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Tags : | Rock | 3.79 MB | Featured

Description : My instrumental rendition of the theme from The Who Quadrophenia "Love Reign O'er Me".

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.38 MB

Description : Acoustic guitar intrumental.

Tags : | Rock | 5.43 MB

Description : RG~Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums, Orchestration, Engineering. LeeAnna Harb~Backing Vocal. My arrangement of a Bruce Springsteen song. Accomplished in Logic 9. Takemine Acoustic/Electric Guitar played through a LINE 6 POD V.1. Gibson EB-1 Bass Direct. Kurzweil K2000S Synth for the B3 and Orchestration.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.28 MB

Description : RG~Acoustic Guitar and Vocal recorded direct using a Crown SASS-P Stereo Mic through a Mackie 1604 VLZ Mixer with a Lexicon LXP15 II Effects Processor. Mackie Main Output DIRECT into an HHB CD Burner.
Covering Bruce Springsteen. For The Big Man, Danny and Madame Marie.

Tags : | Rock | 6.07 MB

Description : My rendition of a Bruce Springsteen song. I started by tracking to a metronome with a Fender "Roland Ready" Strat and my trusty Line 6 POD V1. into Logic 9 via a Focusrite Saphire Pro 40. So I had an audio and a MIDI track established for arranging and off we go. Bass is a Gibson EB-1 through said Line 6 POD. The organ sounds are from a Kurzweil K2000S and an EM-U Vintage Keys B3. Both are triggered by the Roland Guitar Synth. There are many guitar tracks with many more being hurled into the void of the preverbal cutting room floor. Vocals came next and then back to adding guitars. The original track goes nearly 15 minutes.
This Mercy Rule Edit brings this version in at under 7 minutes.

Tags : | Rock | 4.38 MB

Description : I try to record whenever possible. Rehearsals, performances, ideas, experiments and so forth. Though the management of a multitude of media across a wide range of formats over the past 30 plus years of engineering can be daunting and in fact at times very overwhelming, All the work and relentless effort is sometimes rewarded occasionally something happens that is complete magic and if there is at least a live mic documenting this kind of magic, beautiful expressions reveal themselves. I captured this track during a band rehearsal by my Classic Rock Ensemble "Karma DeLuxe". Paul Mullin~Guitar Vocal, Marc Espinoza takes the required Lead Guitar section, Dave Aragundi provides the Mitch Mitchell inspired drums, Conga plays Congas...and I cover the Bass and Engineering duties as well as a Slight Return Narration for Vibe...
One Take.
There you have it.

Tags : | Rock | 7.02 MB

Description : My own arrangement of the epic classic Emerson, Lake and Palmer song. I tracked my SoCal Classic Rock Band "Karma DeLuxe" rehearsing our arrangement into a Tascam SX-1, then I went back in and added a keyboard track much required to portray the vibe of this beautiful song. Part One stays relatively sincere to the ELP arrangement, however things take a decidedly California vibe for the Grande Finale.
I play Bass and Sing the Vocal. As mentioned I later embellished the track by adding a Kurzweil K2000S keyboard into the mix after the fact.
Paul Mullin takes the first Lead during the ELP section.
Marc Espinoza takes the 2nd Lead over the Doors Vamp. Dave Aragundi drives the ensemble on drums.
Nothing like a real band to play the mood of the moment.
I hope you cats and kittens will enjoy this expression.

Tags : | Rock | 3.45 MB

Description : Cover of a song composed by Bruce Springsteen. Made popular by The Pointer Sisters probably before most Loopermaniacs were aware of most anything much less the magic we call music. Let's just say it was awhile a go.
Started the project in ACID 6 and bumped it to Logic 9 for the vocals, guitars and keys.
RG~Guitars, Bass, Vocal and Engineering with a basic drum vamp to keep things relatively in time.
Plan to ad a set of vocal harmonies and B3 Organ before I move on to other works in progress.

Tags : | Rock | 6.63 MB

Description : RG performing a classic Bob Dylan song.
RG~Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocal, Drum Programming, and of course Engineering. No copyright violation here kids as I Simply built the arrangement from the ground up by multi tracking in ACID 6. Started with a metronome and went from there. Covers, originals, it's ALL music to me. Once again, not for sale...just for sharing so please don't bother our Looperman host with my cover makeovers as he is plenty busy enough deleting sample thieves accounts. Takamine acoustic electric, Fender Strat, Gibson EB-1 Bass, Kurzweil K2000S Keys, Discrete Drums, Enjoy. RG

Tags : | Rock | 5.22 MB

Description : Ron Gallagher~Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocal, Drums, Engineering.
My rendition of the Byrds classic in the style of the Patti Smith Arrangement...sort of....Emulation of a dream I had of performing at Cobo Hall Detroit. No Copyright Violation here kids. No Samples. My own performance and recording.
Please enjoy responsibly.

