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Description : another creation

Description : Shout out to Mikamik for sharing this acapella on the Loop. Instrumental available upon request. ENjoy

Description : It's my Produced song, I also sang it in Italian. Just wanted to share with you guys. Any singer want to colab or sing on this beat em is open. (I have mixed drill and Hyperpop in it)

Description : having changed from cubase to live11, I'm doing all kinds of tests, I've grafted Junior Paes' voice on this extract

Tags : | Electronic | 7.82 MB | Acid Pro

Description : distopian, kinda lost

Description : a little retro live jam i made using vocals from 2nick8 & iridium audio

youtube video of the jam can be found on youtube/imola8

audio is ripped from youtube video, so don't expect crystal clear audio

Description : Passion and sound mix in this track.

Description : Deathstep murder remix of feast for crows

Description : Used a Guitar Loop from: johnny808 on this site.
Please check him out! Really fantastic Guitar samples that he provides frequently.

I had a ton of fun using the sample. One of the main melody rifts is actually inspired from the movement of his Guitar sample.

Hope you Enjoy this CHIPTUNE/Electro style mix. ^~^

Tags : | Electronic | 2.40 MB

Description : Healing Bells....hope you like

Description : Enjoy

Description : If you like that grim CBC sound, man is this ever it. This is similar to an older track of mine titled, The Destroyer Of Worlds, which was one of the darkest tracks I ever produced. This one's definitely in that neighborhood.

Tags : | Electronic | 4.23 MB | Sonar

Description : Every year I try to make an "end of the year" tune :-)

Tags : | Electronic | 5.64 MB | Reaper

Description : Just screwing around & this popped out. I produced this fairly quickly. At least it's short & sounds like something I would do. Electronic genre by default cause I don't know what to call it. Maybe Acid Pop? Vocal loop is by LM's Rycon.

Description : My second attempt at a Christmas track and my second attempt to add vocals to the second half of this track which is 296 seconds long.
Themusicvii - Cole The VII - Lord
KingBallatore - Distorted Bass 001
Justguyy - Loop 130
Fanto8BC - Pizon Bros BIG BEAT
NoLanBeats - Big Dubstep Drums
StarOfAlaska - Flex Bells Sakura
Philemonster1 - Undeniable Arp X
Hamood - 130 Bpms - 59658
xen0s - Dubstep Crash 1
Fanto8BC - Andreia Synth
BradoSanz - Run Right Past You
Dimuro - Absent 130BPM

Description : Leonid

Tags : | Electronic | 10.61 MB

Description : Again the vocals in here are not mine instead they belong to CAROLINE someone who made an acapella Youngermusic as the uploader. You can find her vocals in the acapellas section of Looperman.

But as always Music, Mixing, Other autotune all on me. Enjoy :)

Description : 120bpm #house

Tags : | Electronic | 2.98 MB | LMMS

Description : another one of these

Tags : | Electronic | 2.73 MB | LMMS

Description : Was hungry, made a song

Description : I used looperman acapella Falling Apart - Acapella from user IsaacGraham

Tags : | Electronic | 9.50 MB | Reaper

Description : A creepy tune by the king of creepy tunes. This was inspired by Youtube videos of drone strikes on Russian positions. The English vocals are from Blair Witch. The Russian vocals are intercepted calls of Russians in Ukraine talking to family back home. The last vocal is a Russian soldier screaming slurs. I don't speak Russian.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.03 MB | LMMS

Description : Gotta write some lyrics

Description : :)
A message forms our sponsor
from a Disney Forest to Stark Industrie
Tony Ann(not an Looper.man)

Description : Hey you lot. havent been on here in a while. Just wanted to stop by and get feedback on this track ive been working on that I'm gonna release. Let me know what you think!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 6684