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Tags : | Rock | 5.15 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Another site specific mix (no DL as its a WIP)
Decided that I'd mess with some Rock this time (since it's been a while since I last did anything with the genre). I started with the bass originally rolled for another tune (that didn't pan out). On the track (in order of appearance)...
Me (bass)=

Alividlife (drums)=

HMNN (pads)=

Hoptix (guitars)=

Sidedown (piano)=

& Holly (vocals)= (refer to *Lyrics section)
This still needs some work (will probably pick it up again tomorrow) and I may expand this (dunno though, kinda like the current length). What do you think? Suggestions welcome! Hope y'all enjoy. Enjoy!

Tags : | Electro | 7.34 MB | Has Lyrics
Tags : | House | 9.14 MB

Description : This is for another collaboration with my friend Laura (same one who did the vocals for the Dreams To Dream mix I did a few months back). It's also another site centered mix (loop-wise) and here's a list of everyone who was used...
1.Edge7 (drums)=
2.LabRatzProduction (bass)=
3. Sterixx (bass)=
4. djmothbeatz (synths)=
5. profplum (synths)=
6. GameboiX (groove)=
7. drofon (FX)=
8. & me (FX)=

Will update the full vers of this soon (hopefully). Enjoy!

Tags : | Electro | 6.97 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Did another site specific mix (d-n-b again, YAY, haha). Here's the list of folks I used...
1.) donell07 (acapella)=
2.) Splish (pads)=
3.) SirRamLin (bass)=
4.) Dj4Real;
a (synths)= blips&order=date&dir=d
5.) drofon (effects)=
6.) My stuff;
a (drums)= pray&order=date&dir=d
b (vox)=

Hope yall enjoy this lil creation I whipped up for ya. Lates!

PS. Might need some slight tweeks to the mix/master. Any hints would be keen.

Description : (UPDATE) Alright, here's the list & links of folks who are also featured on this;
1.) WeazelBeats=
2.) Dj4Real=
3.) clinthammerMUSIC= Bass&cid=2&order=date&dir=d
4.) Ohropack=
5.) My Funky Voc-Synth stuff= Voc&order=date&dir=d
6.) Djgadget=
7.) GameboiX=
8.) HMNN=
9.) Soligen=
10.) FutureAnalysis=
And I think that about covers everyone. Massive thanks to those who shared their stuff on here. I hope y'all dig what I did here. 'Til next time, stay well. Lates

Description : So this time I decided that I'd ramp up the showcase series I sometimes do. To include loops from other artists & even an acapella. Yeah, this was loads of fun to mix and I'll include the list of folks I used below...

Acapella= Paulkeus

Drums= Alen9r

Bass= yours truly

Synths= Focus99

Misc @ intro=
1.) Evolu-
2.) DJDuaneWoods-
3.) Soligen-

I wanna thank everyone for sharing the above and hope yall enjoy this lil puppy I did. Lates!

PS. Might not wanna start this @ full volume ('specially the subs, coz it's kinda intense, just FYI and all that).

Tags : | Dance | 3.41 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : So here's the full version of the collab between Laura & me (slightly dif from other 1). Dropped the last bit (with other bass loops that I'll add on here later), added some bassy brass & extra drum stuff (percs & more kicks), polished up the rough bits, etc.
Genre-wise, is it House, New Age, Synth-pop, Cinematic? Eh, bump it... I'll just through it into Dance again (feel free to voice yer opinions there though). Yall should def play this with a woofer (for full experience). Hope yall get a kick out of it & for those who haven't heard the original here's a link to it...

And here's her SoundCloud page if ya wanna check out her stuff...

Tags : | House | 5.14 MB

Description : Continuing on my "Folktronic" journey I swing by Russia.
In my quest I stumble across a few that stood out. This being one of them. The song is most famously known for being the song Type A on Tetris for Gameboy, but its based on the song Korobuska (alt. Korobeiniki) that was written in the mid-1800s.
Figured that I'd return to my House roots with this one. I threw on some pads & effects to give it an 'in-space' sort of sound. Including a few from ShortBusMusic (sweet pad in- Aminor & Cminor).
His Loops page is here...

Hope yall can dig this revision of the classic Folkloric song. Lates!

Tags : | Fusion | 3.20 MB

Description : Am gonna put this into Fusion, as Trip-hop/Folktronic/Hip-house aren't currently avail options on here.

Stemming from the previous folk song remix that I did I was wanting to try my hand again and venture out into another part of the world. Did some hunting and found this Japanese folk song from the Edo period (that I recognized). Decided to mess with it and ended up taking it in a sorta Housey Hip-hop direction. The name comes from a 60s film trilogy that I caught a few years back. Done to kinda contrast the original song's theme/meaning. Hope yall can dig this crazy piece I've churned out for ya (and feel free to DL/mix/share/etc). Lates!

