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Description : Another synthwave/dark synth track that I've been working on for a project called Neon Skyline: Anarchist. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Description : For my final semester creative project at SAE Jakarta, I did my take on the genre synthwave/dark synth. I took elements from Metallica, Slayer and Carpenter Brut. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Arrangement: Garren Hayes
Sound Design: Garren Hayes
Recording artist: Garren Hayes
Mixing: Garren Hayes
Guitarist: Ridho Fachri
Drummer: Rama Harto

(Feel free to ask about the project)

Description : I was doodling around with new plug-ins and made a video game store theme.

Feel free to download and use my song with the condition that you'll credit me with whatever content youre making with it.

Description : Dug up some old files and found an original mix I did for a class in semester 4 (EMP 'Electronic Music Production). I was and still am into those 80s and retro styled music and I tried to implement it in this song. I was also very new to Ableton when i was making this song, so my workflow was still shaping up. Hope you enjoy it!

Description : I had a discussion with a friend about drunk beats/rhythms. We were discussing that its todays trend and it inspired me to make this track. its nothing serious, just though id have fun making an off beat song.

Description : I've got an album project that I want to do and this is one of the tracks that's going to be in it. Still unfinished and I was thinking of adding soothing vocals (not rapping). If anyone is interested feel free to message me for a collab :D

Description : Been busy with campus lately so I havent had time to go online or atleast make a track. Hurts my soul. Anyways, here's a track i made in my freetime. Its very synthpopy in a way so I'd like to collab with a singer for this project. I havent mixed it properly so excuse the balancing

Description : I was going through my old projects and found this gem. I remembered working on it for days during high school. It's still unfinished (mixing could use a lot of work and some instruments, synths, etc could be replaced). There's a lot of room to improve on for this song so feel free to put your opinions on it! I'm also open to collaborate with this project (mainly vocals)

Description : Last song from my project EP for my finals. Regardless enjoy! I'll be posting more of my own side projects soon.

Tags : | Electronic | 12.24 MB

Description : This is the 3rd song from my EP! 4th one should be up tomorrow. I'm also planning to release the instrumentals for "Insomnia" and "Hiraeth" (The 4th song) just to see if any vocalists out there are interested to sing over it :D

Description : This is the 2nd song from my EP! I forgot to upload my songs. Have been busy lately hehe :D More songs will come in the near future! I played around with vocaloid for this song.

Description : Hello listeners!
The task and goal of this project was to create an EP that consists of 4 songs with the same theme. I hope that this EP reached the task requirements and its goal. Furthermore, I hope that anyone that listens to this enjoys the music. This EP holds a special place in my heart and I do hope it brings joy to those who listen to it.

Tracks 1 - 12 of 12
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