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Description : I know I haven't uploaded anything in a bit but I just made this and I really like it. The premise is a theme for a jewelry and clothing store where everything is made of garbage.

Description : Premiere, I played the most instruments (keyboard), only three loops. Very slowly, to try a bit!

Description : The passionate story of a life full of twists and turns.

Inspired by some pixar and disney movies, this is my first romantic composition style.

Feel free to leave a comment!

Description : An orchestral song i've made

Description : Espero que le guste esta trompeta no olvide seguirme en instagram como @flakitogilprod

Description : A tribute to those who are always told that they are this or that never let anyone talk down to you ever

Description : Another Song for the Book Series called "Obscura- Dunkel Kreaturen" (Obscura- Dark Creatures)- Telumen is a sword of light.

Description : A Song I've made fpor a Book Series called "Obscura- Dunkle Kreaturen" (Obscura- Dark Creatures). Tenebras is one of the Villains.

Description : Another Song from the book series called "The Geisterbande" (Ghostgang), i wrote myself.

Description : Recorded with Akai MPC and finished in Bitwig.
- mono guitar converted to stereo

Description : A song that I made for a book series called "Die Geisterbande", which I also wrote myself.Larvaster is one of the villains

Description : A song that I made for a book series called "Die Geisterbande", which I also wrote myself.

Description : I wish everyone a Merry Christmas

Tags : | Orchestral | 8.39 MB | Reason

Description : This is a instrumental piece made by me in reason from the album "Sueños Vívidos"/"Vivid Dreams" you can also find in the plataforms like Spotify.

You can use this instrumental song for free, non-commercial and commercial, but the only condition is to add me in the credits anyway or anyhow like Adrián Saladino. Even if you use a part of it.
Also you can us it in film scoring/theme.

Thanks and bless you all.

Description : Like or don't like

Description : This Song was made at the beginning of corona pandemic

Description : David Marcus. Ballad

Description : Very slow but emotional hybrid orchestral track. Meant to be similar to a track that might be played during an investigation on an old mystery show, but... groovier.

Tags : | Orchestral | 2.20 MB | Mixcraft

Description : So I found an online Sheet of music for this game I used to play, well I took it's sheet and upgraded it. First time I ever done something like this but it sound amazing! Tell me what you think? Compare it to the original on youtube? Anyway downloads will be disabled since this work isn't 100% mine. All rights to 3DO studios.

Description : THE JINNI feat. Micki Consiglio (Produced by Atomic Beats). This is the outro from the international collaborative project called, "THE EP", by THE JINNI & DaViglio. Released on May 25, 2013.

Description : RAW (Studio mixing to come later)

Composed in 2015-16

All parts of the story written and inspired by a dream. A very personal story. I can't sing,so the emotions are in the notes. This is the instrumental version. The sheet music was written for a group.
The Expanse is the beginning, a journey into the unknown, a risk.

If you want the 4 part story names, check the song lyrics tab.

Description : I decided to make a cover track using only the free LABS instruments from SpitfireAudio - so I picked the classic "Souvenir" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Enjoy!
LABS instruments used:
- Scary Strings
- Strings
- Strings 2
- Amp Cello Quartet
- Choir
- Dulcimer
- Granular piano
- Chiffons piano
- Moon guitar
- Hand bells
plus a few percussion extras from Garageband!

Description : I got so much love on the Avengers cover I decided to do Captain America for you all too!

All instruments were created through Logic Pro and Native Instrument plug ins.

Description : I use FL studio,with the VST Synthesizer Absynt 5 and Titan 2. For the bass and drum is use Ableton Push 2 controller.

Description : Hey Evreybody!! Happy new year!! :D
Here it is! Welcome 2020 is out! I'm very happy and proud of the final result!

I really hope you'll enjoy my celebration music this year. I can't wait your feedback and your comments!!

If you want to use any of my compositions, please give credits whether it is for internet or parties, shows, concerts, meetings..etc. If it is for a commercial purpose, send me an e-mail, contact me and let me know!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 535
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