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Description : I wanted to make something that fit the tonal shift of Florida transitioning from winter to spring.
I enjoy chillwave and similar genres but until this point I hadn't attempted it.
I hope you enjoy!

Description : I want to strive to keep myself on the edge of my comfort zone. I want to never get used to what I'm doing, even if sometimes I can't stand myself for trying.

For this piece I tried to stick with one instrument. And re-work the way I've done my mix/master to make everything sound more 'full'. If you'd like to create a complimentary piece to make this score a duo, please do! I hope you enjoy! And remember, my music though I'd love to get paid for my effort, is free.

Remember to comment with a link if you use this piece, and post a link here so I may hear it.
If you wish to post a track using mine in any way shape or form for profit please ask me first.

Tracks 1 - 2 of 2
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