PS. Forgot to mention yesterday
that I used a loop from Lemon_Melon,
here's the link to it...

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 1.32 MB

Description : This is something that I just churned out using my new prog iDrum (for Mac). Its kind of a lame piece, because it was built off of the program's 'Default' pattern (slightly edited by yours truly). I think that this is a good example of how cool that prog is (super basic, easy to read/use/export, etc.). I highly recommend that yall go n get it if you've gotta Mac.

And for the collab, I'm uploading both this (project file) and the individual loops (sans 1 b/c it was a prog pre-set). For those interested, the tempo is 160 & the order is-

A (2x, intro), B (4x), C (4x), D (4x), E (2x, N/A fill)...
F (4x), G (4x), H (4x), E (2x, N/A fill)...
I (4x), J (4x), K (4x), E (2x, N/A fill)...
L (4x), M (4x), A (2x, outro).

Alright, well, I look forward to hearing what everyone comes up with. Keep bangin on yall!

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.99 MB

Description : (UPDATE) I finally got off my lazy bones & did an extended version of this. Currently sitting @ 3:11.
I went crazy with the effects as you'll hear. I also had to revert back to the sketchy export-to-wav way of mastering this (so it might sound shoddy at the higher vols). I also experimented with playing around with different key speeds (medium+fast). Kinda makes it more interesting IMO (might also make it sound disjointed though, but that sorta works in favor of the genre, yes/no?). Added some more elements to this to broaden its dynamic (horns & woodwinds).
Dunno how I feel about this mix though. Might go back & make another mix of this (to go with more of an Industrial vibe). Gonna throw this out there for yall to pick apart (& save if ya wanna). (suggestions welcome). Lates!

Tags : | Reggaeton | 6.40 MB

Description : When I was making this song I felt that it could use some vocals so I did some browsing and came across this nice one called Sweet Feelin by MrShammi=

Which marks the first time I've ever messed with any Acapellas off of here. This also marks the first time I've ever made a full Reggaeton song (the last time was just a drum sample I've got on here in my loops section, entitled Sweet Beat Salsa). I was wanting to go a different route this time so I chose this genre since its so awesome (amirite?). And I've been wantin to throw my twist on it for a hot minute now (since about 05 or 06), bout time, yes/no? Haha.
Anyways, the name comes directly from the 'pella (the feelin we get when the DJ starts playin some heavy stuff). And musically, I kept it really basic (only 3 channels). For the Leads I decided on a sound font that would be reminiscent of early 90s Techno/Pop stuff. Might go back n add some extra stuff (like horns n strings), but for the mo' I'm gonna let this fly. Hope it can lift yall spirits & add it to yer iPod if ya wanna. Lates!

Tags : | Fusion | 2.83 MB

Description : Greets all! I'm gonna throw this into Fusion, though it's my first attempt at making something Dub-like. Though admittedly I am kinda all over the map with this one. Jazzy drums and sax, electro-ish bass and leads. This track also marks another first for me- it's the first time I messed with using a public address (political). The vocals come from FDR's inaugural speech and when I threw 'em on something just fit, ya know? Somethin about the things he said seemed to hold alotta truth today. I didn't even have to really edit the last half much (either through convenience or lazyiness, shrugs). Either way, I hope yall dig this truly odd puppy I whipped up. Later on!

Tags : | Fusion | 3.70 MB

Description : Greets again. This was somethin I did about a month ago for a project in my Basic Speaking/Listening class. Pertaining to my Informative speech topic- Digital Audio Workstations & Productions. Since my time was limited the teacher suggested that I make a 30 second song for the class (I shot a lil past that making it 46 seconds)...-...-... I'm putting this one in Fusion, because I tried creating a song that everyone in the class would enjoy (blending orchestral/cinematic strings at the intro/outro with breakish electro beats, ambient bass, progressive guitars, and digitized vocals by yours truly- that I'll prolly add to my loops here later).
UPDATE- I've gone and reworked this piece, extending it out to just over 4 minutes. This is like a love letter to my favorite movie of all time, Tron. As well as a nod to the new film coming out Friday... Who else is going to see it? All of the vocals are me (with various effects thrown on). I may go n tweek this mix later, dunno. At the mo' I'm gonna go with this vers just to see what others think of it. Alright, well I'm headin off now. Enjoy!

Tags : | Deep House | 5.03 MB

Description : Greets mates. This marks my first major project since Home-A-Loan (in Jan). Just got outta college for the summer last week and it was causin me to run around like crazy for the past few months. Now that I've got some free time again I decided that I'd hit the lab again...-....-... Though the track sticks to a genre that I'm pretty good with it utilized a rather unorthodox method of creating the key sequences. And believe it or not, I'm only about a third of the way done with what I want to do for this track. (currently only has half of the drums, bass and pads, 2 chans per)...-... The song's name came randomly because of the song's texture and the different way I crafted the synths. Sorry, no downloads for the mo (but if you're a friend who'd like to maybe collab on this, shoot me a message and I'll reply with the files). Also, this track hasn't been mastered really at all (just FYI). Suggestions on mixing or the mixdown are more than welcome. Hope yall dig this lil experiment. Lates!

