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Description : dec 26 fun

Tags : | Electronic | 7.26 MB

Description : My favorite girl on here - vocals, spoken word. Her material so easy to work with. I really resonate with her style.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.41 MB

Description : Dedicated to a fallen friend for reasons we can't comprehend.

Description : Ah. I really wish JJ was here. Where is JJWEEKZ? I've had to recycle her vocals - come back, girl.

Her and Stephanie Kay, Mariah Dawn, BabyGee....superstars. I gravitate to their ethereal sexiness!

Description : CREDITS:
Base Track: Golgi
Lyrics/Vocals: Gwen Garris (GG)
Reversed ahh in F: cufool
Alto flute: supersummetry
Spacey guitar riffs: nightingale
Cool dance synth: djwizzy
Trap VOX: digitalskyy

Description : This song was at first TRON inspired for an inner circle fun contest....originally instrumental....but Stephanie's notes and lyrics fit so well. :)

Supposed to sound Daft Punk - ish.....might have missed it....but, perhaps this could be used in a make believe TRON sequel during the end credits. Pfhhhh....I dunno.

What do you think?

Here are some Looperman loops, pellas, etc. featured in this arrangement:

noahmartin - simple lead
dj4real - syth ana ensemble, synth voyage home
ferryterry - arpeggio spacey guitar, bass
alen9r - dance time crash snare fill
ekkotheamatuer - robotorn drums
mingote - beneath drum loop
mariahdawn - time backup pellas
ggarris - back up pellas
kristijann - trap beatz
megapaul - trauserman guitar loop
3n0 - inna pluck
icesiberia - chopped tuned vocals

I think I got you all....hope you like anyway. :)

To follow my work on SoundCloud:

Tags : | Glitch | 5.92 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Holy holy holy crap. I used a boatload of loops and pellas from Looperman on this - it's a MONSTER collab!

"Consequences" starring....

Roseerin - SICK house glitch
JJWeekz - Consequences pella
BabyGee - Game Over hook
Janis71 - haaaa backup vocals
Apocalypze - dance hats
Hamood - tom and tabla
Hamood - ethnic oud
Joefunktastic - trap keys
mrfunktastic - warp synth

All other sounds came from GarageBand sound bank. Dare I say I recycled a bass line from another track of mine? First one to tell me which track, wins! I couldn't help just fit. :)

The biggest challenge was matching off BPM's from the different loops and pellas. Hopefully I've mapped everything ok.

Please! Give a listen...I appreciate any feedback.

Tags : | Pop | 5.29 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : BPM: 105
Key: D Major
Sax: FerryTerry
Main Loop: MegaPaul (very Red Hot Chili Peppers sounding)
Lyrics and Vocals: JJWeekz

Just can't stop using JJ's vocals! This is a change up for me....adding some guitar in with some fun dance/trance loops. Always gotta have bells too. Chickity check it out!

I apologize in advance for any slight dissonance you may detect. The BPM of the main loop, sax, and JJ were all different. So I used effects to make it work.

It's been a fun journey making tracks...I learn something new each time.

Enjoy! Comments always welcome.

Description : Vocals/Lyrics: GG and JJWeekz
Beats: Kingstrda, Manzet, D3m3nted (The Loop)
Piano: vlalys (The Loop)
BPM: 97

This is a story about how I shut off the world and absorb in music during my morning commute on San Francisco CalTrain.

Description : Mix/Lyrics/Vox: GG
Lyrics/Vox: JJWeekz
BPM: 112 in 4-4
Key: B flat

Merry Christmas! This track has JJs Walk Away pellas. Hope you like. :)

Tried to sound original on this...

Feedback welcome.

Tags : | Dance | 4.60 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A colorful collaboration of various looperman acapellas and loops. Pella credits are in title.

DOPE ASS Beat credits: krazyIndian, supersymmetry, th3fury - many thanks to you!!

Rest is me on my little ole Mac.

Description : Any Kerouac or Pink Floyd fans out there? Tim Burton? Ok..that's a stretch. :)

I created this track to surround/highlight the famous haiku "The Moon Her Majesty." My vocals on the reading...which I can take or leave. So! wished I could afford Johnny Depp for that part! The background vocals (sounds like, "feel your love") is a sample of Floyd "A New Machine." Always loved that. In this particular track, specifically, I matched loops with the rhythm of the spoken word. Verrrrrry beatnik! You dig?? You jive??

PS. It took me 6 hours to read like Jack Kerouac and get into his character!

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.05 MB

Description : Dedicated to the men and women who fight for freedom. DROP THE BOMB-BASS! Needs some more stuff toward the end, but you get the jist. Send over your suggestions to wrap this puppy up! might just love the guitar delay around 00:40.

Loop credits: Csage7


Tags : | Dance | 1.38 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Nice little mover here. MIGHT sound like Pet Shop Boys or New Order? Fun, though short dance track I want to make into a full song.

What do you think so far? I wish that what came out in the MP3 sounded like what I produced in GB. Somehow levels get messed up in the conversion. Components I love are still audible though.

Any tips for conversion appreciated!

Never been much on lyrics, but the melody fits in well, me finks.

Description : We are young...

This track is my own spin on Pat Benatar's hit "Love is a Battlefield".

I used 3 artists from LM for this song - a great collaboration. From the haunting bells of xray731, to the vocal FX from Kevin L.E.D. to the spoken word of eshar to my own vocals to create Pat Benatar samples - this one is a beaut and sure to keep your attention with the changes and contemplative melodies.

Give it a whirl....tho it's a bit unfinished. Would love to hear if you have any recommendations to make this a better, more cohesive song.

Might sound like: Pat Benatar!


Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.64 MB

Description : So, do I have this genre right? Couldn't get this sample out of my head and the more I listened, the more I wanted to do something with it - the sample, which you can easily figure out, was created by J1K here on Looperman.

What I did to it: I added an intro and some ambient synths throughout to make it sound modern. Then, I added acapellas by FARISHAMUSIC (very Imogen Heap as a stand alone) and EPISEMUSIC (the "dubstep" vocoder fx) - both members on here. The acapella melodies were just what I had in mind and very close to what I was humming before discovering them here on LM. I basically went through dozens before finding the perfect match. Congrats you two, for making the cut. LOL

Might sound like: Oh, I don't know - but, it's smooth as hell and jazztastic!


Description : The synth and pick bass lines are a cool combo here! The inspiration for this song was the character, Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones (such a good series!). All of the characters on the show are very deep and complex, but I'm expecting big things from Snow and his dire wolf in the next season. Anyway, this is supposed to take you on a journey of a King's bastard. The angst and remorse of bearing such a title, and a personal struggle to work through it and conquer.

Might sound like: Tangerine Dream, Violent Femmes, REM, U2, The Smiths

Tags : | Fusion | 4.47 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is a refreshing retro sounding collaboration of JJKilla's chill beats and BabyGee's beautiful vibratos - give this girl some Houston love!

Might sound like: Air, The Cure, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, and in my mind Gee sounds like Oleta Adams (you go girl)

Hope you like.
GG (iShine Productions, TM)

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.58 MB

Description : New to the site. Feedback welcome and appreciated. This is a mood changer. :)

Might sound like: Xymox, Baxter, Ladytron, Delirium, Glass Candy, Enigma

Wait for it....

UPDATE: Making download available to you. Leave as is, dirty it up, do what ya like but be sure to share it with me. Credit: iShine Productions if you can fit it in. PEACE ya'll...

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