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Tags : | Cinematic | 4.40 MB | Featured

Description : Hey Peoples - this is possibly the most fluttery, happy, glittering thing you'll hear all week. If this doesn't produce a good mood then... well... think of the little rabbits and singing birds with broken hearts. Actually I wrote this for my wife in an effort to communicate the warm and fuzzy feeling she gives me. So now, 'Warm and Fuzzy' has a soundtrack..!

Tags : | Grime | 3.25 MB

Description : Hey Looperfam, new track right here - so I got inspired to write something that fuses breakbeat and cinematics, and I cranked this out. I channeled the Prodigy in this one, but only in the way I've layered the lead. This track also serves as social 'commentary' about my views on the new generation. For example, a reality show dedicated to teen pregnancy makes me wonder about our logic regarding entertainment. Another show about carnal temptation on an island is not quite the kind of viewing that will educate or create a solid foundation for relations, it will encourage a loss of respect for both genders, and female objectivity has increased even more over time. The next generation has only cheap reality TV as reference, and do we really want that? Agree or Disagree? Let me hear your comments, criticism and your thoughts on the above! Thanks Fam, keep strong!

Tags : | Funk | 3.21 MB

Description : Every once in a while, I transcend the comfort of my style and plough head-first into a genre that I have no knowledge of (have any fellow loopers done the same?). The result is this funky instrumental. I worked on flow and arrangement, where to bring in leads and which instrument to use and so on. I make use of 2 pettibone organs, a wah guitar, smooth bass, drums and a sexy saxophone. If you've listened to my previous tracks, I imagine you'd be surprised to hear this come from me. The weird thing is, this isn't the only track planned for upload that's wildly different... woo-ooh.. :)
So please check it out and those that know funk well should drop some crits and comments! Thanks so far to everyone who's been reviewing and playing my stuff, its appreciated big time! Thanks!

Description : Hey Looper-fam! So I had a moment with DnB, and this track was the illegitimate lovechild of that moment. It isn't straight balls-to-the-wall DnB, but it definitely makes use of the classic elements, such as the synth and the arrangements. I was inspired by Future Prophecies' track: Miniamba prior to writing. I usually write music that is more suited to soundtracks so this qualifies as an attempt at getting someone to dance. I used a vocal from here on Looperman, if you recognise it, let me know so I can give credit. I forgot the artist who performed the A capella (this was 2 years ago). So fellow Loopers & Loopettes, let me know if I achieved involuntary body movements, and let me have it in the comments!

(the only adult-content is the use of the s**t. I apologise in advance if I offend someone)

Tags : | Breakbeat | 4.40 MB

Description : Hello all! This is my first upload in about year, and I'm glad to be back! This is staple of my style, where I include syncopated drum lines and interesting synth sections, I tried to create something between soundtrack and breakbeat. I'd love some critique and commentary. Groovy!

Tags : | Weird | 4.40 MB

Description : Hey everyone! Been a long time since I've loaded something - so here's something fresh - a bit longer than my usual modus operandi. It's more or less a slow dance tune with a lot of ambience, hard bass and loads of atmosphere. I called it String Theory because of the lead tune's heavy delay. There's a nice chunky breakbeat at the end which is worth the wait. Give it a listen and hit me with reviews! Will love to know what you guys 'n gals think!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 980.92 KB

Description : Hey again People of the Loops (okay, very cheesey - hope it doesn't skew your expectations!) I thought i'd do justice on my previous Hiphop track with this new creatively titled "Soldier". Straight up, balls to the wall Hiphop - the track is short, 2m5s, so again, a quick download. I'd love to hear commentary on this. I downloaded an acapella from Looperman, mapped the BPM, made some cuts from the vocal line and put it together. Some crits from those that are into production must please leave commentary also! Thanks gang - keep it surreal!

Tags : | Industrial | 3.29 MB

Description : Hi people! My latest creation, just finished this afternoon. I would label it a sort of 'beautiful / happy Prodigy'. I didn't use typical sequencing in the sense it wasn't written in bars of 4 but rather in 6. Toward the end I experimented with odd timing signatures again, but only for 2 bars. It makes the listener... feel weird as it climbs to 4/4 again. Lots of strings, pitching, obese drum lines and a nice driving bass. I'm definitely looking crits as I've begun marketing my music - and YOU are the people i'm catering for, thusly, your comments and ideas are worth gold! Cheers!

