 0_0
Tags : | Electronic | 4.89 MB
Description : Latest released single. Just have fun and jam to it, remix it, slice it up, download it, share it, hopefully enjoy it.Those are the precise reasons i wrote it in the first place. :) Its on Itunes, Spotify and all of that jazz, so throw me a buck for it if you feel it, but no worries if not. :)
Description : need vocals on this track. anybody down for a collab?
Description : For this song I just imagine the road to nowhere, just drive and think about nothing ! Hope your enjoy !
Tags : | Electronic | 9.17 MB | Featured
Description : The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.
Description : what do you guys think of the song i made today https://soundcloud.com/sebasss2 go there if you want to listen to more of my songs
Tags : | Electronic | 8.43 MB
Description : For all the T.i's out there!
Description : [PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES, THANKS] I want to stick with my fantasy theme, but a bit more on the sci-fi side. This is for an album I'm working on called "Dimensions" (I could use a female vocalist. If anyone's interested, please don't hesitate to email me :P) Please give me your best feedback. (P.S.)Let me know what it makes you think about :P (Seriously. Like i'm dead serious.) [Update] Took several suggestions, smoothed out transition to drops. Added more of a fantasy element to the whole mix ;)
Description : Mix of Progressive House and little bit of Deep House. Remixes? Send me a message asking about the stems and later Send to https://soundcloud.com/granade-records OR https://soundcloud.com/stamped-records Thanks
Tags : | Electronic | 5.81 MB
Description : Had this song sitting around for a while hoping to find a vocalist, without luck. I guess it'll have to be finished, hopefully it's still enjoyable :) If you like my style of music, check out more here: https://soundcloud.com/melodicdreamer
Tags : | Electronic | 3.17 MB
Description : https://soundcloud.com/sebasss2 if you want to listen to more of my songs
Tags : | Electronic | 6.02 MB
Description : Lack Of Motivation.
Description : Temporary Status
Description : Used samples from Black Sails & Michael Tsarion
Tags : | Electronic | 17.85 MB
Description : Starring- danke and me. Extract from my space suite. Cut remix.
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