Tags : | Electronic | 4.28 MB

Description : So...
This was something I did early last year and I was sadly taken down in my attempts to resolve the 'Tracks Section view glitch' I was encountering late last summer. I forgot that I had intended for this puppy to be a possible collab (having posted a good number of the stems for this in my Loops Section shortly after initially posting the song before).
So here it is again, for your iPods, mix stations, etc.

The name comes directly from the sample I found of Louis Armstrong talking-it-up with the crowd before going into one of his band's song. Then the song takes off in a completely different direction with the electro craziness that you'd expect from me, haha. Well, I'm headin outta here yall. Be easy!

Tags : | Deep House | 3.92 MB

Description : So this is something I spoke with Esh about doin mid-last year and she sent me an email with the stems that I completely forgot about. Discovered the Zip file with 'em the other day when I noticed the 'attachments' part of my email thingy. Thought it was odd (and I guess new) so I clicked on it to see what it was all about. And in the 175 messages with attachments is where I rediscovered the email she sent me.

So 1, 2, skip a few and I started working on the Hard House version you hear now (but since that aint an option I put it in Deep House instead, amirite or no?). Originally I had started work on another project for this in the attempt to do a more beats/breakish focused mix, but when I started messin with one of the bass loops she sent me I opted to take it in this direction instead.

I'll also be adding some of the loops I made for this mix (so yall can play with 'em too). Anyways, I hope yall dig this joint I rolled for ya. Later on!

PS. Opps, almost forgot that I used one of Mhyst's loops from the Awakening remix competition too.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.32 MB

Description : (update)
I went back and reworked the levels so it'd be smoother (mainly with the bass). Nothing fancy, just some polishing. Payce
(end update)
So as I announced earlier this year, The Crystal Method was offering up some of their songs for other artists to play with by providing the stems on their web site (provided that you bought the album Divided By Night, dunno if they've changed the requirement since then).
Originally I was going to make a completely different song, but earlier on this morning when I was messing with adding stuff to the project I opened up the TCM- BR folder and started fooling with the vocals. I felt that they fit with the groove of what I was doing. So I ended up laying the entire vocal sample out and then I went and added other elements of their song. I dunno, I might've gone a bit overboard with the FX on here, but I was wanting to ensure that the vibe of the original song that I was working of carried over into this remix (which is where the name comes from, BTW, the orig title was Nap Time, and I intended for it to be a sister song to Snooze Button).
Genre-wise, I've thrown this into Electronic, even though I feel that it's more like some low tempo Tech-House. And at the moment I'm contemplating whether I should post Nap Time as well. Anyways, I hope yall dig this strange puppy I done did. Later on!
PS. Please tell me if the mixdown sounds muddled to you or not coz at the mo' I can't tell.
PPS. Alright, I've also made another mp3 of just the original parts I did if any of my friends wanna collab on it, message me to lemme know and I'll shoot you the file/s.

Tags : | Electro | 3.80 MB

Description : The actual name of this song is Back 2 The Block (Chem Bros tribute beats), but I decided to make a special change for the site (since it is a showcase of stuff that's exclusive to here, the "Junglish Fishsticks" set).
So I'm bringin this back because I remember that I had this up as a possible collab. Made this a couple of months back using only loops from one of my drum series I added about a week earlier (Junglish Fishsticks). And it was also made to answer a challenge issued by MrE to come up with a drumpella track.
The name comes from the fact that this reminds me of an old Chem Bros song (a nod to Block Rockin Beats, but I'm not sure if that's the song it made me think of, I know it's on that album though) in a way. So I figured that since it's been 10+ years since they dropped that chune I'd treat this as a sort of revisit to that bygone era of electronic sweetness. Alright, nuff ramblin outta me. Hope yall dig this (and lemme know if ya wanna get down on it). Later on!

Tags : | Dance | 3.88 MB

Description : I decided that it might be fun to show off some of the loops I've created this year in a mix. All the bass and vocal stuff on this is stuff that I made primarily as stand alone loops for others to use (in my Loops section here). If yall like the way they sound on here feel free to use them for your own mixes.
I've put this in "Dance", but I have a feeling that it might be better suited in another genre (drum & bass, house, fusion, I dunno, haha). Beyond my stuff I used 3 channels of drums that came as part of one of my progs (so it's not 100% me on this, sighs, I'm sucha lazy fool).
The name comes from the one vocal sample I made that kinda reminds me of the stuff DJ Icey did for Baby Anne years ago (kinda where the inspiration for the who series came from really). And I know I'm not the world's best MC, but I feel that these snippets contain the pure essence of the groove here. Anyways, I had loads of fun concocting this puppy. Hope yall dig it as much as I am at the mo'.

