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Tags : | Rap | 3.35 MB | Colab Request

Description : Shout out to Danke for the nice synth loop
Producers: P Vorontsov, Danke
probs looking for someone to rap/cover this track. If u r keen get in contact with me

Tags : | RnB | 4.46 MB | Adult Content

Description : Shout out to Sik style for the original melody, It was so dope that i just had to remix it.. think I did it justice :)
stay blessed and keep believing in the music people ^_^

Description : How would I describe this track, a mixture of rap, nrb and trap.
Please dont ask me what the opening voiceover is from, I literally just found it on my computer and always thought it would make a nice intro for a song.
Also I could all the drum loops from some talented peeps on this site, sorry for not remembering who you are.
Anyway if you are a rapper that want to do this track, please hit me up. Peace out people

Tags : | Dance | 7.38 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Message me here or at if you are a producer or label and want to to use this or me :)
Produced and vocals by Pip Vorontsov

Tags : | House | 1.59 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A Romanthony style house track demo. First time ive done vocals for a while

Description : I was mucking around and I came up with this and thought it was pretty catchy so I better upload what I have so far of it... see if any singers out there are interested, its a bit different from what I normally do, kinda eiffel 65 style, its kinda cool

Let us know what you think, and if its liked enough I might do something with it

Description : In case your wondering all the voice overs came from an awesome youtube video of a takeoff by NASA.

Interestingly enough by chance the ship was called "Discovery" which was the first album I ever bought by Daft Punk.

Plenty of synths, distorted lead guitar, and drums in this one!
Thankyou to everyone that listens and comments

Description : Personally I think this track could be potentially used commercially.
If hard rnb is your thing than this is for you.
If you want to use it please message or comment.
Im just looking to collaborate with one rapper for 2 verses or if someone wants to change the drums for me that would be cool as well.
RedZone Productions.

Description : listen up people

Description : This is the track so far... if anyone would like I can remove the vocals for a collab. This is the intro not sure if I should continue to make the whole track or not yet, looking for feedback

Description : A daft-punkesque blend of electronic and smooth rnb

Description : Ive been working on this track for a long time, thanks to someone for the opening loop I forget who.
This is the unstrumental. Going to get "MIKEjohn" to lay down some rap vocals for this and I still need to put in a chorus. If anyone wants to use this song commercially or whatever please comment or message me thankyou, happy listening

Description : Another track, peace out!

Description : Paino, chill rnb/pop

Description : A synthy, rnb style song, would be great for rapping or any type of singing really

Description : An akon inspired piano, synthy track..
Let us know how I can improve this track guys, and what sort of vibe you get, greatly appreciated

Tracks 1 - 16 of 16
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