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Tags : | Hip Hop | 9.49 MB

Description : Had to upload this one, anb old track i did with Bonez, the original version that i did was horribly distorted and clipping all over the place, i cant actually believe that it sounded ok to me at the time. Bonez kills this track bigtime. I've remastered this from the original mix and am pretty proud of how i have salvaged it somewhat...Not perfect but pretty damn good.

Description : Been going through loads of my old tracks lately and trying to remaster them to an acceptable standard of listenablity. This one is one of my all time favorite and BONEZ' rugged flow compliments the gritty beat perfectly. I didn't go through and completely remix this, just tweaked the master so although not perfect its definatly listenable. Wanna start getting back into music now so looking forward to hopefully start making some great tracks with some old friends on the loop. I know I've been pretty unreliable on the collaboration front over the last year so sorry toanyone I've let down with tracks and stuff.



Description : Here's another track which sounds completely different mix-wise to the previous track that i posted. For me this one sounds a little cold/harsh through my monitoring system but not so much through some of my home systems so i'm not really sure about it. The track is a remix of a track that i did with Korrupt Dialect a while ago, if u dig his vocals on this you definatly need to check out some of his new stuff on his page.

Description : This is a really simple arrangement using two verses from two seperate collabs that i did last year with Rick Mal and Thez. I think the two verses compliment each other well. I've just invested in a new monitoring set-up so i'm hoping that i shall soon be getting the kind of quality mixes that i have been striving for for years. I'd really like some of the big boys from Looperman to offer some kind of constructive critcism and advice on this track and also compare it to the other track that i'm about to post up, i'd like to know which of the two songs are in the right ballpark as far as mix quality goes...Thanks guys. WBB

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.64 MB

Description : This is a short track that i did with an artist called J L Traffik a while back, i recently downloaded his mixtape and was glad to see that he had actually included it. You can tons of his other tracks on youtube if you search him....

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.44 MB | Featured

Description : A remix of a track from 1995 that i did 2 years ago, cant find the original at the moment but am gonna upload it along with other tracks as soon as i do (it’s really rough though)...just thought id upload the updated version, the productions a little better but far from perfect..

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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