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Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.73 MB

Description : DIPLOMATS would love to rip this beat apart. It's a club song. So get ya groove on and GO GET IT SHAWTY!!!!!!!!! FL studio does it all.

Tags : | RnB | 4.22 MB

Description : A very soft beat I made with live guitars. I recorded them with Cubase SX2 and I mixed with FL studio 10. You can the taste of real urban style made by the Best African producer of the moment.
Yes we Afri'CAN !!!

Tags : | RnB | 3.10 MB | Featured

Description : This is my new single. The so song will feature in my next album ''I can Fly'' It's aperfect love song. Bright and epic type. Good for chris brown. I made with FL studio 10. Ladies Enjoy.....

Tags : | RnB | 6.86 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : This is the Summer Jamm here in Cameroon.
A very nice I made 4 my next album.
Feel the african vibe!!!!

Tags : | RnB | 3.46 MB | Featured

Description : It's a hot track made with live guitars. love song with afro zouk style.
Really the best for a love song.
I used no samples. I was inspired by my girlfriend she is so hot.
So I decided to hit this beat for my looperman comunity.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.66 MB


Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.63 MB | Featured

Description : Wiz khalifa type of beat for a perfect love song.So if you gotta girl that you wanna convince to stay with u and leave her man this is it!!!!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.15 MB | Featured

Description : A perfect love song RnB beat. Usher would make a hit on this one.
Rollx king always gives you what you deserve.

Tags : | RnB | 2.98 MB | Featured

Description : The type of beat you need 4 the chick you love O 4 the man u deserve, looperman community u've been served.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.17 MB | Featured

Description : It's the type of beat U trully need 4 a come back song.
I made it using FL STUDIO 9 no samples.
Hi HATAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags : | RnB | 3.19 MB | Featured

Description : This is the beat u need to convince that girl to leave her man coz ur the perfect choice. GIRLS RECONIZE LUV.
T.I. style mixed with Mario and Usher.

Tags : | Electro | 2.62 MB | Featured

Description : Rihanna really needs to get this track. It's also good 4 rap or rnb.
I need a girl from the looperman community on this one so if ya interested holla......

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.23 MB | Featured

Description : It's time you get that paper fellas. this is the type of track you'll like to sing about victory. Listen to this TRACK. Nice inspiring and epic effect......Made with FL 9 studio and my YAMAHA 2100 keyboard.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.07 MB | Featured

Description : I made this track after a concert. The bartender fell in love so she ordered 5 bottles on my table....
this track is amazingly hot . It's Ron Bronz style. I got my vocals on the hook. Check this out.....

Tags : | RnB | 3.08 MB | Featured

Description : This is the kinda beat you would lay a tube on. If you need beats just holla back . You already know how to reach coz all these beats are 4 sale and are protected. Keep up!!!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.80 MB

Description : This is Transform ya type of beat you need to download it make a hot song and post me Im back rap dudes and IM da king

Tags : | RnB | 3.49 MB | Featured

Description : This is the hottest rnb joint you've ever heard this far on looperman
Check it out 4 ya selvs its a BANGER

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.96 MB

Description : This is the ultimate rap beat you would to put a hot song on Diplomats type.U wont be deceive at

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.00 MB

Description : This beat is mix up of MJ's hottest track Thrilla tuned with a very hot rap beat Im sure you'll just luv it.
IT'S THRILLA NIIIIIIGHT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags : | Dirty | 2.61 MB

Description : This beat is type you would like to lay ya swag on. Platinum saw in a real rhytmic vibe.I hope you like it.

Tags : | Dirty | 2.81 MB | Featured

Description : This track is a real hard boy stuff. Its good 4 a smash hit song.its harsh wit platinum saw crazy melody giving an epic dark and inspiring song. check it out.HOMIES IM BACK.............

Tags : | Crunk | 2.57 MB | Featured

Description : Hey guys Im back with new tubes and vibes I m sure this one will knock u out check it

Tags : | Reggaeton | 5.38 MB | Featured

Description : this is just a track fo those who tropical music west indies stylez kinda like brick n lace stuff.................. let me kno about it

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.20 MB | Featured

Description : Its a rock song I made myself for my second album single but Im not yet sure it will feature Id like ur advice.........

Tags : | Dirty | 6.42 MB | Featured

Description : A very special beat wit a great touch of spirit.You gottra listen its mixed with rock and dirty south.No riffs no samples..........

Tracks 1 - 25 of 26