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Tags : | Electronic | 9.14 MB | Featured
Description : Finaly made some track for 2 years. Quality isn't okay i know, but dont blame me, i'm a new guy)
Description : And the time goes by like forever as we stare at these lights
Tags : | Electronic | 7.70 MB | Featured
Description : Retro 80's style track. Was just playing with this one but it turned out pretty sweet. Produced and Engineered by AK47OG. Thanks to Silencekills,
Acoustic678 and Rmce.
Description : Had a little family gathering today a restaurant called Mimosa. Good food and good times. What you think the genre is for this. Electronic? Pop? Thanks to all for: 0115875-haraluu1666-hara-luu-euphoria, 0115187-druciferbeats-xxxtentacion-type-bells-125bpm, 0119454-weazelbeats-simply-sad-chords, 0110833-mladostmusic-migos-style-arp, 0119447-emotionalsad-violence, 0098381-corruptionedm-typical-edm-pluck, 0119468-lacore-gezeiten-flute, 0102967-yappy-draggin-from-80bpm, 0116142-wattersonthebeat-soft-keys-2-drums-80bpm. Key: D minor
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Description : 100 BPM Electronic. This one took over a year to make.

1 - Intro
2 - Circles
3 - Return
4 - The Unexpected Things
5 - Eternity VIP
6 - Things To Come
Description : Witch house
Tags : | Electronic | 7.49 MB | Featured
Description : When someone shows you their true colors.
Description : *** UPDATED ***
Here is the instrumental version for you to download.
Lay some singing on there for me, let's make something cool together! I can't wait to see what you can come up with.
Share with me what you end up with.

Have fun!

You can find some "vocal" versions here:
Tags : | Electronic | 6.62 MB
Description : Minimal sound
Description : House music Track *** UPDATED ***
Voice samples by Rapidx https://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/8764/memories-by-rapidx-128bpm-electronic-acapella
Not that great, but you get the idea. I need singers.

Here is the much better INSTRUMENTAL VERSION FOR DOWNLOAD: https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/191351
I am looking for someone to lay some voice on my tracks. Come on people lets be famous!
All comments/inputs welcome. :)
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Description : An EP Called,"Ogou",is a metaphorical journey between various tribes from Africa, the Caribbean and Oceania. The EP relishes a day of passing by rain dances, odes to forest spirits and water, child’s plays, dugout canoe trips, hunting and gathering songs and voodoo ceremonies…

The project is study of Pygmy culture and history .
Tags : | Electronic | 6.57 MB
Description : feeling a bit nihilistic on the other hand you could also dance to it and think of the end of the planet heeee :).
Tags : | Electronic | 5.17 MB | Featured
Description : Another song for y'all! Hope you enjoy, and lots more to come!
Description : soundcloud.com/div-panwar-998655301/feel-1
thnxx for playing :)
Tags : | Electronic | 5.16 MB
Description : Please excuse me deleting everything I have ever posted to Looperman.

If you like a flower you pick it, if you love it you water it every day.

I am only posting here tracks from my new work in progress - the album 'Discovery'.

All my other works have been deleted as they are inconsequential compared to these latest works...
Description : Hey folks. Lost my dad last month to a long fight with cancer. It's been absolutely f------ sh-- to be honest. This is the first song that's come to me since he's been gone. For weeks all anyone's wanted to talk about was his death, and all I wanted to do was change the subject for just like one day. So, there came in this song. Going to keep working on it, redo some vocals, mix it better, but really liking it.

Drum loop from ekajjjjj, piano loop from cassiusc, everything else me.
Description : Happy new Year fellow loopers!
I was going for a Depeche Mode sound. Thoughts?
Update: Vocals re-EQ'd to reduce low frequencies, Reverb space increased.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.16 MB
Description : Will A.I. summon The Old Ones?
Tags : | Electronic | 6.83 MB
Description : 140 BPM EDM. Did I just create a genre?

1 - Intro
2 - Circles
3 - Return
4 - The Unexpected Things
5 - Eternity VIP
6 - Things To Come
Description : We met for 15 min and it was love at first sight, cupid had struck, neither of us were ready for that. We were both in shock. Then she walked away.
This is for her, to never have that feeling fade.

Acapella sample from Brado Sanz
Description : Pop/EDM instrumental.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.51 MB
Description : 1996 Track.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.87 MB
Description : a track composed by me with yamaha mx61 and cubase. For commercial use contact me. If you use it on personal projects credit me and let me know. thanks. Better sound quality at soundcloud.com/najuzaith
Tags : | Electronic | 9.09 MB
Description : hm :x
Tags : | Electronic | 2.24 MB | Featured
Description : This song is meant to go with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PAlZP5B-Qc

It's a remix/edit of San Holo's remix of Outkast's Ms. Jackson. I recorded myself covering it on my drumpad, and it was a fun project. I didn't complete the track yet, but if people like it, I'll finish it and release a full version.

I'd appreciate feedback on the things that made the video and the song work and the things that didn't since I'd love to try something like this again in the future.
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