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Description : I dunno if this is totally finished but I've been working on some loop-related mixes again and this is the first one I've recorded vocals for. The guitar loops are all by the fantastic ImproveWithError. The drum loops are from Mixcraft, royalty free (and I've paid for the program, so I'm legally allowed to use them for personal or professional projects), and the Bass is a Virtual Instrument that I programmed with MIDI. I know my harmonies aren't quite on but as I said this isn't a totally finished piece. I hope you enjoy the track!

Tags : | Rock | 8.44 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is the second last song off of my newest Mp3 Album, "Saying Goodbye To Yesterday", which can be found on my website as well as on other sites (That you can get to from my website). I figured I'd share it with everybody here. I'd like to do all of the tracks, but there's that one upload a day thing that makes it hard, since it's a pretty big upload. Also, most of the tracks are over 10MB as I saved them as 320kbit. Most of the album isn't nearly as upbeat as this song, and I figured this one might have more general appeal. But the whole album is a labour of love that took me about a year to construct wholly. So I hope you'll all be interested enough to check it out via the link in my profile. :)

I know the genre doesn't entirely fit, but I didn't know what to put it in. It's like rock in the same vein that Coldplay is rock. It's kind of lighthearted alternative rock.

Tags : | Acoustic | 8.88 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Instrumental was made (in piano style) entirely from memory. Done using Mixcraft and virtual instruments.

Alice in Chains is my favourite band of all time. This song has helped me through a lot of times.

Don't really think there's anything else I need to say.

Tags : | Dubstep | 9.64 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Took a shot at making a dubstep styled track using loops from this site.

Guitar Loops and Orchestral Drums created by ShortBusMusic
Drum Loop 1 (Moment of Madness) created by RaptureOfficialMusic
Drum Loop 2 (Skrillex Style Drum Loop) & Skrillex style Growl created by SkipyOfficialMusic
Drum Loop 3 (Banger Drums) created by Jorge Daniel Ramirez
Synth by SintheticRecords

Dubstep is not my forte, nor something I listen to a whole lot of, but I wanted to just give it a shot and see what came from it. Sorry about the crappy vocals, I recorded them before I had a good mic and it was refusing to pick up so I basically had my hands cupped around my mouth when I was singing lol.

I have no idea why I wrote the lyrics to this song. Was thinking of Fallout: New Vegas a little bit at the time. Technically, this is my second song based on Fallout lore, but I don't know if I uploaded the other one to here or not

The bit at the end is a reference to Pink Floyd's "In The Flesh?".

Tags : | Acoustic | 9.27 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A cover I did of Slipknot's "Snuff". Instrumental was made (with relative quickness, I won't lie. The only thing I really spent any time on was the velocity of the notes) in Acoustica Mixcraft using a virtual piano. So there are NO unlicensed samples in this.

I did this cover after hearing an acoustic performance of it by Corey Taylor, which the instrumental is based off of. I covered it because I felt I needed to, not for any fanboyish reasons or crap like that.

Hope you enjoy it.

Tags : | Ambient | 8.91 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A pretty apt representation of where I'm at in life right now.

I would call it atmoshpheric as opposed to ambient but I think this is the best choice out of the available options.

Made entirely with midi.

Comments and critiques appreciated. I know there's a point where the synth mallets (You'll know them when they come in) are a bit too quiet, particularly toward the end of the song, so I'm aware of that already.

Instruments used are piano, synth mallet, synth, and drums.

There's a bit of inspiration from Minecraft's music and the instrumental tracks on Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" album (the distinction between the two is pretty evident, I hope). The mallet part didn't come from anything in particular.


Description : I'll be honest, I just did this up quickly to get back into using loops again. I've been doing a lot of midi work (I think I should be good for creating loops now) over the past month or so. I heard a lot of great new loops as soon as I logged back on here for the first time, so I compiled four of them and added a small midi piece to match with a Celeste Loop and just provide a short but pleasant melody. This isn't a long track nor is it my best. This was just a simple effort to say that I missed this place and am glad to be back.

The loops used were created by ShortBusMusic (Guitar), DjGadget (Celeste & Modoka Loop, and Viola loop), and ST3RL1NG (Drum Beat).

Program used was Acoustica Mixcraft.


Tags : | Acoustic | 4.42 MB

Description : A sort of folk/acoustic ballad I did awhile back for my first album, "Through The Cracks" using guitar loops by Greg Diaz of Just a short, simple love song. Back when I was last dating, I wrote a couple of tracks like this. Despite it's extremely brief length I'm still happy with how this track turned out.

Tags : | Rock | 4.34 MB

Description : I'm not 100% sure what Genre to place this in, but it's a sad song using some guitar loops by Minor2Go (with permission) and drum loops by Br0kenMach1ne that I put together for another album that can be found on my website. It's kind of a sad rock song with the premise being from the perspective of somebody who's significant other is dying before them, and they'd give anything to stop it. Like I said, not sure what to put for Genre, so I'm sorry if it doesn't fit. It is another depressing song like my last, although each were written for entirely different reasons at entirely different times so you don't have to worry about me going on an Emo trip :P

Enjoy the song, feedback is always appreciated. I always try to reply back as well, even if it takes me a bit.

Tags : | Rock | 5.87 MB

Description : This song is actually a rebon of one of my own songs. "Black Rose" was one of the first songs I ever wrote and recorded, and it was originally to a slow acoustic loop I had grabbed off of the now non-existant Splice Music. Unfortunately, I lost that song which I had been very proud of long ago more recently when an external hard drive went kaput. So after debating whether or not I wanted to do it again, I ended up deciding to do so. One night, working on a random instrumental in mixcraft, I found a combination of loops that just so happened to work with the lyrics to this song. None of them are from Looperman, to my knowledge they are public domain as one came with Mixcraft and the other was recorded back in the 90's apparently. Now that that's out of the way, I hope you enjoy this song. Take it easy.

Description : I don't really wanna talk about what this song is about because it was very personal, but I wrote this song very shortly after said event. The entire song is composed in Midi with mixcraft, using virtual instruments and various effects. Thought out comments and helpful tips would be appreciated. For the record, the intent was for the vocals to be emotional and raw, not repeatedly redone and perfect. I wanted to capture the mood the song inspired without redoing it so many times that it just ended up like an emotionless karaoke.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.78 MB

Description : Went into more of a Ballad here that's based on my last couple of experiences in (and longing to return to) High School. Inspirations from Hedley's "Old School", Staind's "Epiphany". Guitar loop was created by DJerc7, and the drum loop used was created by Aereas. I used low-pass on the drums for the majority of the song, and the string sections are midi. This was the fifth track created for an album release titled "Through The Cracks" which can now be downloaded in entirety at my website,

Reviews, and genuine criticism or comments would be appreciated, especially from the awesome people who created the loops :)

Tags : | Rock | 3.20 MB | Adult Content

Description : Decided to delve into the traditional 'rebellious' theme just once for a rock tune using one of Rei4Real's awesome guitar loops, and a drum loop created by DJerc7. This was the second track created for an album release titled "Through The Cracks" which can now be downloaded in entirety at my website,

Reviews, and genuine criticism or comments would be appreciated. :)

Tags : | Rock | 4.28 MB | Adult Content

Description : The Guitar and Drum loops used were created by Djerc7, while the arrangement, lyrics, and vocals were all done by myself using Mixcraft 5. The song is meant to be an opener for an Mp3 album (don't worry I'm not under any kind of label so I'm not stealing your work DJerc7) and was just basically written in fun for a genre I don't care for too much. Not meant to offend anybody.

The album that this is on can be listened to and downloaded in entirety at

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