Tags : | Rock | 5.34 MB

Description : Subtitled "Stairway to Freebird". Just messin about in the studio and went with the flow. Captured the piano track in MIDI as well as audio. Slice off some of the top end midi events and assigned to cello, bass, etc...took some of the middle events and orchestrated with organ and the top of the staff went to the string section.

Tags : | Classical | 4.20 MB

Description : Piano theme with sparse orchestration. Oboe, bassoon, cello, viola, violin, harp, choir, orchestral percussion. Kurzweil K2000S as controller. Accomplished in Logic 9.

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.28 MB

Description : Score example from the Sci-Fi Zombie Podcast "We're Alive".
Produced by Wayland Productions at Dodge College of Film Arts.
Marrion Knott Studios Chapman College.
I provide incidental music, transitions, etc.

Tags : | Rock | 6.66 MB

Description : Guitar improvisation. Ron Gallagher Guitar-Bass-Drums-Engineering. Mike Burgess~Piano.
Recorded direct into Acid Pro 6. Each track rendered individually and ported into Sonar 5. Snare track received a touch of Lexicon reverb. Guitar track embellished with 30ips Tape saturation emulation. Bass track has an amp simulator and the Master Mix track has the Sonitus Multiband Compression scheme.
Finished in Sound Forge.
For Felix Pappalardi.

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.95 MB

Description : From a suite of Thematic Orchestrations composed in memory of Anne Frank. Entire work completed on a Kurzweil K2000 using the on board sequencer and built in orchestral sounds.

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.43 MB

Description : From a suite of Thematic Orchestrations composed in memory of Anne Frank. Entire work completed on a Kurzweil K2000 using the on board sequencer and built in orchestral sounds.

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.55 MB

Description : Another question of true genre. I list acoustic though I guess this could be included in ambient as well. Trying to create a feeling of comfort and security, thus the title "Cradle". Used this piece for credits score for one of my attempts at film making and had a similar mix posted previously entitled Maria. Working out the bugs on that one.

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.18 MB

Description : Original Acoustic Ballad.
One take, in my room, 3:AM.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.16 MB

Description : Acoustic electric guitar tracking over a drum vamp. Finger picking chord progression. Add lamenting lead, Mix to taste, let simmer, serve slightly chilled.

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.21 MB

Description : Received a message from SoCal photographer Mia in regard to promotional photo shoot for the "Hair Like Bob Dylan" tour. So perhaps this track might be considered a Chill with a Thrill.
It's all happening....

Tags : | Electronic | 6.14 MB

Description : Groove Quest.
Just playing around in the studio tracking anything and everything before I cover up the gear and hit the road for a couple weeks. Actually most of the travel will be accomplished in the air, thus the title Starship Destiny. I am already looking forward to returning to my studio as there is no other place I would rather be.

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.37 MB

Description : For Anne Frank. This track was accomplished by bouncing tracks between 2 cassette decks. Recorded acoustic electric guitar and vocal on first deck. Re-tuned guitar to match the slightly altered pitch due to tape speed issue and tracked a second guitar and vocal track on deck 2 mixed with the playback of deck one. Low tech approach, but captured the spirit of the expression as best I could with the gear available to me at the time.

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.95 MB

Description : First half excerpt from a 25 minute track.
Working on drum programming and a vibe happened.
Never really quite sure what genre or category.
It's all music to me.
Acid Pro 6, Sound Forge, Chinese Take Out.

Tags : | Rock | 3.20 MB

Description : I wish that I had hair just like Bobby Dylan.
Maybe then the world would be willing,
To listen to my song,
We shall overcome,
The ones who rule by fear,
Leaving for too long our freedoms to be squandering.

I have a dream one day truth and justice will prevail.
The winds of hope and love will fill each sail.
When we let freedom ring,
In every song we sing,
Together we can bring,
A world where all Gods children live in harmony.

I wish that I had hair just like Bobby Dylan.
Just maybe then you would be willing,
To make a stand and sing with me,
A brotherhood in symphony,
Jangling discords turn to be,
A world where all Gods children live in harmony.

Tags : | Rock | 3.83 MB

Description : Barry Morgan Guitar Challenge Take One.

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