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Description : Ephemeral moment that lead to everlasting transformation.

Description : I created this track as if we were seeing a large medieval castle and feeling like we were part of it.

Description : La historia de un hombre pobre que buscaba vender su alma a cambio de dinero y poder pero, al no saber lo que quera lo caciquearon con un tamal.

Description : I let myself be carried away by the inspiration of the lyrics
thanks to kamalimani for the loop

Description : A simple piano ditty with some orchestral support.

Description : Hey I'm redready musical

Tags : | Orchestral | 9.07 MB | Reaper

Description : A looping composition I wrote for a video game that Im working on.

Description : This is a WIP
Going for a goth/baroque OST based upon a fictional character from the Warhammer universe.

Description : Orchestral metal?

Description : mischievous tomfoolery

Description : An epic shot orchestra track with a touch of Christmas magic.

Description : Ths is a beat I made years ago I was bored...lol. I just thought Ide share it. if you like it you can have it:)

Description : my first orchestration, looking for feedback

Description : The most Beautiful Lyrics ever written.

Description : So Long Metal - Feat Ratsouk

Description : exactly what it sounds like. Feel free to contact me with any of your creations.

Description : I am looking for a vocalist/lyricist! Leave a comment if this inspires you.

Description : A new piano track in progress

Description : Just a feeling I wanted to convey BPM: 69 Key G Major and then switch to A major

Description : Buvez le monde ! By Arkunis

Description : If you like my works you can support via Buymeacoffee. Patreons get one bonus track. :)

This music has free rights. You can use it in your project, but please credit the name of the Author and Music.
"Misterbates - Spooky Halloween"


Original Soundtrack by Misterbates

Description : Orchestral.

Description : An orchestral song i made in Fl studio.

Description : Epic Orquestral

Description : Hey Guys, after a very long time I am uploading again. I worked on this track quite a long time but unfortunately my computer broke down and this version of the song is the only one I have left so the mixing and mastering is a bit off. However, I still wanted to share this song with you guys because I kept working on it in the last few years. Wish you all a great day.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 567