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Tags : | Funk | 5.36 MB | Featured

Description : Remember Sentenced2Funk this little funky piece?
Violin samples from shortbus!
Here's the new version!

Tags : | Blues | 7.13 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : just 2 get u in the loop
Remember Geneva Blues here's a non-final version but stil need to share it with u Fellows loopers!
Amazing Voice of NicholeR on the totally moving lyrics of Joel Sattler

Description : RAPPERS and SINGERS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!

A smooth Hip Hop from the Funky operator!
Raw version looking forward for collabs, advicesand comments!

Description : VOCALIST NEEDED !!!!!!!!!

here's a little blues i made , need vocals and a nice chorusmof whatever for the last 12bar and some advice on mixing(what about the bass first blues bassline composed and performed)
contact me

Tags : | Funk | 4.79 MB | Colab Request

Description : total work in progress , uploaded 2 feed the Funky Connection(strings samples shortbusmusic!!!!)

Tags : | Dub | 8.35 MB

Description : As My Man Boogieskippo made a mix of this song (hope he ll post soon) i made my own adding guitars and perc , trying to make a better mix than my previous one!
Nice comments appreciated. less enthousiastics more than welcome!!!!if u want the instrumental contact me!!

Tags : | Funk | 5.18 MB | Colab Request

Description : well advanced not finished though.
Need advices,all collabs more than welcome!
I hope the shit got funkier...

Tags : | Blues | 8.74 MB | Colab Request

Description : Comments please!
As i m very excited to multiply collabs (production and guitar playing)i wrote this guitar solo to show you all some of my game....I really enjoy playing blues but not producing much(i prefer funkiest stuff)i'm more of a lead guitar and i play all kind of style , really poor jazz though.
All comments more than welcome!
Looking forward for al kind of collaborations!Contact me!

Description : Contact me if u are using this track!!

Tracks 1 - 9 of 9
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