Tags : | Breakbeat | 3.02 MB

Description : This track is one of those that come together in the weirdest of ways... By saying that I mean this: When you listen to it (and I hope you do), the 'sawtooth bass' you hear in the track is actually a bass drum played at 128 notes and 256 notes..! On top of that is one of my funkiest beats to date - and it's made to sound sonically pleasing production wise. I've added some odd time signatures in there (4/4 to 3/4 & 6/8) for variation and I've added some timbales / bongos too. The track revolves around the drums in reality so please enjoy.

Tags : | Industrial | 2.28 MB

Description : This is more of a soundtrack, although there is ample bass and breakbeats. The track revolves around the chorus and aims for resolution in itself. I know, everyone's gay-dar just went off but that's the best description i have. Crits and comments always welcome! Next week I want to approach all hiphop lyricists so keep an eye on this space..! Cheers!

Tags : | Industrial | 3.13 MB

Description : Hey everyone! I wrote this track yesterday (it took the whole day..!) and as per my usual method, there are no less than 3 drum lanes. This a nice mixture of chill out verses intensity. Once again, the drums take precedence but there are many things happening in the mix. There is a rather nice 'bridge' piece and i've tried to do some different things in the breaks and stalls. Also - i've added some ambient elements. A little different if i do say so myself. I hope everyone enjoys and please drop me some comments..!

Tags : | Industrial | 3.91 MB

Description : A slightly more lengthy track than my others and a little slower. Expect heavily distorted instruments and break beats. I spent a lot of time on the little extras such as panning, pitch bending, tiny fills and stalls - most of which are on the beats. The overall effect brings to mind mild ambience with hard percussion. Feedback, suggestions and crits are integral to my existence ;)

Tags : | Breakbeat | 2.60 MB

Description : In the spirit of Monster Matt's thread regarding halloween, i decided to upload this track and add to the occasion! It has more natural instruments such as cellos and violins doing runs and trills. There is a solid back beat and as with all my tracks, i layed over another drum track 'to fill the gaps'. Also, this track might be under the wrong genre, so if it is, you guys can feel free to administer palm justice upside my fo' head! :P That's it - CnC most welcome, and possible a review here and there. ;)

Tags : | Industrial | 2.89 MB

Description : This is the hardest track i've written... when you listen to it, there is a massively distorted sample in the beginning , so don't freak! Your speakers aren't blowing! The reason i say this is because my producer buddy played it on his studio system at high levels and jumped in his chair! The track is mastered so it won't happen :)

When i wrote this - i imagined a video of cuts made from scenes of extreme violence (protests / war / police brutality etc) with a grainy filter over the image in possibly black and white. The track reaches it's pinnacle in the last 16 bars, so its worth the 2:30 wait :) As always - CnC most welcome!

Tags : | Industrial | 3.42 MB

Description : Hey people! Here's another track i wrote a while back . It's got a bit of a fusion going that includes traditional dance flavours coupled with breakbeats. there's even a little hip-hop in there (scratches and beatboxing) but what makes it really industrial is that everything gets a healthy dose of distortion - near the mid i've layed over some deep ambience. Give it listen! As always - CnC most welcome. Cheers!

Tags : | Industrial | 2.69 MB

Description : I was a big fan of the Blade Runner movie and put together a contemporary 'tribute' for the film - going with the feeling that if the flick had to be remade today, it would have a strong digital edge to it. Hence the track you are about to / already listening to... Please drop me some C&C - it will always be appreciated. Thanks!

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.01 MB

Description : I followed a link through a site while surfing and came across a rap battle on youtube between John Cena and 'fan'. I decided to record some of his lines and write a track. I feel real good about it because its the first track i wrote in 6/8 signature at 135bpm, i managed to include the DnB drum section near the middle of the track that by my logic works at 270bpm, also in 6/8. I hope you guys dig, and much C&C will be appreciated..!

Tracks 1 - 17 of 17
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