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Tags : | Electronic | 2.46 MB | Featured
Description : A nice short piece with a beautiful arp courtesy of Nexus 2 and three independent melodies I created, two piano and one trumpet. I don't know which genre to place this in, ambient, house or just different, lol...
Tags : | Electronic | 6.93 MB | Featured
Description : Remix of a looperman acapella.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.80 MB | Featured
Description : ok. I threw everything I had into this one... It's a complete mix of music genres. Easy Listening, Rock, EDM / Electronica, Dubstep... All thrown into a singular mix. Hope you like it.
Description : Is it possible to make an electronic tribute to Jimi Hendrix? Maybe, maybe not. Decide yourself. ;) Thanks to Steelyvibe for sharing this wonderful lyrics.
Tags : | Electronic | 8.97 MB
Description : No words. Music only. Fanto8bc , Ancoral and Danke in main role. Various artists.
Description : Inspired by the upcoming movie A Wrinkle in Time
Tags : | Electronic | 8.40 MB | Featured
Description : Used a sample from Alex Jones.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.17 MB
Description : Just casual witchhouse track, with some voice inserts. (Loneliness)
Tags : | Electronic | 11.88 MB
Description : Get Paradise EP for free http://pc.cd/hBe7
Tags : | Electronic | 8.26 MB
Description : originalll
Tags : | Electronic | 2.61 MB | Featured
Description : DJ Snake Remix
Tags : | Electronic | 2.81 MB
Description : .......
Description : Made with ableton, not sure about the genre to qualified it.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.85 MB
Description : Used samples from the movie 40 Year Old Virgin.
Description : Hey guys! here's a little something i created and i think it's something special. for those of you who are wondering, yes! i am a 16 year old producer, and i would much appreciate it if you leave some opionions on this track! p/s it's still not done yet,
Description : I worked on this track on my own and then with my homie from OHM ( www.onehumanmind.com ) - it sounds a good bit different than most of my other stuff, check it out.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.39 MB
Description : 128 BPM. First time remixing, attempted to make it heavy. Thank you Monsterage for the stems! Listen to the original: https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/187715
Description : Written and Performed by Sage / Produced by DefStarz Free to Looperman users! I love this site and all the support everyone gives! Thank you! Coming soon to digital stores!
Description : instrumental
Description : A mix of minimalist synthpop with some hard rock guitar, a song with light words on a heavy atmosphere.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.03 MB
Description : Used a sample from 5 Most Haunting Facts About The Titanic on the YouTube channel Top 5 Unknowns.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.63 MB | Featured
Description : First collaboration with my friend Miguel on vocals.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.99 MB
Description : Saved my pennies for a while and got enough for the OMNISPHERE Vst.... Expensive but hopefully worth while. Haven't been through the entire thing yet but these 4 samples caught my ear. Tell me if you think it was worth while. "Metu Saka Kontrol ( OUT OF CONTROL ) 136 BPM Except for the drum track ( done in 8DIO DUBSTEP ) the entire track uses only instrument sets from SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.03 MB | Featured
Description : Ügynökség - Sun Is Shining (Khiflee Club Edit) --- Remix és most Vol 2. [2017.07.09]
Description : Leave a comment if you like this track or want to use it!!!
Tracks 1 - 25 of 5503
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