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Description : I took recordings of my friend and sampled them and made this. ENJOY! :D

Description : THIS is an old one. Critique as hard as you like. I don't mind. HAHA!
I made it after I saw the movie. The movie depressed me so much, I had to write a song to get over it. Freakin' movie. Good movie but don't watch it alone unless you're into good, depressing movies. IRRELEVANT! Just enjoy the song.

Description : A song I made for Halloween. I did EVERYTHING on this song. I mumble a lot, so read the lyrics with the song if you plan on listening. I like making beats for people, not so much rapping on them because I don't like my voice. I had a rapper that was suppose to be on this track but he kept pushing the deadline for it to be finished and didn't even record it. SOOOOOO I did for the occasion. Let me know what you think.
If you wanna rap over it or even want a beat, lemme know. I also engineer. :)
If you download and use this track, lemme see/hear how you used it! :D I won't get mad or press charges or whatever. I promise.

Description : I recorded a kick and clap using my zoom H4 in my song Into The Sunset and I really liked how I used it and decided to use the kick and clap for a separate song. I had originally planned to rap over it and make a nice southern rock beat buuuuuut plans changed. Let me know what you think.
For the record, I punched and slammed my door to get the kick/stomp effect and I clapped a bunch of times and recorded them and layered them and fixed the timing. I think this track has plenty of room for improvement. If you have anything to say, please say it. AND recommend a genre. I put it in the country category because of the southern riffs and the western feel I was trying to accomplish. Not sure if I hit it off as well as I would've liked since my voice isn't deep enough.
AND if you use any of my music or samples or whatever, please let me hear/see how you used it. I won't press charges or get mad. I'll more than likely get excited. :D

Description : A song I did. I really like it! :D Still open for Collabs. Got approval for beginning sample. Was a beech to get but I got it!
QUICK NOTE: If you should happen to use any of my songs for ANY random purpose, please let me see/hear it. I won't press charges or really care. I just like to see or know if anyone's using my stuff or even cares or whatever.

Description : Some good ol' southern hardcore for yuh. :)

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6