Tags : | Rock | 3.32 MB

Description : First allow me to apologize for taking this down before (and all the reviews that were lost). As some of you may know, I was encountering a problem with viewing my 'Tracks page' when I was logged in. So through a joint effort of me experimenting with either disabling or removing tracks and Looperman's magic administration tricks bag we were able to figure out what was causing the glitch (overly long track descriptions, haha, me write too much, what). So my bad yall. I'll try to abbr stuff from now on.
Anyways, as for this track, it's something I cooked up at the beginning of summer where I was originally wanting to make a nice and mellow ambient track, but instead came up with this baby. And despite how much I tried, I couldn't really find anything to go with what I had for this song. So I decided to leave it as is and thought that maybe some of the rocker elite on here could help finish it for me. If you're game lemme know, cool. Enjoy this rare oddity from me. Lates!

Tags : | Electro | 5.87 MB

Description : I'm putting this into dance because it's where I think it falls now. Even though I started out wanting to make a trance now I think it's more of a trance-house fusion (possibly with one or two other things spritzed in there too). The song is pretty basic and I'm kinda surprized that I was able to take it as far along as I did, timewise.
Anyways, the name comes from this being my final weekend of the summer before fall semester begins. I wanted to give it a fitting salute and with a wipe of my kerchief what was once sweat will morph into the cool breeze that shakes the autumn leaves. So here's to one more day of soaring temperatures (and children having fun about the backyard sprinklers). Hope yall enjoy this. Later on!

Tags : | Trance | 4.42 MB

Description : Okies yall, I'm proud to present to you a Looperman Group Collaboration that's been done by TravisHuckins, Jahknow,, and myself (so far). With a few more members who may also do something with this.
It all started when I posted this thread a lil while ago. Almost instantly, these 2 guys hopped up and offered their skiils. So I kinda formulated a game plan and suggested designations for people's parts. What resulted was (in order)...
Trav on the Bass
Jah on the Drums
and myself on the Pads
The past couple of days I did alot of referencing to see if I couldn't come up with the best key sequence to compliment what the other two fine fellows had setup already. I listened to's Goa-Psy channel. I must admit that comin up with synth stuff for this kinda music seemed like it was gonna be hard (atleast with the stuff I was hearing there). Basically, I just made a really simple= D, F, E, C held key roll and then went and added 3 layers of effects on one sample I converted to wav and another layer of effects on a copy of the basic Midi sample.
I didn't hear it the last few times I was listening to the channel, but I was immediately reminded of this one track I heard some time ago that kinda did a tribute to the movie Pitch Black (with the alien creature's funny sounding call). So I tried emulating that a bit in one of the effected channels. Then I wanted to give kind of an electrical/Band Saw type of sound on another. The other two just kinda serve to accentuate the rest of the song, I think.
Anyways, I recorded my stuff on Magix with my NanoKey and I'll be sending out the samples (both wav & midi here in a few) to those who're involved. Well all, I really hope yall dig what we've come up with so far... And if you feel like any of this needs tweakin or anything just let us know, okay. Off for now. PV/TC!

Tags : | Weird | 2.64 MB

Description : So yeah, I originally wanted to start off by creating a tribute to good ole Bilbozo, but I ended up benching that idea and just decided to go with somethin new instead.
All in all, this is 4 channels- real simple stuff. I created the first synth Lead channel first (the mid-toned ones) and the rest of the song kinda built off of that. The drums are an absolute rip off of Mag's Livid (or whatever it's called). I didn't wanna mess with drums really on this one. Since my primary focus was the NanoKey. So after that I really quickly added some bass from the Drum&Bass synthesizer on Magix. After that it took a dive into la-la land. Yeah (will explain better below)...
Does anyone remember the first Dune film? With Patrick Stewart, Sean Young, etc?
Okay, do you remember the scene on planet Geidi Prime (home of the Harkonnens) where the Baron was boasting about something and his silent sidekick was standing there- grinding a black box (I guess would be akin to an alien pair of Bag Pipes). Anyways, that's what I was shootin for with the second set of Leads (the higher, f*ed up ones). Tryin to capture that whole Glitchy strangling a space Cat with a thing of Gladwrap, while holding it underwater.
I put it under Weird, because you'd have to be on some pretty intense stuff to follow this. Sanity has officially left the building here yall, haha. Hope yall dig this first day 'quickie' I threw together for ya. Download it too, if ya wanna. Later on everyone!
PS. I almost forgot- the name came
from the whole game trend that I've been
on recently. Anyone remember the NES
Max game controller, yep, nuff said!

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