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Description : Remix of Go Crazy by Disken
Original -

Featuring the lyrical talents of:
R.M.C. -
Grotesk -
Sireone -

Turkish hip-hop meets some hard American licks.

Respect to all involved!

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Tags : | Ska | 2.67 MB

Description : This song is about what Chimpy said to Sleeve one day. Friends I used to love but can't stand anymore.

The jangly tabla & one-drop are Reason'd, the rest is all me.

Ess 'kay, eh?

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.50 MB

Description : Ex-gf had a deficiency in the vitamin due to an inability to produce the intrinsic factor.

I had just discovered heavy compression at this time (2004-ish) and applied it like peanut butter to everything. The cross-stick and slap bass cuts hurt my ears when I was working on it.

Tags : | Dub | 3.41 MB

Description : "That's rubbish!"

In honour of, and containing the artistic pronouncements of the legendary Big Supes. Jamaica to Scarborough, 2003 to infinity!

Rebirth, lofi telephone recordings, bad scratchin', worse rappin', a kick-ass melodica solo and some triangle.

Tags : | Electronic | 2.19 MB

Description : Working in "sales" can be an evil thing. This song describes the depressing feeling you get at the end of the month when you will or won't make that quota or hit that target, but you just don't give a f%$#! any more.

It's all me: shimmery guitar arpeggios with a Reason'd string arrangement, half-way through you get a nice crunchy drum loop. Enjoy. Hope you made your quota this month.

Tracks 1 - 5 of 5