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Description : hope y'all enjoy this tune i wrote

Description : if you would like to write lyrics or give it a download just leave a comment and let me know

Description : go to
go give it a like, download.i appreciate the love fellas

Description : would realllly appreciate if y'all could go give it a listen/like on the soundcloud.thanks fellas

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.22 MB | Garageband

Description : go give it a like/download/comment at
appreciate the support fellas

Description : looking for singers/rappers to colab on future projects,hmu! hope you enjoy this one. go to and leave a comment/like whatever, thanks fellas

Description : new song,hope you all enjoy.would love to work with some rappers/singers.hit me up/download on
thanks fellas

Description : just a little thing i wrote on my guitar,let me know what you think

Description : please somebody write some lyrics to this from :42-1:42!!!!
i will love you forever

Description : old ass song i wrote so sorry for the shitty recording, if you'd like to write and record some lyrics or whatever id love to hear anything y'all got

Description : just a quick little song i wrote on my guitar. if you'd like to throw some lyrics on it or remix do your thing just throw it in the comments section :D

Description : another half finished song. mostly just looking for someone to write a catchy hook to this.let me know if you'd like to colab!

Description : clearly not finished but if you like it and would like to add some vocals hit me up id love to hear what y'all got.can finish it up if anybody really likes it.

Description : JUST A SAMPLE.clearly not a finished product.if you'd like to get at some vocals or remix let me know and ill finish the song up.would love to hear what y'all got!

Description : somebody write some lyrics to this!! leave a comment if you work on this i would love to hear it

Tracks 1 - 15 of 15
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