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Tags : | Acoustic | 3.01 MB | Featured

Description : wrote thees lyrics when i herd the tune by marscuecour get well soon done on acoustic guitar this song is called mud slinger deep down in our soule you are just a troll and when you loose controll you throw mud you throw mud agian they call you the mud slinger

Tags : | Punk | 2.41 MB | Adult Content

Description : north london post punk seen made music i couldnt coment no comments so i downloaded and left my comments here in volcals kool song guys your song sounded like rancid so i had some fun with it hope you dont mind

Tags : | Grunge | 3.98 MB

Description : i have a lot of guitars and pedals i write songs on the spare momment record the live action and never again play well i picked up a old guitar that i wrote this on 4 years ago on looperman and wow it just started playing a better version so mabay one with lyrics comming at some point this version is somthing peeled off a extra old hardrive befor the bass was layed unfinished version its over 4years old a looperman hit of mine guitar lesson on this song comming

Tags : | Rock | 4.35 MB

Description : made this song was 650 mins long to long and it had transition problems fixed all that here is the song after redo in studio was more of a musisians ideas now more of a song

Tags : | Rock | 6.39 MB

Description : another original track by me playing all bass and lot of guitars and singing and using loops genre gos back to a genre that never took off cause every one ripedit off just as it was takeing off it became grunge the genre is nu- alternitive rock and befor the pixies were indie they were nu-alternitive nu- alternitive was any thing rock related unuseaul nirvana was on play list before grunge was grunge if you listen you can here indie grunge and nu metal all stole from nu alternitive

Tags : | Rock | 1.83 MB

Description : im playing a 60£ guitar thru a 39 £ amp im beat boxing the bass sounds needs more practice but thought id share im singing too im playing the low end guitar tru a biyang 39£ crunch pedal you dont need to spend mony on false advertiment that makes mony off your intrest just need to play your thing on any thing
me a strong beliver inthat and can tell you i can do better on the cheaper then most exspensive kit with over head to pay at your cost

Tags : | Fusion | 2.78 MB

Description : specicial thanks to shaman and what he put into track bascaly shaman stokes and me i liked what herd spontainious reaction that took mins to make hope you like guys song by stokes and shaman lyricks by me cept for shawmans happpy new year every one 3 hrs to go oh by the way its just a song i dont realy do drugs at all i do like beer now and then im 50 afterall drug days long gone

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.77 MB

Description : me backup volcals and haramonica to joey s very cool track hope evey one gets it you to joe back up volcals lyrics are my ways so fine my way my way my ways so fine

Tags : | Rock | 3.57 MB

Description : when i sing best when i have a topic to sing about what i do is sing somthing to rythem of music then i try to stay with the music while i thingk of somthing that rymes and stays in the story line kinda like speed reading in away only its speed writeing some tricks to doing this are when your stumped repeat a cool part that fits while your thinking of another part to buy you time to get there and give you ideas

Tags : | Rock | 3.93 MB

Description : all 3 of had communication issues when we did this
im told there are loops used here i dont know where they came from so if you own the loops we thank you very much cyberflair stokes and me

Tags : | Rock | 2.38 MB

Description : a song i made on here during first lockdown needed volcals so finaly put volcals down liric wize

Tags : | Rock | 3.76 MB

Description : this one of my favorits i did with stokes and cyberflare when it was sent to me with a topic
leaf falling so many ideas were comming in as soon as i herd this i felt the lyrics yet other things were on the go so it took a back burner cyber flair made music with stokes i sing and play a little harmonica

Tags : | Rock | 3.05 MB

Description : i added a bass line on my 6 string electric guitar useing loose bass efect boss pedal aded a wah pedal digitec pedal at end and cut off the feed back at end

Tags : | Rock | 3.07 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : was working on a part3 to somthing and stumbled onto this playing all guitars there is no bass in this song playing rythem with low end of metal end pedal leads im useing a tremlo pedal mic useing various efects voice pedal no amp just pedals into soundcard

Description : talking about biyang metal end pedal im makeing part one that gos into more depth of hookups ect but will delite this one as it take a lot of time to exsplane dont want to clog up loopermans server with long files you can requste a part ill up load any qustions ill answer as well in an epasode as i use part real studio part software wich means lota plugins you have i have real thing in my music room so loto talkabout

Tags : | Industrial | 2.46 MB

Description : playing all guitars thru out song that i think make it what it is i love those over the top sounds on pedals those tones not every ones cup of tea but my kinda rock hard fast and can do your push ups sit ups too im a very hyper guy useing a zoom g1xon pedal straight into sound card as an amp no amp just zoom pedal and soundcard and behringer umc204hd u-phoria soundcard with 0 latency

Tags : | Rock | 2.90 MB

Description : im playing all guitar bass as real instruments playing drums as vst instrument midi keybord never gona beat the original just having fun with it a little bit difernt forgot to mention im playing in tuneing of low e string is d sharp a string=g sharp d= c sharp g = f sharp b= a sharp high e = d sharp that my guitar tunining here where as nirvana would be standerd eadgbe

Tags : | Rock | 1.92 MB

Description : what im like straight up just distortion no mukti tracking or fx just raw one guitar live play at the time while record basicaly playing strings between 11th fret and 4th as far as root finger gos no drums bass hideing it safe to take my mask off here on that comment about how play the down then back up pluck you do that on each power chord down the neck and use your idal finger being midle to do other notes in betweeen as told below
in comment

Tags : | Rock | 1.32 MB

Description : I am playing my tangle wood bass bass is doing lot here im playing washburn electric guitar wich is mostly playing guitar fx im using line 6 spider classic 15 straight into a behinger umc soundcard im also using biyang tone fancy delay pedal biyang tone fancy x- drive pedal biyang amoon pedal using genre is hard rock i got a real cool track coming with just me and no loops or studio garbage thank god for that you people who like to make your own 100% music

Tags : | Rock | 2.82 MB

Description : ive had this on here b4 but ive kinda found my sound now and am making album this song will be on itin the middle some where sound is easy for me is a mix of industrial guitar and rock and indie also punk and goth alto together make the sound you here now in th epast I liked to show every one difernt types of rock now im staying to my new found sound the new me new name new sound still rocking

Tags : | Rock | 2.38 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : music with out lyrics version

Tracks 1 - 21 of 21
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