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Description : For those times you just want to stand up and scream: `Screw Bread! I only want the cheese!`

This little piece of hardware from the 80´s costs almost 1800 big ones (If you are lucky! (And you are not) ) But it will bring the 80´s sound to your living room! Not only does it not have midi, it also might be a little dusty and definately crackles sometimes. But boy is it awesome!!!!!!! (Trust me i am a expert in awesome) It will be the best 2 grand you will ever spend. Period.

But until then, you have this mp3.

Description : The mysteries of the jungle possess a great danger for those that walk blindly in tall grass. You may not see or hear it, but they smell your fear. These are the eyes of the serpent. Trying to take you out before you know what hit you.

Tribal music with a distinctive jungle atmosphere. Unusual intruments like the Chinese Gong and the Arabian Darabuka combined with the Armenian Duduk ensures a unique and quite rare sound. Explore the unknown.

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Description : I hope you enjoy this song. I don´t think many will like it because it is unusual piece. Nevertheless it always gives me shivers. Please leave feedback i would love to improve. Keep it polite though. Thanks.

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Tracks 1 - 3 of 3
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