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Tags : | Drum And Bass | 9.46 MB

Description : Liquid DnB / Cinematic. Made big changes to the middle of the track and got a lot more mixing done. Tried my hand at mastering as well.

Tags : | Dubstep | 9.39 MB

Description : War can poison the minds of innocents. This track is an attempt to convey that fact.

Tags : | Trance | 9.44 MB

Description : A track I made earlier this week -- has kind of a Dark-Psytrance vibe to it. Feedback would be great!

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.52 MB

Description : New track I made this week -- has kind of a electronic/chillout vibe. Feedback would be great! Vocals by jennymayhem:, and janis71:

Tags : | Trance | 8.07 MB

Description : I uploaded this track a few days but have made a lot of changes to it today. This track has a upbeat/aggressive energy to it that gets stronger and stronger as the track goes on. This is my first attempt at trance, which is strange since it is my favourite genre. Please tell me what you think of it!

Vocals by Alan Watts.

Tags : | Electronic | 9.46 MB

Description : Edit: Changed a few volumes, the fade-out of the synth and slightly reworked a few transitions, nothing big though.
A DnB/Dance track with vocals. This track is a bit different to my other tracks uploaded so far. Feedback would be great!

Massive, Massive thanks to janis71: for her awesome vocals and to FutureAnalysis: too. Thanks to SLAPJOHNSON: for the sweet little flute sample.

Tags : | Electronic | 9.70 MB

Description : This track was great fun to create. It is kind of a mix of Melodic-Dubstep/Ambient/Electronic/Weird/Experimental. I really enjoyed putting all these different audio samples together, although the panning and equalizing was a bit of a battle. I personally learnt a lot creating this track.

Anyway, this is a very experimental track and not really genre specific. Feedback would be great!

Tags : | Electronic | 9.14 MB

Description : Edit: I've changed the drum and pads a bit and added some panning.

An orchestral/electronic/ambient track with vocals. I tried to create a strong sense of a dreamscape. The speech in the track was done by Alan Watts.

I cant really decide what genre this track belongs to, since the track isn't exactly Trance or Dubstep. Perhaps Chillstep/Melodic-Dubstep more accurately describes it.

Please give feedback!

Tags : | Weird | 9.39 MB

Description : One of my first tracks uploaded to looperman a few months ago. It didnt have many views, so I decided to feature it again and get some more feedback. This track has a kind of weird/crazy vibe to it. I'd like to hear your opinions on it.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.13 MB

Description : Used vocals from KnowKontrol:
Used Guitar loop from MINOR2GO:
Speech by Alan Watts
Please give feedback!

Tracks 1 - 10 of 10
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