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16th Mar 2024 23:43 -  2 months ago

Search Rating : 28.96

Description : This song has cool beats and catchy tunes like Kanye West's music. It makes you want to dance and keeps you interested. We need someone to sing on this song. Whether you're experienced or just starting out, it's a chance to shine.

Inspiration: Kanye West, Travis Scott, Drake, Future, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi Vert.

Key: B min
BPM: 160
3rd Jul 2010 00:55 -  13 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 19.31

Description : My favorite rapper is Kanye West... not for his recent stuff but more of his old stuff..... And one of my favorite tracks from him is Family Business... So i decided to recreate the beat using my sound library :)! tell me if im close.. I put a synth to represent the chorus/choir parts!
8th Mar 2024 15:51 -  3 months ago

Search Rating : 9.65

Description : where's all the rappers at.
i always consider it an honour working on this guys work, one of our finest, my verse on BeatMakers track of the same name.
@ BeatMaker4real, we've had some good one's bro, this is up there with 'em. a lesson in the art of flow.
i read an article recently saying rap is dead, nonsense rappers albums 1 2 & 5 in the hit list and another 2 in the top 10, who writes this shit.

where's Kanye when ya need him :))
getting sued for not clearing loops he used
13th Feb 2024 19:17 -  4 months ago

Search Rating : 9.65

Description : Melancholic Vibes is a soft and evocative melody that conveys a profound sense of sadness and reflection. With delicate and harmonious notes, it creates an atmosphere that invites introspection and reminiscing about past moments. Its melodic cadence captures the deepest emotions and makes the heart beat to the rhythm of nostalgia and beauty simultaneously.

Inspiration: Drake, SZA, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Coleā€¦

Key: E min
BPM: 128
16th Dec 2023 10:34 -  5 months ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 9.65

Description : I get lonely around da holidays anyways enjoy good fridays
11th Oct 2023 10:20 -  8 months ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 9.65

Description : Two great hip hop tracks on piano
28th Apr 2023 01:16 -  1 year ago

Search Rating : 9.65

Description : A Funky little sampled beat from a sample I made myself
18th Jan 2022 12:04 -  2 years ago

Search Rating : 9.65

Description : Key is C
6th May 2011 16:13 -  13 years ago
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Search Rating : 9.65

Description : This is my favourite beat I made for the interlude album not sure why just reminds me of some kanye, ( well I wish lol)
Tracks (9)