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Description : Some awesome fills.. Very short, but they should be pretty helpful me thinks.

Not an Amen, but definitely Jungle if you ask me.

Description : This is kinda the same thing I was doin earlier.

Awesome jungle beat ish kinda sorta?
Not really an "amen" style loop.

Description : Yup... I like it.

Description : This is awesome.. from my.. "new?" track.. that no one has ever heard.

There's NO KICK, which I did on purpose.. I will upload one with a kick momentarily.

Description : Muffled drums but with lotsa CRASH!

Description : Simple muffled drums

Description : Simple muffled drums.

Description : Simple drums.. .feels really slow for 133

Description : Timpani.. kinda generic.. it took every living fiber of my soul to not put a reverb on this.. PLEASE DEAR GOD MAY YOU!!! Seriously.. use a reverb plz.

Description : Crazzzziness.. Love it..
I dunno what to really say.. it's tom-toms in all reality if you can believe that.

Description : This is awesome... I am like.. soo happy how I made this. I used pots and pans and tons and tons of blind sound resynthesis.

Description : Glitch is by far my favorite thing about computers.
Getting stuff to mess up takes a lot of pressure out of me.. and it kinda reminds me of like... exploration/science.

You don't care whether it works (in theory) you try many things at once and then s

Description : Major notes being C and G.

Description : I am completely enamored with the Rhodes.
I would sell a testicle for one. A mark II to be exact.
They run about 2,500 dollars in american.

This is hella chill and definitely key of C (G)
I love this little loop almost as much as my Eshar loops.

Description : This is a little more visceral, I was using this in the bridge, but it should work nicely for like a breakdown if cut chop and screw it.

It's a mix of 909's and Yamaha with brushes.. Kinda cool soft and angry feel about it in my opinions.

Description : This is kinda a tribal weirdo thing.

I was trying to contrast my frustration of suffering with Insomnia vs like.. Chill and kinda lulling.. Half conscious..

This is a tribal kinda beat.. definitely influenced by Rock and Roll type toms and fills pla

Description : METAL
You should really get your eyes over to youtube and watch "Vegan Black Metal Chef"
By far the best cooking show ever.

Description : METAL
Sometimes I listen to slayer, and I think to myself.. this is awesome....

Description : METAL !!!!!!
I really don't care for earwigs... Or really any hemotaphogy but it's pretty metal looking anyway.

Description : METAL
When I listen to Glints Collide I can auto-hallucinate.

Description : Metal
I like my metal like my coffee, with lots of cream and sugar.

Description : METAL
Your welcome.
I haven't slept in 28 hours and I feel like a wizard!

Description : I amamamamamazing and the greatist ever.

Totally trolling but it's cool whatevs.


Description : I only do this because I despise me.
This loop.. the right guitar that is.

Description : This is the one that started the idea.. in my head.

Glitch hip hop metal idea that didn't work for me, hopefully it works for you.

Loops 26 - 50 of 285
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